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Signs Of Health, Fertility And Sexuality In Women: An Analysis Of Feminine Beauty: Part I

Good afternoon, my darling dove! In today's lesson of this new series - and upcoming lessons- you're going to learn how and why states of gender and health, as well as states of sexuality affect the motions of every woman. 

You're going to be discovering:

How to recognize and improve those states and motions to appear more attractive to masculine and high value men, and as an uber-feminine, captivating and high value woman

Why a woman's state of gender, health and sexuality is her chief attraction

The little signs of a woman's state of gender, health and sexuality

Signs of sexual impairment in women

Why knowing the signs of an individual's state of gender and sexuality should be a part of every woman's education and personal mission

The labels that nature gives women

How the true woman of high value, and who's feminine is in touch with her feminine nature and energies 

How a woman's posture is indicative of her state of health, vitality and sexuality

How a woman's voice is expressive of her state of femininity and sexuality 

How a woman's mannerisms, walk, motions and movements are affected by different gender/health/sexual states, and proclaim not only the gender, but its existing states

How existing sexual states modify and control the entire form of a woman

Why a woman should have a body that's healthy and in proportion, as well as moderately fleshy or curvy in figure

Why excessive fat (or thinness) in females doesn't attract the majority of men and strikes them unpleasantly

Examples of gender and sexuality in the animal kingdom

Signs of health, fertility and sexual impairment in a woman's eyes

How a woman's complexion is indicative of feminine beauty, and of a woman's existing state of health and sexuality

I do hope you enjoy this interesting lesson! If you're desiring to become more feminine, attractive and desirable in the eyes of a man/men, keep on reading. *Smile*

For every woman who desires to stand out in a good way from other women, and appear to an advantage should keep in mind that states of gender, health and sexuality affect a woman's physical form, beauty, mannerisms, etc., far more than many women realize. 

Not only that, but a woman's gender and sexuality is her chief attraction in attracting members of the opposite sex, and sexual health and vigor is the specific beautifier of a woman. 

Just as a stomach condition will impair a woman's digestive function, sexual dormancy or disease can deteriorate her offspring, can render her less beautiful in appearance, personality and character, and proportionally make her less loved by a man. 

In addition, a practiced eye can quite accurately measure the heath and vigor of an infant's mother, and tell just how much, or how little, sexual health and vigor she possessed before her baby's birth. 

They may also be able to tell whether this woman was in a high or low state of physical health and gender. 

Does it not stand to reason, cupcake, that sexual impairments in women can impair their offspring, and that sexual health and vigor improves female desirability and beauty by improving fertility and maternity? 

For sexual health and vigor in a woman endows her offspring, is the basilar condition of humanity, and a paramount prerequisite of fertility and maternity, and therefore of feminine beauty and attraction. 

All improvements of a woman's state of health and well-being will improve her feminine charms and powers of attraction, while all health impairments will spoil it. 

Moreover, if this state of gender, health and sexuality in a woman is lacking or deficientno amount of external beauty aids such as cosmetics, clothes or professional image makeovers can compensate for a woman's lack of health or 'sexual poverty.'

In fact, a woman could spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics, feminine apparel and the service of the best image consultants and personal trainers in Hollywood, but what many women fail to recognize is that it's their femininity, fertility and sexuality - visible and abundant - that's their greatest and most powerful assets of attraction and for attracting men. 

A masculine and high value man's attraction and devotion to a woman is far more elicited by her womanliness, femininity, spirit-nature and the personal assets she has to offer a man than her face, body and style of presentation and dress. 

Many women are in dire need to learn about this factor of feminine attraction, dove, and of masculine devotion. They also need to be seeking it less in the way they look and present themselves visually, and more in cultivating the specific attributes of ideal womanhood and of a feminine, high value and well-sexed woman.

That means that pretty dresses, stiletto heels, jewelry, etc., all have their place for a woman and are all very fun, but the complete devotion of a genuine and worthy man should be worth a million fold more to her than everything else on earth. 

That should mean, also, that you, too, will be focused more on cultivating your womanliness, femininity, spirituality and personal assets than improving the way you physically look and present yourself. *Smile*

**Such a woman can thoroughly magnetize and captivate a masculine and high value man, angel, and not need to be as concerned as other women about the way she looks in the eyes of a man.

When will every single/partnered woman (and man) in our modern society accept that the masculine male attracts the feminine female, and is most attracted to her? When will we all understand that the feminine female is most attracted to a masculine man, and that a man's attraction to a woman is wholly irrespective of her way of dressing or personal style? 

Of course, the way a woman looks awakens masculine attraction and admiration. But if a false female and visage has captivated a man, his eventual discovering of the real facts in the matter will surely disappoint him and disgust him. 

Only true womanhood, femininity, personal assets and excellency captivate gentlemen, while the way a woman looks, dresses and makes herself up is only a show-case. 

If these forms of female attraction - true womanhood, femininity, personal assets and excellence - don't captivate men, the inferior alternatives are useless in the long term. (If not, disastrous.) 

