Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alpha Females, Feminists And The 'Just-as-I-am' Complex

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Good morning, lovely! I've come to realize that many modern women, especially women who've been tainted by feminism, seem to have a 'Just-as-I-am' complex. Women with such a complex actually resent the idea of making themselves more desirable and attractive in the eyes of men. 

Probably the earliest sign of protest in a feminist female's life was when she was a baby crying out because of being restricted or disturbed. This 'rage reaction' at being interfered with often continues throughout life for a feminist, and many feminists (beta females,) really do seem to detest the idea of having to change a habit to be more pleasing to men, or a particular part of themselves for a man's benefit or approval.

"I am what I am," the feminists have a tendency to say. You may also hear statements along the lines of; "I'm not going to try to look a certain way, or put on any type of personality just to impress a man!" Or; I'm not going to submit myself to any man! I will never allow a man to dominate me, and he can take me or leave me, just as I am!"

Most feminist women who assume this sort of attitude believe that they're being self-directed and independent, dove. But I think that's it's on the contrary. I think they're being ruled by insecurity and by their selfish egos and vanity. I also believe that they're being unrealistic and impractical in failing to see that they have to deal with the facts of human nature, as well as the masculine and dominant nature of men, just as realistically as they deal with other facts in life and issues. 

By refusing to make an effort to gear themselves in with men, feminists are not only failing to act in their own best interests - and in the interests of their children/future children - but are setting up all sorts of ill will to work against them in the future. Some end up destroying their marriages, their families, and thus, make life itself intolerable.

Psychologists will tell you that this stubborn and senseless sort of attitude is often set up as a defense of an over-sensitive ego. The defense is usually to be indifferent to other people, or to attempt to bully and belittle others in order to to make themselves appear bigger. Many feminists and beta women are behaving in the exact same way by trying to shame their uber-feminine, submissive and traditional sisters (alpha females,) as well as undermine men.

Beta, delta and omega males who feel unsure of themselves will act the same way. They're just as stubborn, tough or blustery as the feminists.

Is there anything wrong or degrading in a woman wanting to look good in the eyes of a man and showing it, lovely? Does a woman who uses feminine charm and womanly wiles with men, who's submissive toward them, and who's in the habit of pandering/catering to the masculine nature of men, indicate a weak woman who's been brainwashed by society's expectations of how a real woman should be?

I think not.

Let us remember, women who shun such things (feminists and beta females,) and who scoff and oppose such things are often jealous of us uber-feminine, submissive and traditional women. (Because we're the ones who are chosen, taken care of, and cherished by our alpha male boyfriends and husbands.) In addition, most feminists have oversensitive egos, and a real aversion against femininity, and anything considered 'girly' and sexually desirable. 

Us alpha females should feel sorry for them! 

Nevertheless, let's not make the mistake of appeasing feminists by taking on and sharing their own views, or by enabling them. Let's start making more of an effort to oppose feminism, and be proud of, and embrace, being feminine, submissive and traditional women.

There's an old Persian saying that we can apply to those jealous and angry feminists. It advises; "Oppose kindness to perverseness. The heavy sword will not cut soft silk. By using sweetness and gentleness you may lead an elephant with a hair."

Besides opposing traditional roles in marriage, there are many feminists who'll do all that they can to oppose femininity, oppose natural masculinity and dominance in men (but not in themselves!,) and to avoid catering to a man's tastes. An example of refusing to cater to a man's tastes is when a women refuses to wear makeup for a man or do any hair-removal as she sees that as appeasing a man, and a real feminist can never do that! 

In general, a feminist usually refuses to (or dislikes doing) anything that makes her appear more desirable and acceptable to men. She makes it a practice to oppose men, to act like men, and be like men.

You can spot such women a mile off. They're usually overly opinionated and loud, aggressive in their attitudes and behavior, and the majority cuss like sailors. Such women even revel in the idea that they're manly, and take refuge in the thought that the world is against them, and that they've been given a really bad break by 'that evil patriarchy.' 

All such attitudes and behavior naturally repel high value men, and lead to the failure of the women who holds such thoughts. It's only natural that alpha male bystanders will note these women as women of poor quality, as well as women lacking in feminine beauty, charm, and mystique. Doubtless you've known a few feminists yourself who fit that bill, and whose thoughts and attitudes are defeating them.

On the other hand, women who are uber-feminine, submissive and traditional will be considerate of the needs and desires of others (especially of their alpha boyfriend's or husband's,) and they always gets the breaks. 

In fact, alpha females adore pleasing their men and catering to them. They do these things naturally, and sometimes unconsciously, but they do it because it brings so much satisfaction to their men and themselves. Such females, who alpha males adore, aren't self-centered like beta females and feminists are. And the reason why they do what they do for their men is because they obtain greater happiness in doing things for others than in doing things for themselves.

