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Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity

2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good afternoon, my feminine lovely!  As the STRENGTH of a magnet depends on the intensity of two opposite poles, so the perfection of human character and spirituality depends on the distinct rationality or masculinity of a man, and the distinct emotional activity or femininity of a woman. *Smile*

Like the two opposite poles of a magnetic bar, a man and woman in a relationship are the mutual sustainers of each other's condition - the man of the woman's love, support and submission (feminine aspect,) and the woman of the man's love, leadership and wisdom (masculine aspect.) 

In addition, a man becomes more truly masculine and rational in a relationship - and gains more drive and direction - as a woman becomes more truly feminine. But if that same man was to become effeminate in his nature, the woman would not only lose the former sense of direction she previously had gained from him, but her attraction for him.

In that same relationship, if a woman suddenly became more masculine in her nature, both she and her man would not only lose the proper polarity and magnetism (attraction) in their relationship, but the positive influence they should be exerting on each other as a masculine man and a feminine woman. 

The fact is, dove, that in male-female relationships each sexual pole of life is either strengthened or weakened by the other. Furthermore, the sexual attraction between a man and a woman - or lack thereof - depends on the degree of polarity (the opposing masculine and feminine aspects and energy) that's flowing between them. 

The more DIFFERENT a man and a woman are to each other in nature - in regards to their masculine and feminine aspects - the more sexually attracted to each other they'll be, as well as magnetized by each other. 

On the other hand, if they're too similar in this regard, and have the same strengths and weaknesses as each other, they'll clash too severely. (If both are masculine and dominant in their natures, for example.) 

Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity - Differences Unite

In male-female relationships, the most ideal mate for a man or a woman is always the one who's the most different from them in ways which will be helpful to them, and fill a void in them. 

This means, cupcake, that it can be quite disastrous for a man and woman of the same type (aspect) to be in a relationship with each other! In male-female relationships it's always better to unite with a person who's better balanced by us, and who has the opposite nature (either a masculine or feminine aspect.)

That being said, in order for a man and a woman to live happily together they do need to be compatible with each other and have similar ideals, tastes and interests. Every couple need some common ground where they can meet and live together in harmony, in order for their relationship to be successful. *Smile*

On the other hand, that same couple still need to be different in ways which will be helpful to each other, and this doesn't just apply to their masculine and feminine aspects. For example, if one is inclined to be pessimistic, the other should be optimistic. If one is extravagant, the other needs to be economical. If one is impulsive, the other should be more conservative...

Furthermore, doll, the nearer a man and a woman can approach each other in characteristics and pursuit - not by reflecting each other, but by rivaling each other in competition - the less will be the reciprocal polarity and attraction between them.

To create optimum polarity and attraction in a male-female relationship a man must embrace and enhance his masculinity and dominance, and a woman must embrace and enhance her femininity and submissiveness. 

By bringing out the CONTRASTS between the man's masculinity and the woman's femininity - and vice versa - this is what creates real polarity and attraction in a relationship! 

**Masculine and feminine characteristics - both physical and mental - are usually combined in any one individual. Only a rare few men and women are extremely masculine or extremely feminine.

**Just because the feminine aspect entails a woman being submissive, this doesn't mean that a woman is inferior to a man, or that her intellectual processes are inferior. It simply means that she's different to a man. *Smile*

Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity - Unity And Equality 

Nothing but the institution of marriage - between one truly masculine man and one truly feminine woman - can create the kind of unity in which each gender receives in perfect measure all the other has to give, and true equality, dove!

Through this perfect sense of unity and mutual dependence a couple become 'one flesh,' according to God. Moreover, this mutual, organic, inevitable and beautiful unity and dependence of the sexes on each other for the manifestation of their unique properties is God's Will and ordained by Him. 

Such spiritual unity and dependence lifts true lovers to that special state of mind where they surrender themselves totally to each other, and think, feel and live only for each other, and they trust each other, implicitly

Although absolute self-surrender in a relationship and marriage involves the complete loss of personal freedom, and implicit trust, neither one of the impassioned lovers in such a relationship is aware of being enslaved to the other. 