Furthermore, an abundant female gender and sexuality is far more becoming and fetching to a man than any sexy or designer outfit, and is way less expensive and worth a whole lot more!

If only every woman who wishes to attract a masculine and high value man would turn more of the expense and attention she usually uses to improve her physical appearance on to her state of womanhood, health and sexuality, dear one.

In doing so she could truly become irresistible to men, and attract the very best man to her side and do with him what she likes. *Smile*

If you've been reading my blogs for some time you'd already be aware that I do recommend to you all that women dress femininely, attractively and follow the current trends and fashions. Nevertheless, women should be even more discerning about their choices, and be more noticed and admired for their womanliness, femininity, personal assets and excellency of mind, personality and character.

I also believe that a woman should only dress magnificently if she possess those feminine and sexual charms which correspond with such magnificence. Such a woman can look stunning and elegant in many types of apparel, dove, but on a less womanly, feminine and charming woman a superb outfit is lost. 

As I've just stated, the way a woman dresses isn't what really captivates a gentleman, and can be a two-edged sword in the way it sets off the physical attractions of the woman who has them, but shows just as much by contrast, any defects of a less than ideal personality and character. 

Please give due heed to this fundamental truth about a woman's attractiveness and desirability, dear heart. 

A genuine and worthy masculine man is looking for a real, natural and womanly woman, and for un-perverted feminine simplicity. Naturally he'll not be looking for a fake, shallow, unfeminine woman or poorly-sexed woman. For nature always exceeds art, and realities are preferable to counterfeits.

A gorgeous gown, pair of heels, jewels and perfect makeup and hair on a woman can't cover up signs of sexual impairment if she's:

Deathly pale or red-faced with dark circles under her eyes

Haggard or puffy looking


Dull and listless 

Excessively lean or over-weight

Since the dawn of time single men have been looking out for visible signs of health, fertility and sexuality in women, as well as signs for predetermining a woman's suitability for marriage and childbearing. 

As an observer who knows what to look out for you'll find that Some women appear to be robbed of feminine energy and vitality, while others appear as radiant and superior females

Whatever the actual case happens to be, cupcake, health, fertility and vitality is the essential attribute of the genders/sexes, and women without a healthy vitality and sexuality may be cheating themselves of attracting high value men and even be robbing themselves to bestow on their future babies. 

**Many of our healthy and well-sexed grandmothers and great grandmothers gave the world good sized families, and often ranging from four children to a baker's dozen! Nevertheless, the majority of their granddaughters and great granddaughters - you and me, for example, and today's modern woman - only have up to three children, and more often one or two.

Now let's delve some more into gender states and sexuality, angel... 

Did you know that mother nature always proclaims the whole truth of a woman's (and man's) state of gender and sexuality to those who can read her signs, and that she puts everyone before the examination table? It's true. 

Furthermore, one scrutinizing glance of a knowing male/female observer reveals far more of existing sexual/health conditions in an individual, including their mental health, than language could ever convey. 

Such disclosures are important, too, and a high value man or woman who contemplates marrying has a right to know beforehand whether the person they're considering marrying and starting a family with is healthy or unwell in general.

Learning about the little signs of a person's state of gender, health and sexuality can teach a woman great truths and spare her disappointment and regrets when it comes to selecting a life partner. 

I'll even go so far as stating that knowing the signs of an individual's state of gender, health and sexuality should be a part of every woman's education and personal mission. 

A feminine woman's nature is to eliminate more than she can consume, in order to give to and nurture others. Especially the young. But not only that, every woman is constantly proclaiming to others, in all her little acts and ways, how much or how little of those important elements of gender and sexuality she possesses.  

For example: a woman who's a vain 'prima Donna' or demanding 'diva' type of woman may require many people serving her and catering to her, and may selfishly be taking from others the majority of the time instead of exchanging and giving. 

Such a woman has made it her goal and habit to be consuming/stealing the energy of others, and usually makes a pretty poor wife and mother for she's a consumer instead of a giver.

On the other hand, the true woman of high value, and who's feminine and in touch with her feminine nature and energies (the ideal woman,) lives for and does much for others. (Especially when it comes to her beloved man and children.) For her mind, body and feminine soul are all in sympathy and compatibility with each other. 

The woman who has this ideal state of feminine harmony going on in her nature will generally manifest this quality of altruism, generosity and nurturing in abundance, cupcake. 

That being said, it's rather tragic how many of us have become so accustomed to selfishness and greed in others, and to these sorts of deficits in both genders, that we fail to notice how almost universal this problem in society has become. 

We should be determining the present dating pool and marriage market options by the 'weights and measures of a well developed gender, health and sexuality. 

The hints in this lesson will serve to open your eyes and ears to the diagnosis of these and similar signs, of which there are hundreds. It may save you much heartache. In addition, a woman has as much of an equal right to the same sort of knowledge concerning a man as she does to any worthwhile knowledge. 

