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How To Be Feminine To Attract High Value Men For Marriage - Part I

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Good afternoon, lovely! Many women stumble on to this blog searching for tips on how to be feminine to attract men. 

The femininity and dating niche for feminine women and masculine men is in hot demand, and being worked to the limit. That being said, I don't see the demand lessening any time soon. *Smile*

Personally, I'm convinced that your single high value man (true alpha male) is only looking for a feminine and high value woman to attract him for marriage. 

Nevertheless, the average man doesn't want to be charmed into marriage by some 'personality-plus' unfeminine and dominant girl who most likely will turn out to be more of a liability than an asset.

Believe it or not, most of the women of today are well schooled in the art of 'How To Attract A Guy For Three Months Before He Loses Interest' instead of 'How To Be Feminine To Attract High Value Men For Marriage.' 

These women spend their money on clothes and makeup, and all things 'seductive,' in the hopes to attract a man's attention, but have no interest in how to be genuinely feminine,  refined, or have any interest in interest in psychology and personality courses.

A woman's superfluous means to attract men, will, for the most part, merely supply outward baits to lure the green, unsuspecting victims, instead of occupying her time learning to how to cultivate uber-femininity, charm, mystique, elegance, substance, and a knowledge of all things beneficial to a woman of excellence.

A woman of excellence educates herself in all the feminine arts at a woman's disposal to attract high value men, as well as how to cook meals tasty and nutritious meals for her future family, how to run a household efficiently and economically, and how to raise a family.

The matter of women studying feminine charm and personality is always ideal for a feminine women who wishes to attract a high value man for marriage, and ideal for those whose business it is to put on airs and graces to please and entertain people, or to sell them something.

How To Be Feminine To Attract High Value Men For Marriage - Femininity, Submission And Sincerity

That being said, dove, a high value man - who's a masculine and dominant man, and a true alpha male who refuses to tolerate a feminist attitudes or behavior - is looking for a genuinely feminine and submissive woman, and a helpmate. 

He's not interested in a bossy feminist or egalitarian woman, or a woman who's merely trying to sell herself to him. 

Please remember, dove, high value men men don't like artificialities or falseness in a women.   They like genuinely feminine, submissive and charming women, who are sincere, and strongly dislike the display of independence, competitiveness, aggressiveness and unfeminine traits in feminist women.

By all means study the feminine arts and charms guaranteed to attract high value men and influence them into marriage. But true chivalrous men and genuine alpha males will revolt at being bamboozled or tricked into anything, especially into marriage by an unfeminine and dominant woman. 

Moreover, masculine characteristics in women gall most men.

Don't forget, either, dove, that the high value man you're interested in attracting and marrying has some opinions and desires of his own. He doesn't want you to try a standard series of manipulative tactics or 'snake-charming' stunts on him. 

(Such as pouting or sulking for hours when you don't get your way, or using other men to make him pay attention to you or to cause him to become jealous.)

If you try any of these asinine, so-called charms on him, a high value man will be on his defense immediately, and set you down as insincere and superficial. 

Don't think for a moment that any man with a bit of grey matter in his head can't see through that line of tommyrot. You're only fooling yourself if you try it. 

Women who are so well schooled in these outward frills and shams lose sight of this fact: 

No matter what methods women employ, if their relationships and marriages aren't built on mutual respect, consideration, love, sensitivity and trust - together with mutual ideals - their romantic ventures are destined to destruction. 

Those who inform you to the contrary base their arguments on their own ignorance, cupcake. It actually makes my blood boil when I read articles written by some bloggers, columnists, etc, advising women to attempt to decoy a man into marriage by being insincere

I hope you don't think for one moment that intelligent, discerning and high value men can't see through such ploys, lovely. They also want their future married lives to be built on substantial sincerity, genuine mutual attraction, and not on the quicksands of petty deceptions and cunning compliments.

