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How To Be Feminine: Steps Toward Femininity And Understanding The Feminine Role - Part I

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Good evening, dear heart. Regarding your female gender, ideally you should have been taught growing up, or may need to learn and understand now, that to be a feminine woman in the highest and truest sense of the term is to be the most beautiful, noble and loveliest creature beneath the stars of God. Smile*

Sadly, however, we sometimes hear in various countries that a baby girl isn't welcomed by her parents, that the girl's life isn't counted for much, and that that people are disappointed because a girl comes into the home. 

That being said, parents should be teaching their daughters that being a female is a beautiful and wonderful thing, and the girl and feminine role that God made her and created her was for a great purpose and usefulness in His perfect and great domain. 

Ideally, every daughter should be taught by her parents, mentors and society that a woman is to fill a mission that was divinely planned, and that she's to lead a life that's spiritual and righteous, and one which will make the world appear brighter and sweeter and better because she has been brought into it. 

If this were done more than it is, dove, there would be a premium and crown of royalty and nobility placed on every woman alive, and by many today who sneer at the idea of being a feminine woman really having any influence that's to count for very much, or that's worthy of the strength of a great life.

In this femininity lesson we will be covering;

How to be feminine and a high value woman

Steps toward femininity and understanding the feminine role

Feminine education, guidance and influence 

The four distinct and separate levels for cultivating your femininity

How destructive and unhealthy symbols, characters and colors have an effect on a woman's femininity and feminine energy

The importance of ideal and healthy female friendships with other feminine women

The first steps toward becoming a woman in childhood and adolescence

How a girl's father helps or hinders her a great deal in the early years of childhood and adolescence. 

Factors that help or hinder a woman's femininity, success and role in life

The need for worthy feminine role models and mentors

The rites of passage for developing ideal and successful femininity

The path toward true femininity and womanhood

Simple but powerful rules of womanly wisdom and conduct

How to make the best and most wisest choices for your life as a feminine woman

How to stand up against your peers and your less feminine opposition

How to become more feminine, freer, wiser, confident, successful and fulfilled as a woman

It's been my personal and life mission to show women how to be feminine and high value women of purpose, and women of passion, substance and excellence. 

Feminine Guidance and instruction at this point should be about: 

Cultivating and nurturing the most ideal, practical and realistic version of femininity

The first steps toward femininity

The most worthy feminine role

The rite of passage that points toward true femininity and successful womanhood

The feminine arts and womanly graces

What's 'feminine' and what's 'unfeminine' 

Wise and proper conduct for a modern woman and girl

Facing the world with true confidence, courage, dignity, strength and a fitness for marriage and living

Keys to success as a feminine woman of value

Moreover, lovely, all this feminine education, guidance and influence should be started properly here, and right now, so that later when a woman is out there in the world, and wherever her lot is cast, she'll always be aware that she's a woman of high value who has been instructed in the chief feminine charms. *Smile*

Going a step further we need to see that the strength of a woman's influence in her home and society is to be cast largely by a proper education. A woman's education should always be teaching her what it really means to be a woman, dove, and to show to the world what true womanhood and femininity is. 

Furthermore, if you're a young woman who has been reading and studying my femininity blogs and courses for some time, much of your desire is not only to become a feminine and high value woman, but to discover who you really are as a woman, and decide what kind of woman you want to become. 

This, however, can be a frequent source of conflict for many of my faithful readers because their views of femininity, and of the feminine role, are likely to be different than other women they know, than their mothers' views, and especially than those women who are prone to envy, 'feministic' thinking, and who are less feminine than they are. 

Moreover, from the vantage point of middle age and beyond it may be hard to remember just how important and necessary a 'trivial' matter of  feminine clothing and accessories, proper skin, hair and body-care, becoming hair styles and color palettes, and the cut of a dress and personal grooming are. 

That being said, angel, these so-called 'trivial' things are often very important for a young woman's development. Furthermore, many patterns of personal image and behavior, and endless variations of each, should be tried on for size by the young woman seeking the most appropriate expression of herself as a feminine woman and individual.

A woman cultivates femininity, feminine energy and wisdom for successful living on four distinct and separate levels: 

1. Physical 

Proper care of the body (a healthy diet with adequate nutrition, organic, pure and alkaline foods, light exercise such as walking and swimming, dancing for fitness and for feminine expression, daily stretching and more calming forms of movement and exercise, the exercise of the 'intimate muscles' when married, proper breathing, sufficient rest and getting sufficient sunlight.)

The standard Western diet, a lack of sufficient exercise and sunlight, no regular stretching of muscles, sunlight, a lack of proper breathing - as well as  alcohol, sodas, coffee, black tea, cigarettes, conventional/recreational drugs and medications - all rob us of feminine beauty and energy.

Feminine dressing and grooming (dresses and skirts rather than jeans and trousers,  high heels and cute sandals rather than plain lace up shoes or joggers, pretty and girly accessories rather than plain or unisex accessories, long hair rather than shirt hair... )

Any unfeminine, destructive or 'unhealthy- looking' symbols on our clothing, accessories or bodies (such as skulls, torn. ripped, soiled and crumpled clothing and accessories, as well as blue, green and black nail polish and lipstick, rob us of feminine beauty and energy. 

These things even attract negative and adverse circumstances into our lives. 

Certain things represent to our subconscious minds negative things and influences, and infiltrate into our minds and program them toward: Death, disease, anxiety, poverty  and renunciation. 

