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The Intuitive, Feminine And Submissive Woman

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Good evening  dove! The fact that there's nothing more detrimental to feminine charm or womanliness than an unfeminine, bossy, and dominant female is no secret to men of the more traditional and chivalrous character. 

At the very least the presence of a woman is supposed to stir a man's sentimental and protective side with her feminine mystique, but in this world of egalitarianism and feminism only detached competence is expected of her. 

Such unfeminine and non-submissive women don't attract the high value and worthy men (true alpha males and traditional family men) on the deeper and more personal level of life. Rather, it's the submissive and dependent woman of the very feminine character who intuitively appeals to the traditional and chivalrous male.

According to folk tales the gallant hero or strong knight who rescues a damsel in distress usually falls in love with her and they live happily ever after. Using the same masculine-feminine/strong-weak dynamic the schoolgirl will pretend to be ignorant just to give her boyfriend a chance to show how smart he is. 

Moreover, a tearful girl in a historical man-to-woman situation gets the immediate attention of every male in the vicinity - especially if she's feminine and pretty. *Wink* And even in the animal kingdom, coyness, shyness and mock flight in the female give the male a chance to show off, exhibit strength, and prove his persistence, dominance and aggressiveness. 

The very feminine woman is naturally intuitive, sensitive and submissive, doll,  and she understands that the act of providing help, protection, and discipline brings out the masculinity and dominance of her man, which is what she wants to foster at the moment. 

The true family man (the alpha male guardian) in turn, is especially receptive to the submissive, dutiful, dependent, self-sacrificing and ultra-feminine woman (the alpha female,) who's more or less at a loss in the outside world without his aid. 

Both the traditional feminine woman, and the traditional masculine man thrive under conditions which make a woman submissive and obedient to her man, and her man dominant and protective over his woman. 

Such a submissive-dominant dynamic even make marital relationships more thrilling, spicy and abundant, dove. *Wink*

Furthermore, in eras past, women made a close study of the men 'charmed' by their women (in other words, who were subtly influenced by the feminine charm and behavior  that makes it easy for a man to want to satisfy and please a woman.) 

It's actually the power of subtly influencing men with feminine charm - rather than judging men or trying to dominate them or compete with them - that's more highly developed in the traditional and feminine woman (alpha female.)

Fundamentally, the 'charmed' man - even if he's a masculine and dominant man - is obedient to his girlfriend, fiancee/wife. He may ask himself why his woman wants him to do this or that for her, but he satisfies  and obeys her willingly, a lot of the time (although probably not all the time,) and without waiting for an answer because he's eager to obey, just like she is!

When a man's fascinated by his woman's femininity, charm and totally devoted and submissive attitude toward him he often obeys her joyously, and sometimes even without bothering to ask questions. 

Such fascination has truly magical effects on a man, dove, for he literally becomes putty in the hands of the woman he loves. *Smile*

As far as he's concerned, she's always right (although he may not understand why,) she always looks beautiful to him, and her least touch is delightful to him. When (and if) he wakes up and regains his normal mind, then, and only then does he become aware of having been twisted around a pretty little finger.

People smile to see a woman get anything she wants from a fascinated man, but it makes them rather uncomfortable, as being somewhat unnatural, when it's the other way around. Even a woman in love with her husband is expected to retain her grasp on the ultimate feminine goals. (Marriage, home and children.)

The wholly intuitive, feminine and submissive woman, on her part, has firmly resisted the major deviation from the traditional way of life, and resists feminism and egalitarianism because it doesn't harmonize with her deepest nature, or a true man's nature. It never can.

Likewise, the wholly logical and masculine man, on his part, has firmly resisted the major deviation from the traditional way of life, and resists feminism and egalitarianism because it doesn't harmonize with his deepest nature, or a true man's nature. 

True alpha males and true alpha females are each other's counterparts, and need each other in order to be complete

Furthermore, true alpha males are the only men who refuse to give in to the egalitarian/feminism agenda. 

In addition, the true alpha  female (and the true alpha male) doesn't sympathize with the feminist's fight to free women from their 'chains.' She knows that this need for emancipation is a myth, and she has vivid memories of ancestral femininity and maternalism that explain to her why she's unable to acquire a masculine outlook on life.

The traditional feminine approach to the world is quite different, cupcake. The intuitive, feminine and submissive woman doesn't attack problems intellectually, laboriously analyzing the available data, and then coming to a detached understanding of what's at stake. 

On the contrary, she has a much simpler solution. Feelings quickly tell her what to do and when to do it. 

A intuitive, feminine and submissive woman's feelings and emotions carry more weight than the facts in this case. She can support an opinion derived from feelings with all kinds of arguments, and then burst into tears when they fail. 