Such actions on the part of either a man or a woman create an unhealthy atmosphere in a relationship. When a woman lands a man by manipulative or cunning Machiavellian tactics, she finds, to her dismay, that she has secured a man possessing qualities commensurate with the methods she has used.

On the other hand, a feminine woman who's sincere, genuine, honest, faithful, intelligent, and truly submissive has what it takes to attract and interest a conscientious and discerning alpha male. 

Such a woman has substance, a wholesome and respect-commanding reserve, together with a sound sense of fair play. This is a woman who has the ability to show a high value man and true alpha male she could be an asset to him, not a liability.

Such feminine and high value women have no difficulty at all in leading a high value man to the altar, dear heart. Moreover, that lucky man will do all the wooing and leading himself and much faster than she ever expected. 

Your typical high value and masculine man wants a woman who's not only feminine and physically attractive, but who possesses sterling qualities of mind and character, and he'll be glad to have her, even if her personality isn't 'ultra-plus,' and her face or body isn't the most beautiful. 

True comradeship and the willingness to help a man along make such superficial traits as stereotyped charm and feigned affection fade into the background.

As proof of my statement that the personality-plus and beautiful girls aren't the only ones who marry, dove, just think of any social event where husbands and wives congregate. There you'll see that most of the wives, the kind who stay married, don't resort to artificial charms, and aren't strikingly good-looking, for that matter. 

The average happily married woman possesses such substantial qualities as womanliness, submission  devotion, sincerity, unselfishness, tolerance, etc. In my opinion, all studied feminine charms and artifices are poor substitutes for genuine feminine character. 

Character isn't bestowed on us through getting a makeover, either dove, nor is it evidenced by a simulated smile, a memorized line, or a cut-and-dried, shop-worn compliment.

If you wish to be feminine to attract a high value men by all means study or attend courses to help you develop your feminine charm, mystique  beauty, femininity and personality. That's all well and good. And no doubt, you'll derive a real benefit from them. 

However, doll, don't lose sight of the fact that your motive must be sincere, and that counterfeit charms which often set up smoke-screens, tactfully, and sometimes not so tactfully, and used to befuddle the real issues at stake, will not aid you in attracting high value men.

As to whether or not you'll be able to interest the most high value men and alpha males in your area, I can give you a few tips which may help you not only to attract one, but also to hold him if he proves to be compatible.

How To Be Feminine To Attract High Value Men For Marriage - Why Unfeminine And Dominant Women Fail With Alpha Males

Be feminine. Certainly, women who don't dress, groom and carry themselves themselves femininely, who do everything a man does, and go every place a man goes, forfeit most of their reserve, mystique and femininity. 

Don't you see that this is why the  ultra-modern unfeminine women of today don't attract thinking and high value masculine men? 

Then these unfeminine women wonder why these men will not marry them. They blame the men; they blame their friends; they blame their environment; they blame their lack of clothes and money. In short, they blame everybody and everything, but the ones actually at fault - themselves. 

If women who lack femininity would only straighten out their thinking, and their actions, and try to become more feminine and submissive in order to attract men, they would have less difficulty in obtaining husbands. 

Such women have a warped idea of the sort of man a wife-seeking and high value and masculine man really is. And why is this the case with many modern women? 

It's because most modern women have brains, however they don't know how to use them to attract masculine and dominant men, and for the simple reason that they never as much as try to exercise them. 

To attract high value men for marriage it doesn't make any difference how much mentality a woman has, dove. But it does matter how much we use the amount we have. That's what really counts in attracting men. 

Most of us have sufficient mental resources to enable us to solve our everyday problems, and thus be able to live happy, normal lives. If we could all use our faculties and the inherent femininity and womanliness we possess. 

The whole trouble is with many women today is that they're too lazy to use their reasoning powers. To climax the entire mess, they comfortably lean back and engage in America's favorite pastime - blaming everybody and everything else for our own shortcomings, our own mental inaction and unwillingness, and our own laziness.

How To Be Feminine To Attract High Value Men For Marriage - 35 Tips For Being More attractive To Alpha Males

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