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How To Be Feminine: Becoming An Uber-Feminine And 'Yin' Woman

"You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind." ~ Henry David Thoreau.

Good afternoon, my feminine lovely! In becoming a feminine woman you must also become a 'Yin' type of woman. A Yin type of woman is basically a tranquil and serene woman, and becoming such a woman is a very important part of the art of femininity!

In addition, a Yin woman is a woman who has a soft, gentle, calm and sweet persona and manner in everything she does. But not only that. She doesn't have any trace of harsh, dominant, abrasive, aggressive or sour characteristics in her nature.

Such unfeminine and anti-seductive women fail dismally with the masculine and high value man! Moreover, becoming a Yin woman is part of becoming an uber-feminine 'goddess' who's irresistible to men, as well as 'Gloria Human' type of woman. *Smile*

As a feminine woman you must not only cultivate feminine characteristics but aim to:

Be ever calm and self-possessed

Be ever gracious and dignified

Be ever polite and courteous to others, no matter what their social standing

Be always refraining from any sort of boisterous or brusque behavior

Be always refraining from speaking or laughing in loud or harsh manner

Be slow to anger

Be as soft and engaging as a dove

Be as regally refined and behaved as a real life lady, duchess, princess or queen

Be acquiring facial expressions and mannerisms that are soft, sweet, gentle and tender

Be acquiring a 'bewitching languor' (described in the book 'Fascinating Womanhood' as a feminine woman's relaxed, calm and quiet air)

Be yielding, compliant and submissive with your husband (without lowering your own standards and ideals)

Being accepting, tolerant and patient with your husband, children and loved ones

Definitely be the perfect 'Yin' woman for your husband, cupcake. Such soft and womanly qualities are in direct contrast to a man's masculinity and dominance, and high value men have always expected women to be the more refined creatures of the race.

Being a Yin type of woman not only makes you fascinating and an uber-feminine woman to a man, but has also been an ambition of all the world's true aristocratic ladies.

Before husbands, families, friends, judges and screaming mobs, admirable and noble ladies have always:

Kept their smiles, poise and dignity intact

Communicated their needs and desires in a gentle and responsible manner

Refused to play the victim or be an object of pity

Gone the extra mile - or even to the scaffold - with all the ease and serenity that they wore at high teas and at evening parties

In many cases religion and faith in God's love, grace and provision helped greatly to sustain these ladies, angel, and all met their fates with courage, stoicism, and were still elegant while appearing to say, "You can kill me but you can't prevent me from being amiable!"

These women were also very strong and brave women, and facing death calmly has also been their ambition.

As for you, doll, can you imagine yourself being so gracious, never losing your poise, and having that supreme quality of savoir faire and finesse that's to the true aristocratic woman, second nature, and was theirs in prosperity or in downfall?

Moreover, if you were a true lady, duchess, princess or queen, you would never fly into rages or hysterics like Madame Du Barry did when she went to the scaffold. 

And as sad as Marie Antoinette's fate, I do like think of her with her head held high - even unto death - and how she begged pardon for touching the foot of one of the mob who was insulting her. 

Was that not a prime example of a truly aristocratic and Yin woman, dove, and the very apex of nobility?

Perhaps for the Yin woman-in-training, the following attitude should always be remembered: "Whatever comes, it can't alter one thing if I'm a true woman and that I know I am."

You could also be a real life lady, duchess, princess or queen while dressed in rags and tatters, and you'll never feel defeated as you know that you'll always be regal and noble inside. 

Of course it would be easier to feel like a regal and noble woman, and be one, dressed in fine clothes, and wearing precious jewels and a tiara. But it's a great deal more of a triumph for a woman, and admirable, to be such a woman all of the time, and when no one knows it and when no one sees you. 

I'm sure you'll agree with me. *Smile* Also, remind yourself the next time you're going through a trial and a particularly hard time of Marie Antoinette when she was in prison, dear one. 

Her throne, her gold and precious jewels and heirlooms, and her regal attire were gone. She had only a plain black dress on. Her hair was white, and they insulted her and called her, "Widow Capet." 

But even then, Marie was a great deal more like a queen than when everything was grand.

I also like Marie Antoinette best as a woman then because those howling and ugly mobs of people couldn't frighten her or take away from her sense of feminine dignity, poise or pride as a true woman. 