But tears that get fair results in the empathetic environment of the home aren't very effective in the outside world. Furthermore, it's this soft approach to the problems of the outside world that disqualifies her for jobs that require a hard impersonal intelligence. 

This doesn't mean I'm saying that a woman can't undertake the responsibilities of an executive position, only that she's obviously not a natural for the position.

In the first place, lovely, a woman tends to over-personalize a situation which a man treats with detachment. The more she becomes interested in an individual as a human being, the greater a woman's difficulty in being impersonal about what concerns him. 

It's also more natural for a woman to be flooded with sympathy for fired workers than to be the one who does the firing. 

In matters of justice a woman's more apt to consider the fate of the prisoner than the crime he committed. Her judgment is also further swayed by such personal factors as a man is tall, dark and handsome, and the like. 

In addition the temperamental changes of a woman's personal approach to the world are entirely out of place in business. 

This means that an intuitive, feminine and submissive woman in an executive position would have to struggle against these, and a host of similar feminine attributes, in order to think impersonally, the way her male counterpart does naturally.

She would have to prefer good business procedure to a sensitivity to human realities, and subordinate personal feelings to the task at hand. 

She would have to learn to distrust her proneness to sympathize, and to control or crush it. Finally she would have to deny herself the free use of the traditional feminine nuances, so indispensable in the family circle.

It's a simple fact that the intuitive, feminine and submissive woman isn't genetically prepared to step into the external environment where the work of the world is done, dove. 

The ability to manipulate people detachedly, as the businessman does, or compete for the necessities with a 'no holds barred approach, 'as men have always done, isn't and never has been a part of the feminine woman's inheritance. 

Quite the reverse,  intuitive, feminine and submissive women made their way in the world by charming and subtly influencing people, rather than running roughshod over their feelings. 

The personal intelligence fits a woman for the people-minded milieu of the home where nothing human is alien, and contacts rest upon ingrained impulses. 

Such women as a rule become more perfectly feminine when under the influence of the rich verdict of the heart, rather than the dry reckoning of the mind. Hence, to succeed as a man succeeds in the outside world, a woman would have to overcome the handicap of traditional femininity. 

The alternative she appears to face is either to become less of a traditional and feminine woman, and succeed in a man's world, or resist the dictates of impersonality for the sake of her spirit and fail. 

However, this alternative is more imaginary than real because the truly intuitive, feminine and submissive woman discovers not only that she doesn't want to sacrifice her ingrained feminine personality, but that she really can't even if she wants to.

31 Characteristics Of A Submissive Wife

1. She helps her husband and supports him in everything

2. She always does her share of work

3. She doesn't demand of her husband more than her share of interest

4. She fits her plans gracefully to the plans of her husband

5. She does what her husband asks of her graciously

6. She does what will produce the best for her husband, and for all members of her family

7. She keeps quiet and well-poised in the midst of a trying situation, and trusts in God and her husband for the solution

8. She controls her temper when things go wrong

9. She doesn't answer her husband back or raise her voice/speak disrespectfully to him

10. She has the ability to keep her husband's secrets and confidences

11. She's able to radiate happiness and tranquility with her husband, a soothe him when he's feeling stressed

12. She has the ability to get along with, and cooperate with her husband all of the time

13. She's always on on time with her husband's meals, for domestic duties and for appointments outside the home

14. She gives more than she demands of her husband

16. She can see both sides of a question

17. She's her husband's best friend, his most loyal companion, and even when circumstances are unfavorable

18. She does what her husband wants and expects of her even if he's not present

19. She never criticizes her husband

20. She doesn't talk about her husband behind his back to others

21. She's always considerate of her husband's feelings 

22. She's 100% monogamous and faithful to her husband

23. She shows the most highest level respect for her husband

24. She will tell her husband if she's feeling unhappy about something, and will communicate her feelings honestly, tactfully and gently to him, instead of building up resentments

25. She accepts her husband as he is, and understands the daily difficulties he encounters 

26. She acknowledges her husband's good qualities and praises him for them

27. She's her husband's own personal cheerleader 

28. She can laugh at a joke at her own expense

29. She's affectionate and loving toward her husband 

30. She loves making love with her husband and satisfying him

31. She fosters her husband's masculinity and leadership qualities by fostering her femininity and submissive qualities

The Intuitive, Feminine And Submissive Woman And Sex

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  1. This makes me feel better about being shy & sensitive. :)

  2. Thank you for this article. It is a refreshing perspective. I can tell you that most of my friends who are submissive to their husbands do not tell many other women - even their friends - because many women get so angry and indignant about this topic. Good on you for having the courage to say this :)