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Ideal And Seductive Feminine Roles And Archetypes

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Good morning, dear heart! Sheer feminine beauty for men can become as tiresome as a sentimental landscape ~ like sleeping pills, it's a drug on the market. Traditional Hollywood beauties and bombshells such as Liz Taylor, Ava Gardner, Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe were authentic beauties, and had genuine femininity. 

However, other actresses ~ not nearly as beautiful ~ have come to mind who seem beautiful because they knew how to act beautiful. *Smile*
Charm schools and femininity workshops have taught ladies how to 'vamp' men, how to move sensually and seductively, how to walk, talk, and smile becomingly, and 'how to wrap up every man in the room,' as one old advertisement put it. 

In achieving feminine beauty and attracting  masculine and high value men and true alpha males, women have sat for hours in beauty and hair salons. 

In achieving feminine beauty, women have suffered:

Unsightly mud-packs

Acid skin peels

Eyelash perms

Eyelash extensions

Brazilian hair straightening

Painful waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal treatments

Painful collagen and botox injections

Since men are predominantly visual creatures, dove, the female face and body have become objects of the greatest interest to their owners, and everything has been done to make them pretty, sleek, daintily perfumed and thereby ready to fulfil their purpose ~ attracting and captivating men.

It really does seem to me ~  after studying the statistics until my eyes blur ~  that the sociologists, attorneys and universities have all said true things about the causes of divorce. But one of the main reasons for divorce isn't a statistic yet...

It's 'sloppy' women. (Women who don't care about their looks or who don't take care of their looks.) Men will often stick to fat women,  skinny women and forked~tongued women. We all know that. But they won't cling to or adore women who are messes. 

In fact, there's nothing so off~putting or discouraging to a husband as a wife who constantly looks hot in the face, who lives in old sweats and/or t~shirts, and whose hair looks as if an eagle slept in it. 

The traditional/modern wife and lady of the house is often a cook, laundress, psychiatrist, detective, valet, traffic cop..

That's usually her job as a wife. But if she doesn't do it efficiently she can start all her family members off to a bad day, or give them dreadful complexes. (Or at least heartburn.)

In addition, cupcake, too many times a woman does her chores well but forgets herself. So she flaps around in flannel, run-down slippers, and a hairdo that resembles a nest clawed together by an alarmed bird in a hurry to lay an egg. 

If this applies to you, it's an even bigger mistake. You're neglecting the most important ingredient of marriage ~ namely, you.

A married women should always look attractive and accessible to her husband ~ morning, noon, and night. This can be achieved any time of day, as well ~ even if you've just emerged from cleaning the doghouse.

(Of course you may have to work fast ~ and sometimes in secret ~ so that your demanding fellow doesn't see the magic you create for his sensitive eyes and nostrils. *Wink* However, never use heavy perfume in achieving that. Horrible!)

Nevertheless, doll, in my personal opinion you don't need copious amounts of perfume, a bucket of mascara, influence or technical training to be attractive and accessible to men. To be attractive and accessible to masculine and high value men and true alpha males, the main thing is to be a girl and to know it. *Smile*

A married woman should be as painstaking, personally, before she goes to bed with her husband at night, than she is before she goes out to dinner. In fact, when a woman's husband awakens and looks at his wife (she's the very first thing he sees in the morning,) whether he likes it or not ~ she should look her best.

More than likely, angel, your husband doesn't leave home to work each morning with beautiful models, Hollywood actresses or seductive sirens. At least, not every day. But please remember this... 

When your husband goes to his office, his store, his laboratory, his factory or on his sales rounds... he constantly sees and meets women who are as attractive as any professional beauties who ever wiggled before the footlights. 

These women and girls I'm referring to are the tidy, fresh and well-groomed/heeled business women and girls. These are often some of the most fetching women and girls on view, too. 

They also share interests, problems, and coffee breaks with your man! In addition, he may be with them at least eight hours a day. That's often more than you have him, awake. So don't give your man a chance to make unfortunate comparisons. 

