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Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great Courtesans Of History

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Good afternoon, angel! Any good, satisfying and truly fulfilling relationship and marriage requires foresight, planning and effort to keep it alive and permanent. *Smile*

Your unique way of behaving with your man (as an uber~feminine and truly womanly woman,) your unique way of relating to your man as a charming, magnetic and radiant woman, and your unique way of being supportive, generous, romantic and passionate with your man, is your personal anchor to securing your beloved's heart and fidelity permanently. 

In this femininity and 'feminine seductress school' lesson, you'll be learning some of some of the secrets of the world's greatest feminine seductresses, and be able to model them and apply their secrets to your own relationship and marriage.  

I do hope you'll enjoy this lesson!

In this femininity and 'feminine seductress school' lesson we'll be covering:

Why women are naturally the relationship experts and how they can develop their true and most ideal feminine natures

Things to ponder in regards to relationships and marriages 

Madame de Maintenon (A woman who made a study of the factors that went into creating feminine charm and allure, and who knew the arcane things a woman needs to possess in order to not have any fear of a more beautiful rival)

Ninon de Lenclos (one of the greatest seductresses, courtesans and beauties who ever lived, and who held the secret of eternal youth)

Ninon's Special Anti~aging facial exercises (Even when Ninon was heading toward ninety, she had not a single wrinkle on her skin!) 

Madame Guyon

Mademoiselle de Lespinasse (She said of herself, in explanation of her vast success with men, "I hold the truth of all, while other women hold the truth of nothing. You'll learn her arcane secret for captivating any man in this lesson)

Feminine seductresses and enchantresses who were older women (such as Catherine, The Great, George Sand, Sarah Bernhardt...)

The amative instinct; why it's important to have, and how to cultivate it and what to refrain from in doing so

Homework assignment for the feminine seductress~in~training

By studying the numerous feminine roles and archetypes ~ in order for a woman to find, regain and cultivate her femininity as a woman, and in order to create a clearly defined definition of femininity for herself ~ is a paramount responsibility and duty for every woman worth her salt. *Smile*

In an earlier lesson and assignment that I shared with a private group of women, I spoke about what happens when we've been slowly losing or 'shelving away' our femininity. 

I explained how when we do that we not only repress our feminine energy ~ and become disconnected from our feminine spirits and essences ~ but how we can become permanently stuck in its fatal spell. 

I also explained that when we lose our femininity as women we develop pseudo-masculine traits to compensate, and how frustration, dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment results.

To escape such a sad and negative outcome, dear one (which will make any woman over 30 gray and wrinkled before her time!,) we must stop and face the truth. 

We must determine what can be done for the woman who wants to be a truly feminine and womanly woman again, as well as feel and remain, desirable, happy and fulfilled. (While all around her other women are becoming older and more drab.)

First of all, we must study the art of femininity, and then the arts of love and seduction (the Ars Amatoria.) 

As for me, cupcake, I love studying the examples and ways of the historical and legendary seductresses, courtesans, princesses, queens, royal mistresses, feminine goddesses, enchantresses and heroines! (Even Disney princesses and female book/movie characters and temptresses.) 

What a legacy they've left behind for those of us who find their lives, accomplishments, feminine charms and wiles, and their ways with men, fascinating.  I do strive to learn about these extraordinary women and follow some of their examples and paths ~ to a certain extent anyway. *Smile*

I also aim to glean some of their best~kept secrets for captivating and keeping a man. *Wink*

What about you, dear one?

Some subjects that every aspiring feminine seductress should study:

How to be uber~feminine and develop a 'Gloria Human' brand of femininity

The ideal woman from a man's point of view

How to be submissive in a relationship with a man

Male/female psychology

What men find attractive in women

What personality/character traits men want in women

How men think/male psychology

The masculine and feminine principles

Masculine and feminine polarity

The importance of compatibility between a man and a woman

Feminine/masculine energy

The amative instinct, and how to increase it and what to refrain from in regards to it

The conjugal instinct, and how to increase it and what to refrain from in regards to it

The homemaking instinct, and how to increase it and what to refrain from in regards to it

How to cultivate romantic and passionate love

How to manifest your love to your beloved

How to make love progressive

How to make your beloved happy and how to discern and meet his needs

The deleterious effects on love

The feminine art of coquetry

The feminine art of mystique

The feminine art of beauty

The feminine art of charm

Errors in courtship

Mistakes women make in relationships and as wives

The principal causes of discord and disharmony in marriage

How the poetry and sweetness of love and romance can be continued through married life

The arts of the bed chamber

How to solve 'Love spats'

Anecdotes for rekindling love and sexual desire

How to mold the character of a companion/husband to your own liking, with the power of feminine inspiration and influence 

How to keep pace with your man, even if you're a housewife and stay~at~home mother

***I'll be covering these subjects in upcoming lessons, my darling dove, and have been working hard on creating them. *Wink*

Now, let's get back to the lesson... 

