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High Value Women Characteristics; How To Be A High Value Woman - Part I

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Good afternoon, angel! Many tips for feminine personality development and for cultivating an attractive and ideal personal image are provided countless books, blogs and websites, as well as in the numerous beauty, style, femininity and etiquette volumes. 

In the minds of high value men and true alpha males, a high value woman and alpha female is the most attractive and desirable woman there is. It's no coincidence either that she pleases the eyes of many men, and has a universal influence on men. (Especially on those high value alpha males.) *Wink* 

On the other hand, an unfeminine and unsophisticated woman of lesser value and attractiveness usually lacks confidence in herself, and limits her potential as a less than ideal woman. 

In today's lesson I'm going to be sharing with high value women characteristics, a socialite's/high society woman's secrets, and the first of my series in how to be a high value woman. 

So, let's get started, shall we? 

Here are 10 of the most useful rules for a woman to follow if she wants to present herself as a high value woman socially:











In today's lesson 'High Value Women characteristics; How To Be A High Value Woman,' we'll be covering the first 5 rules and:

30 personal mannerisms that a high value woman should avoid

Rules to remember in looking/dressing the part of a high value woman

A short course on a socialite's/high society woman's etiquette

10 clothing mannerisms to check

5 voice mannerisms to improve

What a woman can do about unsightly/unflattering mannerisms

How to use the 'penalty method' to improve yourself as a high value woman

RULE 1: Use Names Accurately and Often

A person's name is the most important and sweetest sound in any language, doll. You can succeed socially, increase revenue in business, and positively influence and attract that high value man you're interested in by using people's names accurately and often. 

Dale Carnegie used people's names purposely and all of the time when selling his leadership courses all around the world. Names do that. Names have a magical quality! Moreover, many of the most successful celebrities, socialites and sales people are credited with selling themselves or their merchandise through the simple use of 'name-power.' 

Next time you meet an associate, an employee or employer, a neighbor or classmate, or a high value and attractive man, use his/her name accurately and specifically, and watch for the results. 

You may be surprised to learn that the simple use of names will bind people closer to you than any other sound in the language. *Smile*

RULE 2: Look/Dress The Part Of A High Value Woman

If you're an aspiring high value woman or socialite who wants to make a good impression on other high value people, as well as on those high value 'alpha' males, it's essential that you look and dress the part of a high value woman, and show signs of being high caste.

Shakespeare's advice still holds true for us today when he said: "Costly thy raiment as thy purse can buy." 

The rule for correct society dressing is simplicity by day and elegance at night. Ideally, clothing must be of the highest quality, but must not look new. "I just buy a few good things. I've had the suit I'm wearing for eight years" is the correct society woman's gambit in a conversation on clothes. (It may also not hurt to slip in the fact that the suit was an original Dior.)

In high society, evening gowns should be creations of well-known and highly esteemed designers, and the socialite's wardrobe includes at least a few Paris or Rome originals fresh from the drawing boards. 

For the benefit of those women who can't quite go the expense of this type of wardrobe (such as most of us,) an interesting business has developed in the last few decades. Designer label clothing and dresses that have been slightly worn are purchased from their original owners and resold. 

The society woman and socialite who passes along her clothes gets a percentage of the sale price, and the buyer gets a creation cut rate.

But remember, clothes - new or used - don't make the socialite, dove!

That being said, being a well-dressed woman is a basic start in the social development of a woman and in developing social prestige. It's true also when they say that new clothes can indeed make a woman feel like a brand new woman. There's a real psychology in dressing, and clothes have a definite psychological effect upon the wearer. 

The girl/woman dressed for active sports is prone to become loud and boisterous. The same girl/woman wearing her hair high on her head and her evening gown trailing on the floor will probably act the part of a well-poised lady of culture and refinement. 

girl/woman dressed in slacks might tilt her chair back and deposit her feet on a desk, but she would never be guilty of such carelessness if she were attired in formal clothes.

To be attractive, desirable and charming to high value men, a woman needs the assurance of being well dressed. This confidence in her appearance adds light to her eyes, gives a spring to her walk, and enables her to radiate a sense of well-being. 

Since first impressions are often lasting, an aspiring or bona fide high value woman should be appropriately dressed at all times. Many people evaluate personality at a single glance. This evaluation includes the general effect of line, proportion, color harmony, costume details, and grooming. 

One fleeting glance may file a woman away in the observer's mind as slovenly or chic, dear heart. If the appearance isn't pleasing, few will bother to look for the 'beautiful soul' which is supposed to lurk under the exterior of many a dowdy woman.

A high value woman's clothing should express elegance, refinement, sophistication,  femininity and individuality. In addition, an aspiring high value woman should be careful to adequately represent the 'product' (herself,) and today's dating/marriage market depends upon 'packages,' just as a consumer market that's dominated by products and services does.

A high value woman's physical appearance is just as likely to impress a humble man than it is a great and powerful man. *Smile* So as an aspiring or bona fide high value woman, wrap the product as beautifully, and with the most becoming packaging you can afford! 

High value men and alpha males want to be seen out and about with such becoming women, and also marry women whom they want to be seen with. Moreover, a woman's social prestige - like beauty and femininity - reflects its glory on a true alpha male, and is immediately recognized and admired by men. (No matter who they are or where they live.)

