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The Art of Being a Modern Siren

If You Want to Capture a Man, and Keep Him Captivated, You MUST Learn How to Be a Siren How to Be a Siren To a Man. Discover How to Be a Siren nd The Wisdom In Becoming a Siren!

The Art of Being a Modern Siren
One of the most powerful type of seductresses in history was the SIREN. A mythical creature with a beautiful voice, and the goal of depriving her male victims of any resistance.

This home study course teaches a woman how to master the art of being a modern siren. 

Furthermore, love's a kind of warfare, and slackers are dismissed!  And in this male dominated world, we sometimes need to be wily seductresses - and making the path to love thrilling, addictive,and satisfying for a man.

Learn How to Be a Siren and Capture ANY Man!

Why not take a look at all the benefits you'll receive when you gain access to this course? The benefits will be;

* Learning the art of being a modern siren - these skills will completely make up for any lack of beauty.

Experiencing for yourself why immersing yourself in the "siren archetype" and role will benefit you enormously.

Making the one you want dream about you at night.

* Stimulating a man's fantasies about you (by becoming a siren ;-))

Making your boyfriend addicted to you with a siren's seduction secrets. 

* Being the most exciting and intoxicating woman he's ever met.

Discovering what a modern siren has that 99.9% of women don't have, that's so mysteriously different that it captivates and FASCINATES a man.

* Taking away all of a man's resistance, and causing him to commit to you.

* Using your feminine wiles like a TRUE seductress - and by becoming a siren.

Knowing the BEST bait that a modern siren chooses to use to hook her man.
* Discovering what a siren's greatest tool of enchantment is.

* ALWAYS getting the man!

Creating the illusion that you're HIS kind of woman - no matter what you look like.

* Being privy to an almost magical technique that Cleopatra and ancient Egyptian women used to create a powerful emotional impact on a man. 

Keeping your quarry captivated for as LONG as you want - by being a siren.

Knowing what a real modern siren uses to fully control the experience with a man - each and every time.

Being able to use the most powerful siren tool there is - that works like a charm to remedy a man's jaded interest.

Avoiding the ONE thing that most women do, but are almost never aware of, that utterly destroys their chances with a man.

And much, much more!

In history, lovely, there were certain seductresses who fit the siren archetype to a 'T.' And by wielding their weapons of siren-ry, could achieve absolute power and domination over men.

In the 'Ars Amatoria' (art of seduction,) being a siren to a man was one of the most important skills of a seductress.

Once you purchase access to this amazing course 'The Art of Being a Modern Siren,' I'll send you your invitation to The Seductive Woman Lair. 

There you'll discover all the weaponry of the siren and why being a siren for a man is essential!

Discover the real ART of becoming a siren.

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**Note; This is an online course, hosted on a private blog.

$9.53 USD (one time payment)


1. Select the "Buy Now" button. 

2. Check the user agreement box to proceed with your payment. 

3. Select the yellow "Check Out" tab on the next page. (You will find this tab at the bottom of the screen.) 

4. Look for the "Pay with PayPal" log~in page. 

5. Click the blue link that says, "Don't have a PayPal account?" 

6. Fill out the secure credit/debit card payment form to pay for your purchase. 

To read the 214 lengthy lessons of the "The Art Of Being A Feminine Woman" in their entirety ~ up to 4500 words per article ~ please make a one~time payment here of 147.95 USD.

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Testimonies and Reviews

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  1. Hello! Why do you say its free? and then when we click on it its not.


  2. Hi! I have no idea what you're talking about. I've never said this course is free. I'm a bit confused about your statement.

  3. Hi! I just used paypal to buy the Modern Siren course and am very excited. I'll return to you, hopefully, with my accomplishments!!

    Thank you,
    New Siren.

  4. Yes, new Siren, that would be wonderful! xx

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  7. Hi is this a once off payment?

  8. I am interested..... does tis work on someone I already date?

  9. @ anon; Yes it's a once off payment. Have a nice day!

    @ Brigett Anne; YES it does :-)

  10. Is the art of the modern siren an ebook or paper book sent through the mail?

  11. Hi! I'm a 23 year old woman. and I just wanna thank Melina for sharing her feminine wisdom and her knowledge to us, women who are looking for the tools on how to embrace our feminine powers!

    Just recently, I bought Modern Siren II because of curiosity.. I cant believe it worked wonders for me! As soon as I finished reading the article, I went to pick my brother up from the mall he works at. In my mind I believed that I was a beautiful siren with captivating grace and power.
    WOW! it made so much difference compare to my usual days..Immediately, I noticed alot of men's eyes on me as I was walking inside the mall towards the grocery place(where my brother works at). The guy from the counter gladly went out of his way just to help me look for my brother even when he was busy doing something before. I smiled and said thank you in a nice feminine tone with an eye contact. and I could sense the guy's fascination on me.

    as we were walking back towards the car a man who walked passed us even glanced back at me several times.. I felt so beautiful inside and out.
    and catch this! I wasn't wearing make up then, just a glossy pink lipstick. theres not much effort I put in what I wore that day either. I was wearing a decent length of skirt, a nice beige top and I wore my hair loose(I did not straightened my hair. just natural like a siren!). There were definitely alot of women in that mall who looked absolutely glamorous than I did! but I just kept on believing/ imagining that, "I AM A SIREN- I have magical powers over men." and men bought it! I am yet to apply these tools on my day to day life.I am grateful I found this site.

  12. That is wonderful to hear seductiveSiren!

    The seductive MINDSET is definitively part of becoming a bona fide siren! xxx

  13. Hello,

    Just wanted to comment on the pictures posted on the site. They are beautiful. It has inspired me to actually take professional pictures :-)
    Still debating whether to purchase the ebook or not. agh! very tough decision!
    Overall great site to visit!!

  14. Hello there!

    All the best with your photography endeavor!

    Have a great day! xOx

  15. HI Melina,

    Just purchased 2 courses,this and school of feminine arts. expecting good results from these as well. as i had from last 5 courses from you. they all were great. thanks for sharing all this knowledge for good of all of us and being what you are. you are Awesome !! muah.. hugs. hope i get them fast.

  16. HI I also want to know if this is a PDF book.

  17. Hi there and thank you for your interest. This is an online course in blog format.

  18. awesome!Being an orphanage, i never have a mother to guide me about how to be a successful wife. i has been looking for guidance everywhere. do you sell DVDs? i am a visual learner. Also, i am horrible in bed. i feel so bad for my husband. Which course do you suggest me to learn? Please i am sincere and truthful. thanks so much for your guidance

  19. Hello. Is it possible to buy this as a hard copy through the mail, or is it strictly on-line?

  20. so glad i found your website ,anything that encourages women im all for it, i will order some courses, when i get some funds, i just got divorced in febuary, thank goodness finally, but im healing now, have met someone i love, but do to past situations we are not together, so im healing from beingb seperated from my love, praying we will get back together, im studying to help women with their health and wellness, anyway blessings 2 u.

  21. I purchased this course this morning- I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the invitation email...any idea when it will arrive?

  22. Hi Dana.

    I just sent the courses.

    Have a great day/night! :-)

  23. I just purchased this course. I wish I could have it sooner. I'm itching to read this. :)


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