That's because a spouse's marital and parental responsibilities, as well as their lovableness, likableness, etc, depend quite a lot on the state of gender, health and sexuality. 

Men, too, have this natural right to know 'which is which' when it comes to the state of gender, health and sexuality in women, as well as of their fertility, sexual conditions and habits. 

Signs Of Health, Fertility And Sexuality In Women And An Analysis Of Feminine Beauty - The Labels Of Nature

Nature labels men and women as: 'Fairly sexed,' 'well sexed,' 'poorly sexed' 'a splendid male,' 'a magnificent female,' 'abnormal,' 'normal,' 'sexual health,' sexual ailments,' 'vigorous,' and 'weak' - besides telling about the ratio of each condition, and according to what they actually are.

Yet, unfortunately for many in these days of gender equality, egalitarianism and dilapidated sexuality, few know how to read these signs. Yet no other knowledge is more important or useful, lovely. 

A person's posture is very indicative of their health and vitality, and their sexuality is equally expressive. Sexual vigor causes erectness in the body, while a deficient or dormant gender causes the body to slump over or to appear as its shrinking back. 

Those men and women who are well-sexed always sit and walk erect, but those who are poorly sexed bend forward. 

The position of the chest and shoulders is expressive of the sexuality in general, and of its existing states. Strong gender always causes a person to throw their shoulders back and the bust forward. 

Notice how every well-sexed woman, in the company of the man she loves, invariably pulls her shoulders back and puts her breasts forward, as if she has decided to make them more conspicuous. 

Moreover, a posterior rolling motion when a woman's walking signifies sensuality. In addition, breadth between the points of a woman's shoulders signify a corresponding amount of gender, while narrowness there indicates its deficiency. 

Dear heart, if you could only realize how incomparably better you look when you're sitting and standing tall and erect like a queen, with your shoulders thrown back, instead of pitched inward and downward, as when a person is bending forward. 

You would surely never again sit or walk in a stooping posture!

Add to this an inward warping bend - bending forward from your head to you feet like women stood and walked in the 1800s. This doesn't make a good appearance for a woman, dove, and was referred to as the 'Grecian bend' in the 1800s.

**The Grecian bend was supposed to indicate modesty in a woman, as well as being a ladylike and refined woman. 

Nevertheless, this warped posture doesn't indicate or signify modesty, ladylike qualities or refinement in a woman, but age, decrepitude and sexual weakness. So strand tall my feminine queen! 

Erectness and 'standing tall' is the true posture of good health, vitality and an abundant sexuality, besides evincing love and attraction in the opposite sex.

More about a woman's posture:

A narrow, sunken chest - with the shoulders pitching forward and inward - signifies sexual inertia, and therefore homeliness 

Erectness of position, with shoulders thrown well back and chest well forward, beautifies, because it's the natural language of sexuality

Signs Of Health, Fertility And Sexuality In Women And An Analysis Of Feminine Beauty - Voice

A woman's voice is expressive of her state of femininity - or lack thereof - and a woman with a poorly-sexed vocality doesn't often make a good marriage partner. Furthermore, a knowing man will attune his ears to read female voices, and discriminate and pay most attention to those voices with the true female ring to their tones. 

As a woman, dove, you may be communicating far more to a man by the sound of your voice than what you could ever say to him! In fact, a woman's voice proclaims all of her existing gender, health and sexual states. 

A woman's voice will be more or less feminized  or else, neuter, in exact proportion to her level of femininity (or lack thereof) and sexuality. 

A woman's voice will show - like all the other signs I'll be sharing with you in upcoming femininity lessons - if she's:

Well sexed or poorly sexed

Healthy or diseased

Vital or weak

Why not start attuning your ears to this difference between female voices, lovely? Moreover, nothing on earth will delight a masculine and high value man as much as sight and sound of a feminine, well sexed and high value woman. *Smile.*

Getting back to signs of health, fertility and sexuality in women's voices, no woman who's poorly sexed or diseased, however great her musical talents and abilities, can sing anything that's worth the hearing. 

Her voice will be either:






A woman who's unhealthy or ill has a voice that's destitute of that softness, sweetness, richness and charm, which signifies a feminine, healthy and well sexed woman.

Furthermore, doll, a woman can't sing very well when she's unhealthy or advanced in years. Nor can any man, after his virility ceases. For his voice then becomes piping, and loses its distinctive male characteristics. 

The voices of unfeminine women will equally illustrate this, all becoming coarse, harsh, boisterous, grating, loud and often, ugly.

You may find it interesting, that all good female singers and opera singers have the state of gender and sexual vigor required for good singing, and that it often adorns the woman with a fine female bust! 

Interesting isn't it? And that's because a powerful state of gender in a woman often confers both a fine female voice and bust, as well as arms and figure. 

Signs Of Health, Fertility And Sexuality In Women And An Analysis Of Feminine Beauty - Manner, Walk, Motions And Movement

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