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The Law Of Happiness, Success And Abundance - Part I

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Good afternoon, my feminine lovely! I believe that every woman has been blessed with a natural GIFT, or even a few. Each woman is equipped by nature so that she may render some particular service or fill some particular need, purpose, position or niche better than any other. *Smile*

This equipment doesn't come to a woman in full grown capacity, however. What really happens is that nature gives a woman the seed and purpose with which she can grow that capacity and success. 

Nature also gives a particular woman the urge and inclination to develop an achievement, which is in some very important respects both different and better than the urge and inclination that has been planted in any other individual.

That now brings us to the questions: 

How Does A Woman Find Out And Discover What Particular Kind Of Success Or Achievement Or Career Path She Should Pursue?

How Does A Woman Discover Her Chief Object, Purpose And Passion In Life?

Just How Does A Woman Determine What To Do Right Now Or Where To Begin?

Did it ever occur to you, angel, that the butterfly faces the same problem? It's not likely that the butterfly has the slightest inkling of what its destiny or purpose is likely to be, but unlike us, it doesn't worry about that, for it has neither choice or wishes in the matter. 

The butterfly doesn't concern itself about problems of choice, success or destiny. It just gets to the methodical business of doing the thing which is most natural and important to its  desire and nature

The butterfly follows its natural urge and inclination, reaches for the nearest flower and nourishment, and converts it into what it takes to support life. If it had the power of choice it would make a failure of its existence if it chose to do anything except to obey the natural urge it has. 

Please take note that urge and choice are two entirely different things, cupcake. The butterfly has a natural urge and inclination, it doesn't have a choice. As women we have a choice and we also have an urge. 

Besides that, we also have the ability and potential to improve ourselves as feminine artists, women of excellence and advanced femmes. *Smile*

How does a woman use the material which she was given at birth and even in her mother's womb, and unleash the unique qualifications and gifts which she possesses in her feminine core for the purpose of achieving the particular success which nature built into her?

A woman doesn't unleash the unique qualifications and gifts which she possesses in her feminine core for the purpose of achieving the particular success which nature built into her by:

Reaching for material which is well beyond her reach

Envying others who have materials or qualifications which she doesn't have

Copying/aping others

Trying to reach higher than she can possibly reach

She does it by converting the things which are right at hand or within her reach into something useful with the talents which she already possesses.

A secret and most important part of achievement is to obey that natural urge and inclination, dear one, to express and exercise your talents. The kind of material which you have to work with in the beginning is unimportant. The important thing is to practice using it.

An enlightened and prosperous woman's secrets to success:

You must begin to express your natural talents

You must create your life, happiness, success and abundance out of the things which are within your reach

You must gratify your natural curiosity to learn everything you possibly can learn about the usefulness of the gifts which you have in the most abundance

You must quit wasting your time on frivolous things

You must stop copying/aping or envying others

You must be your own natural and authentic self and do the things which you feel naturally urged and inclined to do in order that you may begin to grow

You must gather your attention from the four corners of the earth, dove, and concentrate it on the actual problems of life which nature has pushed right under your nose. You must also concentrate your attention on the work and the information which is trying so hard to force itself on to
your attention. *Smile*

You must do it so enthusiastically and passionately that you'll have no time left over to waste on trivial pastimes, or to mind business which isn't yours. You must use the talents and gifts which you already have, and the material which you can get, just like the butterfly does. 

At least, you must start there. *Smile*

But when you cry to someone else for opportunity you merely shirk the opportunity which nature has created especially for you, dear one. It's impossible to even imagine a condition
which is so humble that it doesn't have material inherently within which to begin - even if it's only the dirt under other people's feet. 

You must sprout your urge and inclination to succeed and gain happiness, success and abundance with what you have, as a feminine artist and woman of excellence. You must start from where you are now,with what you currently have and practice using your talents.

As you grow in skill and confidence in your abilities you'll also grow in material. If you grow haphazardly without starting from the bottom like the butterfly does when it's still a caterpillar, you'll be like a house without a foundation or a tree without a root structure. You may start to build cleverly, but your building will not stand up.

In gaining happiness, success and abundance, don't ever try to use any material or talents or gifts, doll, so long as they're beyond your reach, and don't ask anyone to furnish you anything until you're able to pay the price. For it's entirely unnecessary. 

Every woman has some simple and definite problem of life staring her right in the face, some simple step in the progress of life which she can make, or at least attempt to make, with the materials and the talents and gifts which she has available, and without the assistance of any other person.

That step will be just as natural and just as spontaneous as the opening of a butterfly's wings. That is your 'Urge of Destiny,' dove.' *Smile*

So quit fussing and worrying about the imaginary problems of life long enough to do the bidding of that urge. You have no other problem which is half as important to you, for that's the seed in your feminine core from which your particular pattern of successful achievement must begin to grow. 

Nature didn't impart to Oprah Winfrey any inkling of the success which it had in store for her, lovely. The same was true of the following most successful female entrepreneurs, business women, authors, activists and wives of wealthy, successful and powerful men:

Helen Keller

Eva Peron 

Mother Teresa

Coco Chanel

Maya Angelou

Kim Hee Sun

Margaret Thatcher

JK Rowling

Melinda Gates

Gina Rinehart

Martha Stewart

Louise Hay

Anita Roddick

Sarah Palin

Rhonda Byrne

Nigella Lawson

Angelina Jolie

Kimora Lee Simmons

Tyra Banks

Jennifer Lopez

Victoria Beckham

Many of these women of excellence, feminine artists and Advanced Femmes had humble beginnings, suffered abuse growing up, and people laughed at them, mocked them and tried to bring them down. But if someone had succeeded in discouraging them, they would have accomplished nothing, for they were women with a purpose, mission and self-belief, and women of excellence, substance and phenomenal women!

Note: I don't necessarily agree with the paths, lifestyles or spiritual beliefs of all of these women, and as a Christian don't consider myself to have new age beliefs like Louise Hay or Rhonda Byrne. I do respect them for their strong sense of purpose, however, and for following their own creative urges and how hard they worked to achieve it. *Smile*

Furthermore, dear one, new things always appear ridiculous to people who smother their Urge of Destiny. It's a subconscious emotional effort to justify their ignorance by attempting to ridicule those who try to be natural and reach higher. But a woman succeeds only when she lives, plays and works naturally, with passion.

You must grow this possibility and skill yourself, from your own feminine core; no other person can do that for you. You must sprout it and grow it by paying personal attention to the problems which are the nearest to you and the easiest for you to accomplish.

Fussing and worrying about your hazy conception of the great and apparently impossible problems - which only appear to confront you - doesn't constitute either starting or practicing. You must follow your creative urge and inclination, and lay your hands on the simple problems, which you can understand and which you can do. 

Your urge of destiny doesn't include any problem until you've learned to understand it in all of its useful simplicity, angel. Complicated problems eventually become simple to you as you grow up to them through working through the simple problems , which precede them in the process of growing.

You have many other urges and inclinations, also, so be careful that you know just which one is the most important one. Probably, like most people, you have an urge to leave everything flat and run away from it all. And you probably also have an urge to take a short cut directly to the things which you desire.

It's also quite possible that you may have a beggar's urge. By that I mean, a greater interest in getting something for nothing than in learning how to achieve it. If so, forget them, for they're negative urges and they breed discontentment. 

Their only value lies in that they furnish positive evidence that you're neglecting your
creative Urge of Destiny.

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