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Cleopatra's Secret: Beauty, Femininity And Seduction Secrets Of Cleopatra - Lesson One

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Good evening, my feminine charmer! The most brilliant flashes of lightning are those that leave a mark in their wake. They're the flashes that we remember the longest, and a woman who cares to make a stir in the world, and in her man's world, should emulate the lightning. *Smile*

In addition, there's nothing men and women like to remember more than a great love affair and a grand passion. Where there's even a hint of this, it's sure to be expanded by tradition.

Celebrated in art and poetry, the great love affair and grand passion takes into itself the dreams and aspirations of unknown millions, and stands to them for all love and all passion.

Such is the legend of Marc Antony and Cleopatra, dove.

Men have tried to paint Cleopatra either as a goddess or as a serpent. She was in reality neither of these, but just a fascinating queen, a consummate seductress, the grandest coquette that ever lived, with imperial powers of magnetic attraction and feminine fascination.

I like to see Cleopatra not just as the queen of ancient Egypt, but as the queen of enslavers. *Wink* 

She naturally used her feminine charms and wiles as enhancements to her queenly state and made her power of pleasing, a crown to her royal power with a rather well-developed and a downright genius talent for living.

Moreover, Cleopatra always tried to use those talents and that genius to the very best of her ability. 

I know that millions of women the world over would love to know all of Cleopatra's secrets of beauty, femininity, magnetism and fascination, cupcake, and the secret formula which enabled Cleopatra to bring men and empires to her feet!

In fact, much of the story of Cleopatra's life tells the tale of her supremacy in the art of subduing. 

Furthermore, in the city of ancient Rome, the ladies living there would probably have been willing to give their most treasured and valuable belongings to discover Cleopatra's secrets of seduction!

In this post and in future posts we are going to learn secrets such as:

Cleopatra's Secret Formula For Captivating Men

Cleopatra's Experiences With Men

Cleopatra's Most Powerful Feminine Charms And Wiles

Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets And Recipes

Cleopatra's Secret Formulas For Creating Cosmetics, Perfumes, Aphrodisiacs And Beauty Products

Cleopatra's Secret Seduction Technique That Has Only been Passed Down Through Oral Tradition

Cleopatra's Own Paradoxical Intention Method

And more!

Cleopatra's Secret Number One: ---------------------------------------------------------

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