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How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess - Part I

Good morning, my darling dove! In this lesson, I'm going to be giving you tips and hints  on how to be a feminine woman and a goddess, or should I clarify, an uber-feminine and goddess-like woman! *Smile*

To be a feminine woman and goddess, a woman must not only be a true uber-feminine woman who delights in her femininity, but a spiritual and powerful woman with a feminine core and energy. 

She must have feminine radiance, as well. For without a doubt, a woman such as this has such a beautiful heart, soul and character that it illuminates her face and aura with an indescribable radiance and charm. 

A feminine and goddess-like woman is irresistible to her man - although she's well-aware that she's not perfect (and so is he) - she's humble about her charms, and never vain or arrogant about it. 

But in her man's mind, she's possibly an angel, or simply the best type of human female the brain of man has ever conceived. *Smile* This is because she's so vividly feminine, but with angel/goddess-like qualities in her nature, but so endearingly human, as well. 

(Or should we refer to it as her 'Angela-human' side that Helen Andelin spoke about in her book 'Fascinating Womanhood?)

Part one of this femininity lesson will be covering:

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess By Using Beautiful And Positive Thinking

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess By Using Your Feminine Power

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess By Cultivating Perfection Of Mind And Spirit

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess By Cultivating Your Feminine Core And Spirit

The strongest desire and impulse of the human heart is self-expression. 

Self-expression is the unconscious motive behind every act, the unconscious stimulus of every thought. It's as though the human body, brain, and even the emotions are instruments through which that mysterious, elusive something - call it soul, 'it,' or anything you please - which is the real person, presses and urges its way into a sort of realization

This is the view I want you to take in the the development of becoming an uber-feminine and goddess-like woman, dove. Don't think of it as something you can fake or make. Think of it as something you already are, and have, but for the perfect expression of that you must provide harmonious, effective and well-controlled 'instruments' or tools.

Let's get started on our new journey, shall we? *Smile*

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess - Beautiful And Positive Thinking

Start getting into the practice of thinking/cultivating more beautiful and positive thoughts, dear heart. This is a must! This will change your feminine energy and magnetism and make you a more magnetic woman, and show in the general expression of your face.

The set expressions of your face have been formed by the thoughts that have been most entertained by your mind. Even though a single thought or emotion may have no noticeable effect on your face, a repetition of thoughts and emotions become a mental habit, and they produce fixed and very apparent facial expressions and contours.  

Each time the cells of your body renew themselves (about every three to four months,) the prevailing thoughts and emotions of your mind can be emphasized even more strongly in the 'upcoming' cells of the body and physical appearance. 

It's very interesting, indeed, dove, that many believe that our thoughts are continually rebuilding the physical body at the level of molecular renewal. 

If you feel that your current physical appearance is below a feminine standard that's ideal for you, you don't have to remain a slave to your present appearance, you can change it. *Smile* 

Your thoughts and emotions can create so much feminine beauty, radiance, energy and goddess-like power, that in a few months, a real physical, and even spiritual, transformation can occur! 

If you're feeling in doubt about this, cupcake, and can't see how a woman's face expresses in beauty or ugliness the thoughts and emotions of her mind, go stand in front of a mirror and think unpleasant thoughts and dwell for a few moments on negative things. 

In addition, imagine transient feelings of hate and revenge towards something, or envy, and watch your facial expressions. Note the hard cruel lines and contours that start to overshadow your face, and see if you can find a single beautiful feature in that state of mind! 

Then, change your thoughts to love, compassion and kindness, and behold, my feminine lovely, the softening of the lines of your face, as well as the tender expression of your eyes and mouth.

There may appear a difference so marked, that it could forever answer the question of how to be an uber-feminine woman and goddess and unlock one of the best-kept secrets of true feminine beauty, womanhood and goddess-hood! 

If we allow our minds continue to hold negative and ugly thoughts, negative thoughts and thoughts that aren't serving us, our faces can lose their former charm quite quickly, and form an undesirable, even ugly, expression. 

If we allow our minds to dwell on the positive and spiritual things in life, and allow our minds only to entertain pure and beautiful thoughts (especially toward others,) our faces will continually be expressing that feminine beauty, radiance and charm. 

Furthermore, by cultivating your feminine magnetism, and persistently sending out positive, kind and beautiful thoughts toward others, you construct a permanent beauty of character and soul within yourself - and virtually become a goddess. 

Therefore, to look and feel beautiful, cupcake, you must BE beautiful. As they say: "Pretty is as pretty does." Smile*

In addition, it's true that the simplest acts of a woman's daily life reveals her mental attitude. For any woman to expect to cultivate true feminine beauty, radiance, magnetism and energy without trying to make her thoughts, words and actions beautiful, would prove to be a failure. (As well as reveal insincerity, shallowness and a love of artificial display.) 

Essentially, true feminine loveliness is a form of true womanhood, and loveliness is a likeness of love. Therefore, as an aspiring feminine women and 'goddess' it's essential that you feel and express love and kindness toward everyone you meet. 

Remember too, dear one, that every thought of hate, envy, jealousy, malice or revenge that you allow to take possession of your mind destroys your beauty and femininity as a woman. 

Do all that you can to shun and avoid such ugly and evil thoughts as you would  shun and avoid a poisonous snake! However, an ugly and evil thought is possibly just as dangerous than a poisonous snake is, for one evil thought attracts bad karma to a woman, and another in rapid succession. 

Many of of today's enlightened women possess the sort of knowledge I'm sharing in this post. Whether consciously or unconsciously, they may even be expressing a goddess-like beauty and uber-femininity of face and form. 