Get out of that bed. A few gallons/liters of hot-and-cold water in the shower will do you as much good, or even more good, than 'beauty sleep' ~ which may only make you look even more rumpled.

It takes only five minutes! 

Moreover, get off that couch. Clean linen, brushed hair, showers/baths, soap and water add considerably to the bliss of married life.

Lady Duff Gordon ~ the sister of Elinor Glyn, and who called Clara Bow the "It" girl ~ said a very apt thing. She said that "the sweet freshness of nighties, dressing gowns, blouses, and morning coats should always make a man want to know the wearer a little better."

That being said, lovely, the average woman and girl ~ whether she's single, a girlfriend, a fiancee or a wife ~ has a characteristic in common with most other women. She's pretty, and takes care of her looks, but is average. 

She's average in regards to personality and often lacks femininity ~ that irresistible trait in women.  Furthermore, all she may have is a surface beauty or a beauty that doesn't go too deep beneath the surface. 

This is all that many women and girls have and they know it. In fact, they don't think they need to be anything else except to be pretty, sexy and advertise their availability.

They're partially right, dove. Men do like that. They also enjoy competing for an unmoral woman out of vanity and out of curiosity. 

However, please do get this ancient fact through your perhaps hard little head, please, and accept it: 

Men eventually bore of mere beauty and sexiness, and are curious creatures who crave variety and a challenge.

A 'Gloria Human' type of woman or girl understands this, and has a devastatingly irresistible brand of beauty, femininity, charm, and her attraction goes far beyond just animal magnetism. 

But in order to attract and captivate men ~  masculine and high value men and true alpha males ~ we not only need to cultivate beauty, femininity, charm, feminine mystique, etc., but we need to find, regain and cultivate our inherent femininity as women in this hectic and egalitarian society.

In this femininity lesson we are going to be covering:

How modern women are rejecting their femininity, and are therefore failing themselves and their men

Finding our own definition of femininity

Some ideal and seductive feminine roles

Traditional ideal and heroic women

Traditional love queens and seductresses

Modern titles for feminine and desirable women

Ice queens, vamps and femme fatales

The four types of most accepted, ideal and seductive women in our modern times

The sex kitten and the good-bad girl

Four magic and secret statements for the modern feminine seductress and charmer

Last words and a warning

A home-work assignment

A comment from one of my sisters on a private lesson: "I am a professor, and my main research is women, and trying to discover or analyze how the most impressive women of the word lead. Only the feminine women have been able to govern the household and nations but without dominating husbands or kings."

"Men are driven by curiosity. They are curious creatures that need challenges (mind and body.) So show this feminine trait (challenge) and you will succeed in your marriage. Most modern girls will understand about curiosity, but building feminine creativity is only done by disciplining and focusing ourselves on the feminine arts."

Ideal And Seductive Feminine Roles And Archetypes: How Modern Women Are Rejecting Their Femininity And Therefore Failing Themselves And Their Men

Sadly, dove, far too many modern women and girls today think they have to prove they're as good as men by being like men and competing with them. Whether they end up winning or losing the competition, they're secretly jealous of men and end up being rejected by them.

Especially by the masculine and high value men or true alpha males.

Many women, too, regardless of age, are lonely and unfulfilled as women. As wives and mothers, they don't respect their natural functions as women, their roles as woman, and hate work in their homes, and lose respect for themselves for doing it.

Older women may become frantic about their looks, and make ghastly mistakes in make-up and dress. Or they become a 'monster-in-law.'

You'd also think, dear heart, that men never had it so easy with so many women toiling to support themselves. But ah, no. The female careerist/working girl isn't usually a truly happy little breadwinner. 

She's a problem.

The novelist Merle Miller stated very accurately about  such women:

"They are almost all insecure and neurotic, out of place in the business world and ill at ease at home. In allowing the feminists to persuade them that they should become second-rate men, they have given up every chance of becoming first-rate women."