In order for each of us to become a feminine seductress we should be studying the history books! We must also realize that the desire to be feminine, womanly and desirable as women ~ and to remain that way ~ is a healthy and normal desire (in spite of the advance of years,) and a desire as old as mankind. 

So today, I'll be sharing with you some case histories of some extraordinary women who with their extraordinaire were able to retain their femininity, womanly allure and youthful charms ~ all of their lives. 

There are so many biographical sketches of very extraordinary, remarkable,  and fascinatingly feminine women, dear heart ~ women who were able to keep eternally lovely and young ~ in mind, body and spirit.

These were the women who knew how to utilize their feminine beauty and womanhood as a real sceptre of power. 

How few women today really know how to do that, or how to draw out a man's affection and passion so that it will last for a life~time. Furthermore, how few women know how to retain the affections of a prospective or real companion.

Admittedly, love and attraction between the sexes can be spontaneous ~ like a whistle blowing ~ and it whistles itself. 

But to retain this love and attraction for life, this requires a real study of the arts of love and seduction, human psychology, and a real game plan and genuine effort. (Which often entails plying a man with every known female wile, charm and art, to secure a marriage proposal.)

This is seen as a real labor of love for us like~minded women. 

This also requires art, and how few really know or understand this unique and powerfully expressive art form! (Perhaps this explains the real reasons for that diminution of attraction and affection that generally happens in marriages. )

Things for the aspiring feminine seductress to ponder in regards to relationships and marriages, throughout the centuries and millenniums:

How many individuals have loved, who now dislike

How many couples love each other less, and feel less passion for each other, than they formerly did

How few individuals love with all that they are

How many individuals love with only a fraction of what they're capable of loving

The individuals and couples who've lived together harmoniously and affectionately in the sacred bond of marriage for ten or more years, dove, bear the testimony for those of us who desire the true and ever~lasting love.

The women in these relationships and marriages should be our role~models. 

On the other hand, the experience of so few married couples today totally harmonize with this blessed reality and standard or relating.

This only shows those of us who are observant how few couples truly love each other, and ultimately succeed in their relationships. Furthermore, to perceive how happy marriages continue to improve the agreeableness of a couple is easy. Just look at the woman.

Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great Courtesans Of History: Why Women Are Naturally The Relationship Experts And How They can develop Their True Feminine Natures

Women are generally and naturally the relationship experts, not men, lovely. This especially applies to feminine women who trust and use their feminine intuition. Moreover, by drinking in continually those softening, refining, elevating, and ennobling influences exerted on a man by a good and ingenious woman, the man becomes more polished and of a better disposition ~ day by day and year after year

Much more is this true of a woman, however. A happy marriage and a woman's love and nurturing of her man constitutionally develops that physical and mental sexuality which imparts those finishing touches of perfection to a woman's feminine beauty, charmgrace and elegance of manner.

It also is seen in her sweet smiles, her fascinating looks, her exquisite intonations, her 'Gloria Human' brand of femininity, and in her beauty of expression.  

In short, by a woman allowing herself to love and to feel her emotions and female inclinations fully, she heightens every charm and perfection of her female form, personality and character. *Smile*

Furthermore, by a woman imbuing her whole heart and soul with love and appreciation for the masculine in her husband (because her man's manliness so indescribably intoxicates her and exalts her happiness!,) it makes her prize his male gender in proportion to her loving him.

And this arrays a woman in all her feminine charms.  In fact, cupcake, this is a woman's truest nature and greatest happiness, as well as the main constituent element of the 'wife' and 'mother' roles ~ both of which it perfects. 

Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great Courtesans Of History: How Older Women Can be Superior To Younger Women As Feminine Seductresses 

To get to know properly a man's personality and character, dove, to get to know his masculine needs and desires, a woman not only needs to study her man, and study male psychology, but develop her femininity, and thereby augment every female charm and perfection because it calls out and fulfils her whole feminine nature as a woman.

Many modern women ~ younger and older women alike ~ have exercised only a part of their feminine natures, and not the most important parts. They've not yet fulfilled their great duty and destiny as women, and hence are below the standard of truly feminine and ideal women.