(With her God and aristocratic refinement she knew she was far stronger than they were, and even when they finally cut her head off.)

A Yin woman strives to be as regal, noble, tranquil and serene in her nature as Marie Antoinette was, and lives the sort of life which holds her high above the masses.

An uber-feminine and  Yin woman knows that:

Kind hearts are worth far more to a woman than coronets

A real lady, duchess, princess or queen is always polite to people and ever gracious toward them

No matter what rude and acid things may be said to her, if she hears them, she's scarcely affected by them because she knows the truth about herself (she's a true woman of value)

If someone is rude or insolent toward her she can still hold her head high as she never stops knowing and believing the truth about herself

Replying to criticism or insults with a quaint civility often makes the offending person lose their sense of equilibrium and they often become momentarily lost for words *Wink*

In addition, a Yin woman has a soft voice and address, cupcake, and almost speaks to her husband and others in a slow purr. Moreover, a soft voice, address and 'languorous air' has always been an indication of an aristocratic and 'well-bred' woman, and are the natural effects of cultivating a meek and quiet spirit. 

To a man, a Yin woman is like a purring cat relaxing beside a fireplace, with a touch of softness and finesse that's so appealing to a man and soothing to him. *Smile*

It's also having the angelic 'Angela Human' qualities of reserve, self mastery, inner happiness, good character, moral courage, girlish trust, submissiveness and tenderness as described in the book "Fascinating Womanhood,' and that I refer to as 'Gloria Human' qualities on this blog. 

Like Angela and Gloria Human, a Yin woman is a tranquil and serene woman, and tranquility and serenity is mental and physical relaxation, and there's a crying need for more of it in this egalitarian society, and in this hustling, bustling era!

As a society we seem to be rapidly developing hair-trigger nerves.

For example:

The tick of a clock causes many women to fidget.

The buzz of a fly brings out a fly-swatting brigade.

A husband leaves his socks on the floor causing his wife to explode in anger. 

The crying of an infant prompts its mother to start pulling her hair...

But not our Gloria Human and Yin woman! *Smile*

And without a sense of tranquility and serenity in our lives, cupcake, it can feel like we are living under a constant, unrelenting tension, and a loss of normal nerve control is the natural result.

By the way, don't ever attribute tension or  experiencing 'nerves' to hard work. Hard work, and even quite arduous labor doesn't generally break down health or make one tense. A lack of tranquility and serenity does, as well as intemperance.

In addition, that incessant being 'on edge' and defensiveness that a 'coiled spring' personality experiences is what eventually gets a woman, and that riles her up, pulls her down and wilts her. And that pessimistic and fatalistic expectancy.

(Such as always waiting for and expecting something bad to happen, and wondering what the result will be.)

Have you ever marveled at some woman's coolness despite the stress she may be dealing with while doing her work? Have you ever witnessed a mother of many children calmly attending her duties, and who seems quite unruffled by all the demands and commotion?

These are the women who possess perfect tranquility, serenity and ease, as well as thorough confidence and easy assurance. You'll also find that such women never/rarely raise their voices above their normally pleasant pitch, and never/rarely speak out of turn when they're emotionally involved or upset. 

Check your own outlook, doll! What do you see? Are you a Yin woman? 

A Yin woman may experience her moments of inward doubt and turmoil just like we do, as well as commit the odd and/or out of character faux pas. But seldom will it be evident or extreme, and even to family and friends

A Yin woman's home also functions smoothly, and seemingly without effort, due to good time management, and to being well organized.

Try this 'going Yin' exercise for a few minutes each day when there are no distractions or immediate responsibilities:

1. Recline yourself on a comfortable couch or bed

2. Imagine that you've become a languorous cat purring by a fire

3. Mentally relax all the parts of your body

4. Dismiss everything from your mind

Doing this exercise for a few minutes every day, and even a few times a day, will make you feel a lot more tranquil and serene.


As an uber-feminine and 'Yin' woman you must:

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  1. I simply love your articles :) Sometimes they are the only motivation I have to not lose my temper or become lax in caring for myself. This article was one that helped me in particular today. So very well written!

  2. Awwww. I'm so glad they have helped you! Thank you for your kind words. xx

  3. Simply beautiful article. You are gifted with great insight and wisdom, Melina!


  4. Thanks for your faithful readership and encouragement, Tabitha! <3

  5. Thanks for your faithful readership and encouragement, Tabitha! <3