I feel that this is an excellent point that Merle Miller made about modern women, doll. Everybody knows how executive-type career women often push too hard, and even when they do two men's work! 

Nevertheless, most working women aren't competing with men to be Vice-President, although they may be competing with each other to be Mrs. Vice-President.

I gather that the main trouble with being a woman today isn't office work (are the majority of working girls little monsters?,) or alcoholism (is your neighborhood full of drunk wives and sober husbands?,) but a revolt among women themselves against being women.

There's conflict between the modern husband and the modern house~wife, as well, because the wife often resents the perceived limitations of her job. She wants to be seen as an 'equal,' but at the same time she may want to be feminine, as well as have the privileges that come with being feminine without being feminine. 

Ideal And Seductive Feminine Roles And Archetypes: Finding Our Own Definition Of Femininity

In order to be satisfied and fulfilled as women in today's egalitarian society, dear one, we really do need to be creating a clearly defined definition of femininity for ourselves, and be determining what femininity looks like to us, in our own heads. 

Sadly, however, so many modern women have forgotten how, or never learned, or resisted learning, how to be true women, and feminine women that high value men and true alpha males men marry and adore.

But thankfully, in our journey to achieving the Gloria Human brand of 'uber-femininity,' there are so many positive feminine role models and archetypes ~ historical and modern ~ to choose from. 

These women were/are unashamedly feminine and womanly women, and who were/are celebrated as elegant, graceful and classic beauties. Such women are powerful in their own rights, as well as indispensable domestic queens and mavens, and worshiped love goddesses

I really do believe, angel, that every woman who wants to attract and keep a masculine and high value man or true alpha male, should consider herself 'on' wherever she is. (Whether in a steaming kitchen, in a bedroom, or behind the footlights.)

A woman should at all times put her best foot forward. That is, if her foot is her best feature. If not, put something else forward. *Wink*

I'm also going to say that it's the responsibility of all women ~ models, actresses, working girls, career women, single women, wives, mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law ~ to know themselves as women, and to rejoice in it, and to be women in every possible way. *Smile*

This isn't as simple a statement as it may seem. It's plain to me, and it must be plain to every
women are perceptive, and therefore, disturbed. Modern women are in revolt. They're disturbed by their natural roles in the animal kingdom. 

They're also actually in revolt against being women!

As a Christian who is very open about my faith, I believe that this is the good Lord's world. If you also concede that this is likely, then it must be that we are all here for a reason. The only possible reason, in God's world, is love. 

I also believe that a woman's role and function as a woman is to love and nurture, and if women weren't made for love ~ as the main treasurers and inspirers of love ~ then there's no reason for them!

It can hardly be that we are on hand merely to cook and clean or to get out and make money. Certainly it doesn't make much sense to consider that we're here to compete with men. (For men perhaps, not with them.)

In my simple way I approach these thoughts as practically as I can. To be a woman, it seems to me, is a responsibility which means giving, understanding, bearing and loving. To begin with, these things require being as attractive as possible.

I personally try to achieve this. As for age, I'm pleased, but not overwhelmed, when people tell me that I don't look my age. I don't and I darn well know it. But this is no accident. I've worked at it for years. 

There are older women, for instance, whose problems are just brushed aside ~ the way they are brushed aside. Their helplessness and loneliness ~ and the love that goes to waste or turns bitter ~ are tragedies. 

But to be honest, it's often their own fault. There are positive things that every woman can do to be better and to live better.

Some Ideal And Seductive Feminine Heroine Roles

Lady Bountiful

Faithful And self-Sacrificing Nurse

Female Humanitarian/Philanthropist

Other Feminine And Worthy Roles

Domestic Goddess

Excellent And Faithful Wife

Queen Of Romance

Muse Of Artists

Governess/Lady of The House (not man of the house which so many modern women have become!)

Tradition also provides plenty of models of ideal and/or 'heroic' women.

Traditional Ideal And Heroic Women:

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