Behold the beauty around you, my feminine lovely. Why not should a woman mentally affirm to herself that she'll be as lovely as the best of women, or more so? 

True feminine beauty is a woman's natural birthright, as long as she's willing to claim it. So, my darling dove, claim the divine beauty of womanhood and nature as your own! You, as an aspiring feminine and enlightened goddess, are a most lovely part of nature. 

Furthermore, you can become an even more prominent part of nature by cooperating with its laws. Feminine beauty, radiance, magnetism and energy is, or should be, a natural thing in a woman. 

A lack of it indicates some abnormal relationship to nature and a sign of maladjustment  (An example is the butch and unfeminine woman.)

Many of you have probably heard others say that what society considers to be be 'beautiful,' or that's less than 'ideal' in physical appearance doesn't matter if one has a beautiful personality and character. 

Nevertheless, I really do believe that this condition can't really exist in a woman because a beautiful heart, soul and character will illuminate a woman's face and body with its own kind of feminine grace and beauty. (The face/body only being a natural expression of the heart, soul and character.)

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess - Feminine Power

Proper breathing isn't only essential to a woman's health, but to her beauty, femininity and personality. Health is the possession of a fine, strong, supple and responsive body. It's also a nervous system so keen and controlled that it serves as a perfect medium for the transmission of feminine magnetism which is the very essence of physical and mental vitality. 

All these are normal and natural conditions that every woman who wants to become truly feminine, goddess-like, lovely and radiant may realize if she frees herself from the toxic and negative habits of thought that prevent their development.

But, sadly, many women have built walls about themselves - walls of depression, fear, mistrust, resistance, discouragement, etc - which reflect physically in lowered vitality and a lack of feminine power and energy.

Behind these walls these women are hiding - subconsciously - and they never dream or realize that there's flowing around them God's love and calling, and the great waves of the mighty sea of universal power.

If they would only give themselves to God, and take the chance of breaking down the walls that have confined them for far too long, and trust God and themselves to be able to do it, they could fly like beautiful butterflies.

To them I would say:

"Put your trust in God. Come out, out into the the glorious sunshine, even out into a great storm, and realize the full strength of your womanhood - your womanhood that God created for you in His perfect design, and in it's essence portrays perfection."

Your first feeling of freedom can be realized physically. Stop thinking that you're getting old, that your joints are stiff, that you inherited something that limits you. You're your own limitation. Begin to exercise and realize your physical freedom, and learn from that that all other freedom is yours for the taking.

Perfect health and womanhood without proper breathing is a physical impossibility. This is easy to understand if you remember that one-third of the entire volume of blood is always circulating in the lungs. 

Each corpuscle passes through the lungs eight thousand times in twenty-four hours. These little 'soldiers of the blood' come hurrying up, bringing their load of poisonous carbonic acid to be disposed of in the lungs. 

These then hurry back to the tissues with the life-giving oxygen that they've taken from the air forced into the lungs by the breath. 

When the breathing is shallow, and the air impure, the little messengers must carry
away a part of the poison they brought with them, and not only is the physical system weakened, but these valuable little disease destroyers are themselves starved for lack of proper nourishment and oxygen. 

Becoming more conscious of your breathing, and ensuring deep and full respiration is the quickest and best cure for clearing away toxins, anemia and nervousness. Why not take a few deep breaths right at this moment, lovely? Almost invariably you'll be rewarded

The value of fresh air - air that has been vivified and magnetized through the action of the rays of the sun - has been proven to be extremely beneficial for a person's health and vitality. It's hard to appreciate, however, the mental attitude and bodily feelings of women who keep themselves shut up in dark and closed rooms!

Don't confine yourself indoors, or only indulge in fresh air to the inside of your body. Your skin also needs to breathe, and get sunlight on it to provide much needed Vitamin D. It's unfortunate that the chemical action of the skin as a health preserver is so little understood. 

Many people who take daily showers/baths from habit don't at all realize all the reasons for the comfort they feel. 

Much hard work can be saved the kidneys by keeping your skin in an active, healthy and clean condition, since through its millions of sudorific glands the skin can eliminate many of the toxic elements that would otherwise pass through the kidneys. 

Plenty of water and fresh air for the skin are as important as for the interior of the body. 

Ideally, in the warmer and more milder climates, for some period during the day (even if it's only for ten or fifteen minutes,) all clothing should be removed, and the air and sunlight be allowed free play over your body. 

On every occasion when practicable, and in any out-door space that can be protected from prying eyes, partial or entire nudity in full sunlight is ideal and should be followed.

The importance of proper ventilation and elimination through the skin is shown in the fact that the entire varnishing of the body is followed invariably by most serious effects, sometimes by death.

A feminine and goddess-like woman cultivates perfection of mind and spirit, dove. *Smile.* You can do the same by comfortably seating yourself in front of your mirror for a few moments each day, relaxing with some deep breathing, and mentally going over all the pleasant events of the day.

You should also be summing up every incident that has been helpful to you during the day, as well as all that you've been doing to improve yourself as  a feminine and high value woman.

How to Be A Feminine Woman And Goddess - Perfection Of Mind And Spirit

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  1. "It's very interesting, indeed, dove, that many believe that our thoughts are continually rebuilding the physical body at the level of molecular renewal.

    If you feel that your current physical appearance is below a feminine standard that's ideal for you, you don't have to remain a slave to your present appearance, you can change it. *Smile* "

    This is really interesting indeed! It is scientifically proven that humans have enough brainpower to control things we didn't know we could (the placebo effect is a perfect example of this).

    I love how this article puts emphasis on how you can always get better if you really want to make an effort. Great job!

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