It's the unique differences between the masculine and feminine aspects of a couple's nature that can create such perfect unity and equality in a relationship, as well as harmony. 

A man's intellectual powers are creative, aggressive and forceful. A woman's intellectual powers are absorptive, receptive and passive. Moreover, a woman's powers of intuition enable her to receive and absorb knowledge which a man has acquired, and even a higher knowledge which the man by his reason doesn't attain. 

**It's a woman's application and trust of of these higher perceptions that come through her feminine intuition and make her a positive influence in the world.

Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity - Mental And Emotional Differences 

Man seeks truth; woman seeks love.

Man creates; woman nourishes.

Man is governed by ambition; woman by desire.

Man thirsts for power and supremacy; woman for influence and love.

Man deals with the abstract and the general; woman tends to deal with the personal and the particular.

Men struggle for knowledge, wealth, fame and power; women for love, beauty, harmony and pleasure.

When all is said, and done, cupcake, real men and women need each other!

Men and women are definitely different mentally and emotionally. When it comes to emotions a woman is far more emotionally affected and responsive than a man. 

Havelock Ellis, in his literary work 'Man and Woman' stated that this emotional activity is one of the most significant and typical of the characteristics of a woman compared to a man.

Emotionally women are generally far more impressionable, more easily affected and more responsive than men. This is one of the most significant and typical of the characteristics of women as compared to men.

This explains a lot about women that men have found difficult to understand, or don't want to understand. It also explains our various moods, our tears, our laughter, our 'sweet unreasonableness' and our fears as women!

Women are inclined to be more nervous, irritable, timid, spiritual, and more easily affected to laughter and tears, than men are. Women are inclined to view life - and the world in general - through their emotions - and men through their intellect or sense of reason.

This means that a woman's more inclined to act and speak as influenced by her feelings, and a man's inclined to determine his course of action according to practical considerations. Thus, women are generally more impulsive than men are, dove. 

While a man's chief interests intellectually are in the realm of opinions, convictions and principles, a woman's chief interests lie in personalities and details. 

Speaking of personalities, women generally have a greater interest in personalities than men do. Go anywhere where women are talking together, and you'll find that they're discussing their husbands, children, friends, neighbors, etc.

While the man's most frequent expression is "I think" or "I believe," a woman's is "he said," and "she said." Business managers have even learned that most women are loyal and enthusiastic workers, but their loyalty is more apt to be to their boss than to their company.

In addition, the feminine temperament is considered to be lighter and more changeable than the masculine temperament. A woman's equilibrium is also more easily upset than a man's  equilibrium, and just as easily restored.

As for how men and women view the world differently, and in comparison to each other, men tend to face the world seriously and soberly, and often with furrowed brows. Women are more apt to have a touch of caprice and whimsy in their outlook and behavior, doll, and this pixie-like quality is notably absent among men. 

**Generally, the feminine mind is theoretical, spiritual, imitative, sentimental, receptive, beauty loving and intuitive.

Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity Beauty And Refinement

The desire of women to adorn themselves to increase their feminine beauty and sex appeal is very strong. If the vice of men is their yielding to the demands of their physical appetites and desires, the vice of women is their yielding to the demands of their love for beauty. 

In selecting and wearing clothes, women generally use all the colors of the rainbow in their apparel while men favor a few dark varieties. The light, bright and more frivolous clothing of women offers a sharp contrast to the darker, plainer and more somber clothing of men. 

Furthermore, some men can wear the same outfit/suit for weeks, and not know the difference, unless told, while some women prefer several changes daily. There's a similar contrast in the way women fix their hair, and in the makeup they wear.

Even though men don't care anywhere as much about personal beauty as women do (unless they're extremely 'metro-sexual,') they love it in their women, dove. Moreover, a woman's femininity and beauty brings color to a man's 'black and white' world. *Smile*

But women not only have a love of beauty that brings color to the 'black and white' world of men, but they have a love of natural refinement. Because of their natural sensitivity and their fine sense of physical organization, women are generally more responsive and naturally refined than men. 