When we speak of 'influence' we are also readily reminded that everyone and everything has an influence of some kind - whether positive or negative.

We've heard often the old illustration, as well, that if you take a pebble and drop it into the water it will start waves of energy circling out and all around it, and that these waves never stop until they break on the shore perhaps thousands of miles away. 

While these waves of energy may not be perceptible to the natural eye, dove, and while no great power or effect may be apparent and manifested, at the same time the effect is going on and on. 

So it is with every life that God has dropped into the great sea of time. Each life has its power and its effects and its influence, and is influencing the lives of yet other individuals with whom it comes into touch with.

In times past, people were very conscious and aware of the meanings behind symbols, characters and colors. So this would make a woman of those times most serious about her selection of symbols, characters and colors that could be accepted and displayed on her body.

This is also because symbols, characters and colors have long been known to have a very strong impact on our conscious and subconscious minds, and have the capacity to program our minds subliminally. 

So try to actively avoid any of the things I just mentioned as being unfeminine, destructive or unhealthy. 

Moreover, dear one, such things aren't conductive for or harmonious with: 

Femininity and beauty

Life and health

Prosperity or abundance

Such ideal things have never approved of negative and inharmonious images, symbols or conditions. It should also be the sincere and earnest desire of every woman to live so that the influence cast is that which will be the very best for her own happiness and well-being and others' happiness and well being. 

Let everything you select and think and do be such that it will enrich and improve your own life, and other lives, so that they may think of you as a helper not a hinderer. 

Your influence on your own life as a woman and on the lives of others is either a weight that drags you and them down, or wings that lift yourself and them up. *Smile*

Feminine influence may be so exercised as to prove to be a demon of destruction, or a goddess and angel of light.

Furthermore, torn and ripped clothing are usually only worn by those individuals who have little control over their living conditions, and by people who are poor and destitute. 

I'll also add here that a woman wearing unfeminine/unisex clothing and who has a short and masculine hairstyle may be contributing to the degeneration of her living conditions, as well.

Why is that, I can imagine you sitting there and asking? Well, doll, that's because the woman's not only failing to accept and nurture her feminine nature and energy, but because she has forgotten that she's a woman, and falling and moving away from the Divine, and what nature intended.

Only a woman who's cultivating, embracing and nurturing her femininity can be truly happy as a woman, and be living in harmony with God and nature. This is also the woman who attracts a masculine and high value man into her life for marriage. 

Other ways of developing your femininity on the physical level is self-pampering and proper and effective beauty-care (body, skin and hair-care, makeup and beautifying cosmetics, relaxing massages and beauty-enhancing spa treatments... )

2. Emotional. 

To experience a whole variety of pleasant, healthy and satisfying and fulfilling experiences and conditions is important for a woman who's cultivating and nurturing her femininity. 

Feminine and wholesome hobbies and activities, goals and dreams, positive and life-affirming values and affirmations, and friendships and communication with healthy, positive and like-minded men and women is ideal for a woman.

In addition, it's important to eliminate all the toxic, negative, energy-draining and jealous and envious people from your life, and cultivate and nurture friendships with those women who understand you as a feminine and high value woman and who support you and inspire you. 

In order for a woman to blossom into a feminine and high value woman and to succeed in life, there must be that living personality of true hearts which flows out in a pure river of female friendship. A world without true female friends and sisterhoods would also be like a desert.

In making female friends, you should not only choose women who understand and support you but:

Those women who have feminine and ideal womanly qualities and characteristics

Those women who have an outlook on life that's positive and similar to yours

Those women who have feminine traits that you yourself would like to develop and to have in yourself 

That sort of feminine respect, admiration and unity of minds, cupcake, is the golden thread which runs through all of our best female friendships. Moreover, the first law of true and lifelong female friendships is sincerity, acceptance and openness. 

That's another golden thread which runs through all of our very best female friendships!

That thread is also to have such a large place in our relationships with one and other as women, that we shall be convinced that there's no subtle deception, no being 'two-faced,' no green-eyed monster of envy, and no oily flattery or hiney-kissing. 

Beneath it all there should always be the strong and deep current of sincerity, acceptance and openness. That being said, there should be the strongest friendship between a mother and her daughter. Sometimes parents forget that this is really necessary. Nevertheless, it's required if a daughter is to have the highest and best guide in life.

Furthermore, many times parents could have saved their daughters from many mistakes and heartaches if only they had been to them better and truer friends, and not just guardians and disciplinarians. 

I'm also talking about the sort of friends that the daughter wouldn't be afraid to confide in. 

And when a mother is a true friend to her daughter, her daughter can come to her as a best friend and helper, pour out the innermost secrets of her heart to her, and ask for her advice and help so that she might know how best to thread her way through the tangled maze of life.

In addition, dove, create an attractive and positive environment for yourself, and surround yourself beauty: At home, at work, and when you're relaxing or going out in public choose only to focus on positive, beneficial, noble and uplifting things. 

3. Mental 

A good philosophy of life and healthy and life affirming values are very important for a woman who's wanting to become a feminine and high value woman. Also very important and ideal for a woman is to search for worthy female role models/mentors who have wisdom about life, proper feminine roles and the nature of femininity and women.

You can also read and study: Femininity books, blogs and websites, attend lectures, seminars and workshops on femininity, feminine wisdom and successful living.

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  5. I adore henna designs on a woman's hands and feet, ServantofAllah. It's so beautiful. I just wouldn't put black on my nails. Melina xx