Sweet and lovely is the blushing young woman who's extremely feminine, and the blooming uber~feminine bride. But sweeter and lovelier by far, is the full blown, womanly wife. 

With the former, let her keep developing, and with the latter, let her husband sip the nectar of her female loveliness and femininity as it gushes from her fetching looks and air, her graceful and feminine motions, her fascinating smiles, and even, her intoxicating kiss. 

Let this man commune blissfully evermore with his 'Gloria Human' type of wife. *Smile* 

In addition, give a marriageable bachelor and married man a woman with elegance of manners, exquisite tenderness, flexibility of voice, ease and propriety ~ commingled with
freedom of expression and conversation ~ and those practical lessons of feminine wisdom which flows, or should flow, from her lips. 

A masculine man of high value and true alpha male may admire and be sexually attracted to a young beauty, doll. But he truly admires, respects, and often worships, an older 'well finished' and truly feminine, womanly and charming woman!

From the latter, he gathers more information, satisfaction and fulfillment, as well as derives more pleasure from her company. And from an hour's conversation with her, he gains far more than from the typical young beauty, and from weeks of chit chat with the shallow, vapid and/or simpering girl of eighteen to twenty five. 

The former is only just beginning to blossom, but is still immature in mind, body, personality and character. The former is fully ripened ~ her mind more widely expanded, her form filled out and perfected, and her colors of personality and character enriched and variegated, and their flavor most delicious to a man. *Smile*

As an older uber~feminine woman, every element of such a woman's nature has been fully developed and completely consummated. 

As for the feminine seductress who has studied the Ars amatoria, the very way she carries her head, her beauty, her style, and her halo of feminine radiance and mystery (she also possesses a sex magnetism in a superlative degree,) causes her to possess one irresistible and very precious magnet.

This is especially true when combined with some unusual quality of looks, dove ~ to capture and hold the interest of men. And when a woman gives a man a glimpse of something more substantial than just sex appeal, for which she isn't always responsible for having, he's intrigued and drawn in

With a true feminine seductress it's quite evident that she's a woman of substance. It's also evident that you've watching charm in action. Such a woman is always sparkling and effervescent, and she's often exerting herself, and can talk to a man brilliantly and illuminatingly. 

true feminine seductress has the beauty, the brains, the charm, the grace, the radiance, the mystique, and the sex domination to win a chosen man to her way of thinking ~ while having his best interests at heart. *Smile*

(Warning: Many women privately hate such women due to envy, including much younger women.)

Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great Courtesans Of History: Madame de Maintenon

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  1. I don't know...I certainly admire older, more experienced and mature ladies for their more perfected artistry, nevertheless, as a young woman of 22 I definitely have a lot of confidence in the combination of my charming naivete as well as my sharp wit and artistic/creative intelligence. I also feel like I possessed well-developed erotic sensibilities as young as 14 and 16. In my opinion, young women should be given their due and credit, and I believe a much younger woman can make for a very, very satisfying companion and mate for a fully grown man over 30 if she comes from a good family background that has ingrained etiquette, modesty, decorum, and intelligence into her. Hmm...I really don't believe that the desirability, appeal, and natural fresh vitality of an 18-25 beauty can really be contested. And though I'm only 22, I certainly don't believe I'm vapid and insipid, saddens me that some of my sisters may be, but I know plenty of young girls, especially those of my friends who are combination of wide-eyed wonder and innocence and good feminine development and artistry. Always did wonder at older women who must put down a woman at her natural loveliness!

    I truly hope you don't take offense if I seem to come off as somewhat cheeky, but frankly it is extremely depressing to be growing up in a 21st century American society that hampers youth when we young girls do want to come out and alive in our natural loveliness while also being taken seriously as women of substance, refinement, dignity, and accomplishment. In fact, nothing saddens me more than the labeling of 18-25 as "vapid" and "insipid" and I'm sorry to say but that is solely the fault of those in charge of cultivating the minds of society's young women. We should not have a reputation of being stupid, we should have a reputation of being refined debutantes ready to make waves with our energy and idealism.

    Please tell me, why am I incapable of possessing the sublime erotic spells of a 30-40 year old Cleopatra and have a man burning in the flames of passion with a single gaze? Or wordsmithing delightfully erotic, invigorating, beautiful, and girlish fantasies from the depths of my imagination?

    With all due respect to you, I only wanted to ascertain that I believe myself to be quite as stimulating and educating of an experience to any gentleman (if he can indeed keep up with me!), moreso because of the dual combination of youth/innocence and artistic/creative/feminine knowledge.