A very FEMININE woman in particular loves all things 'refined.' She'll seek beauty and quality in her apparel and surroundings, and she'll demand comfort, elegance and luxury in her apparel and surroundings. 

**If the bills for electronics, alcohol and gambling for men are high, certainly a women's bills for clothing, jewelry and cosmetics are just as high. By nature and design a woman's more exclusive and aristocratic than a man. 

The masculine man wants utility and durability, rather than beauty and decoration. He also wants something that will enable him to be entertained in his free time and to win in  business competition and sports.

Masculine And Feminine Polarity & Masculinity Vs Femininity - Will-Power And Influence

In respect to will-power, a man's generally aggressive, positive, active, forceful and combative, dove. A truly masculine and dominant man's forever searching for achievement in his life so he spends a lot of his time exploring, investigating and pioneering.

Because a man's naturally more energetic than a woman, in regards to will-power, he usually makes great outbursts of effort, followed by periods of rest and relaxation, lovely. Being more passive in her nature a woman's more likely to apply her energies more continuously than a man.

A man life is often about some form of CONTEST - whether mental, athletic, or even, warlike. It's also largely this more powerful will-power of a man that enables him to win the competition, to attain the highest positions in life, and lead him into the acquisition of knowledge and material wealth. 

From the standpoint of will-power a woman's generally passive, submissive and negative in comparison to a man. What a man gains by force and aggressiveness a woman gains by passivity, self-surrender, tact and diplomacy.

Because of a man's greater will-power in comparison to a woman, and because of his greater physical strength, a man is prone to be dominant, and the woman, through all the ages, has submitted to his dominance because it's natural for her to submit.

The feminine woman in particular has learned to submit to men, happily, and use with great effectiveness, the law of 'non-resistance.' Furthermore, in order to influence those around her, including her man, the feminine woman who understands men uses indirect methods. (Whereas a man likes to use direct methods.)

In life and relationships a true man (masculine and dominant) likes to control and direct, and a true woman (feminine and submissive) likes to influence.

You've probably heard also, dove, that women are more given to using wiles and stratagems than men. This is true and it's because women have had to use these forces against the more powerful wills and stronger muscles of men.

The masculine man naturally likes to get his own way. Therefore if you want to influence your man it's your cue to find out what his way is, and then adapt your proposition, or your presentation of your proposition, to his way, so that he'll feel, whatever he does in response to your persuasion, that he's having his own way. *Wink*

In giving your man reasons for doing a certain thing you should present those reasons briefly, distinctly and in a practical manner, cupcake. Remember, too, a man likes to get things done, he likes to move about, and he likes conquest, power and domination. 

If you show a man how your proposition will enable him to realize all these things the battle is won. Always use facts and demonstration to influence men since the masculine mind demands facts

The masculine mind wants to be shown, and it believes most and best in the things it can see, hear, smell, taste and handle.

For example: If the thing you have is any kind of a machine, then show your man how it works, and if possible permit him to work it himself. Show him, also, that your proposition is scientific, and that it's according to sound principles. 

The masculine mind is more easily persuaded by facts, practical considerations and reason, than it is by appeals to emotion or by suggestion.

When propositioning a man don't spin theories of your own for him, either, but simply remind him of the principles which he already knows, dove.

In influencing a man remember that he's influenced by practical considerations, facts, appeals to his love of conquest, and his love of profits. (Whereas a man can influence you by appeals to sentiment, personality and your love of beauty.)

The feminine mind is more suggestible than the masculine mind, and responds more readily to direct suggestions. Not only does a woman have softer flesh than a man, but she's more impressionable and emotional, less stable in her convictions and beliefs, more easily influenced and led, and more sympathetic and more indolent than a man.

In addition, because your typical man loves to dominate he doesn't like to be dominated - especially by a woman. Therefore, lovely, your suggestions to him must be of the indirect rather than of the direct type. 

Masculine And Feminine Polarity - Counterparts And Soul-Mates

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