To upgrade your image as a socially prestigious and high value woman, dove, only buy quality clothing. You'll not only look better, but feel better and your 'raiment' will last longer. Package yourself well, but avoid tackiness, extremes or  anything outrageous in dressing.

Speaking of extremes and outrageousness in dressing in dressing, most high value men in society (like the women in high society,) are conformists by nature, and prefer attractive and well-groomed women who dress elegantly and in a sophisticated manner like their peers' women.

You may also be surprised that the majority of men know little about women's clothing and dressing, and the less a woman looks like a man, the more a man will be impressed by her.

No matter what you decide to wear, angel, keep it feminine, neat, fashionable (that basically means what the other women in your area are wearing) and inconspicuous. That being said, a woman should still try to look somewhat unique in her appearance and try to differentiate herself in a good way to other women. 

But too much originality makes those high value men and true alpha males uncomfortable!

A few rules to remember in dressing the part of a socially prestigious and high value woman:

1. Wear clean, brushed outfits that are well-pressed at all times.

2. Pick feminine, classic and 'middle-ground' fashions. Remember, dove, feminine style is a permanent creative effect, and for high value men and women, classic and/or preppy fashions are the prevailing style. 

As for the 'classic' style of dressing, which gives a woman more opportunity to look feminine  than a preppy style of dressing, that will never go out of fashion and is timeless.  

3. Avoid wearing cheap looking and tacky clothes, clothing with visible labels, and overly sexy and sporty clothes.

4. Keep your shoes clean, shined and in good condition. 

5. Watch your weight. If you're over-weight, go on a weight reduction diet to lose the excess pounds. A woman's weight is an advertisement of your social status/prestige - or lack thereof. 

It's a well known fact to sociologists, doll, that in the lower classes of society, obesity is 4 times more prevalent than it is among women of the upper classes.

 6. Stick as much as possible to wearing organic materials such as silk, cotton, wool, leather and fur. (Choose fur that has been humanely gathered from animals who have died naturally.) In high society synthetic materials in dress are avoided and indicate a low status man/woman.

7. Avoid any sort of legibility on your clothing and accessories - such as t-shirts, bags, sunglasses, etc. (Legibility means visible slogans, labels and brand names visible on clothing/accessories.) 

It's a fact that the upper class men and women in high society shun legibility in dressing, and don't have a need to fuse their identities with any sort of brand name/logo. In the minds of upper class men and women, to do such a thing, reeks of insecurity, desperation and insincerity. 

8. Wear high quality and untarnished costume jewelry. (But keep it understated.) Only wear real pearls, my feminine lovely. Pearls are indeed lovely on a woman and a real sign of femininity, sophistication and elegance. 

Only wear real gold, silver and platinum jewelry.  

9. Avoid any 'too much-ness' in dressing and accessorizing, dear heart. Avoid rhinestones, any zodiac sign jewelry or accessories, enameled brooches, and watches that have many visible functions. 

10. Stick to more matte finished clothes during the day. (Clothing with a matte finish are deemed as 'upper class.)

Remember, a good looking woman makes her man look good! Furthermore, if a man's girlfriend, fiancee or wife also has an appearance that's classy, elegant and sophisticated, her man is perceived as smarter and more successful. *Smile*

In addition, poise and self-reliance result when a woman is well-coifed, well-manicured, brushed, and well-turned out. On the other hand, if a woman has something to hide, is conscious of a run in her stocking, or of a broken shoulder strap, or unbrushed shoulders, she reduces the force of her personality. 

If a woman's appearance is neat and orderly, her thinking is more often clear and organized. On the other hand, if a woman's appearance is slovenly - such as smeared lipstick, chipped nail polish, and so on - it's safe to assume the mind behind it is unorganized or ill disciplined. 

Smartness through perfection in every detail of grooming is an expression of an alert and tidy mind, as well as a characteristic of a high value woman who can be relied on.

While the practice of fastidious grooming has its value in business and society, cupcake, it's further desirable for a woman because it bespeaks good taste and discernment - whether viewed from the angle of smart appearance or of personal character. 

This means, that a smart woman will ensure that her underthings are immaculately fresh, she'll not permit stubby hairs to grow untended on her face, and she'll remove unsightly hair from her legs and under her arms. 

She'll keep her hair neatly arranged throughout the day, and she'll take care of details in two or three trips to the powder room during the day. (Not by constant little preenings in public.)

Rule 3: Cultivate Correct Manners

A woman's manners, more than merit, make or mar her feminine image and social status. Etiquette is the conventional ceremonial of high society which is sometimes referred to as 'polite society,' and this ceremonial also applies to aspiring socialites and high value women.

It's not what we do, but how we act and react separates person from person, woman to woman, and indicates social status. It separates nations, and it separates classes, and manners are perhaps the most characteristic class traits of a woman.

The higher the stratum or social class, the larger the desired sphere of privacy and the more marked the tendency not to interfere with the affairs of others unless asked to do so. Max Weber once remarked that the lower classes are much more willing to assist others than the upper classes, but at the price of intrusion into the private sphere to an extent that the upper classes find unbearable. 

Without proper manners we are bound to hurt the feelings of those with whom we have to deal with, dear heart. If circumstances necessitate actions that must displease another person, the observance of polite manners will at least soften the blow. 

While the effect is the same, there's still a difference between "You are fired" and "To my regret I have to give you notice." Yet while all classes appreciate polite treatment, the lower classes prefer to speak and to be spoken to in blunter terms than the upper classes consider desirable or as good form.

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