Admittedly, the natural desire of most people - both men and women - is to act in self-interest. But it's an amazing fact that so many women aren't acting in their own best interests when it comes to men and relationships! Furthermore, the reason for this strange situation is probably because many less-evolved women act emotionally, impulsively, and even without reasoning, in their relationships with people.

In human relationships a continual evolving and readjustment to other people is essential. But when it comes to women relating to the men in their lives, nothing is more important. Therefore, doesn't it make sense to say that each woman who wants to survive and be happy in this world should be an expert in readjusting herself and accommodating herself for men?

Should a woman not be adaptable, flexible, and fluent in the stream of life?

Should a woman not be a specialist in accommodating and adapting herself to others, including men?

Is it not for a women's benefit, and ultimate satisfaction, to gear her aims and interests in with the needs and desires of her man by being feminine and submissive?

No woman should ever be shamed by the feminists or made feel weak, insincere or subservient because she makes a conscious effort to improve and adapt herself - physically, mentally and emotionally - for a man. On the contrary, she should be ashamed if she doesn't! 

I've always noticed, dove, that the radical feminists who hate men, and who hate uber-feminine, submissive and traditional women, are always those whom men haven't found attractive. Such women are only confessing to their own lack of power to please!

When it comes to women who want to improve themselves for men, a farmer doesn't leave it to his crop to come up naturally, does he? No. He cultivates it. He even seeks to improve his methods of cultivation. Likewise, as alpha females - who want to please our men - we should take care of our bodies by eating better food, by exercising to improve them and so on. 

Far deeper in the alpha female's psyche than a beta female's is the urge to improve, and to improve herself for the race. First comes the effort to improve her physical environment, then to improve intellectually, physically, and finally, to improve emotionally and spiritually. The highest aspirations of the human race - and of every high value man and woman - is to improve.

It's a fact that a failure to adapt oneself - to people and the environment - is the cause of many mental disorders, and of the most unhappiness. It's not a coincidence either that feminists happen to be the most bitter and loneliest women on the planet (must be all those divorced ones and spinsters!) Not only that, but vast numbers of them are plagued with regret, anxiety, and an inner conflict and frustration. 

Don't be deceived, doll. Such manifold emotional problems are the aftermath of feminism. Sociologists will even tell you that feminism has caused a real social problem for modern men and women, and has been further exasperated by the decline in traditional values, roles and morality. (Oh, and let's not forget sexual freedom!)

To this we may as well also add the lack of proper care and attention in the modern home, and the superabundance of money, because amazingly, there exists no real place to truly enjoy it.

Because of feminism, and the disappearance of traditional roles, our society is in a muddle. Women are becoming more and more masculine, and men are becoming more and more effeminate - from the false masculinity/femininity created by adapting ourselves to feminism. 

Thankfully, however, it may not be too late for the feminists to see the light, or for any intelligent man and woman with the desire to improve. (For the benefit of the race.) But the main consideration that many women are failing to get is the benefits of adapting ourselves to men. 

Sadly, many women, especially feminists, have to suffer a considerable amount of hard human experience before they realize that their relationships with men do govern their lives. (Such as squandering their most marriageable years on being promiscuous and/or or making their careers a priority and then leaving it too late to have children.) 

Perhaps the most unforgivable sin in human relationships is the failure to try to improve and adapt ourselves for the benefit and fulfillment of others. Instead, your average feminist female is living largely by money values, and counting her success and blessings chiefly in terms of money earned and things bought. Moreover, we have a veritable army of henpecked husbands and resentful beta males, who aren't just treated as secondary citizens, but are kicked around by their beta feminist wives.

That's a real tragedy because nature destroys all forms of life that fail to adjust themselves to natural conditions. So to survive, every human being  - whether male or female - must continually readjust himself/herself to their environment. Therefore, we should act toward other people in a way that will make them respond favorably to us, and in a way that will make life easier. 

A woman who does that is wise, and an alpha female can depend on it that her man will pay her back.

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; Alpha Females, Feminists And The 'Just-as-I-am' Complex!

Much love,
melina xxx

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  1. I agree with a lot of the content in your article (feminine women shouldn't be shamed for being "weak", there's nothing wrong with being girly ;P), but I have to disagree on some things :

    1. Being submissive all the time to a man isn't right. Even the most feminine woman would feel wrong at some point. Although, surrendering to masculine energy can be beneficial indeed.

    2. Not all feminists are like what you described. Feminism has done a lot of great things for us, even though it brought bad things too. Let's not forget that before the first feminist movements, women weren't considered as PEOPLE according to the law. Women weren't even allowed to vote, as in we weren't allowed to express our opinion! Also, many intelligent and talented women couldn't even follow their passions and desires and get the job they wanted because women weren't allowed to be more than nurses or teachers (that being said, there is nothing wrong with these jobs).

    Imagine wanting to do something so badly...But you can't just because you were born a girl, and there is sadly nothing you can do about it. Doesn't it hurt a little?

    That's why feminists are so harsh. They think that showing the world that women can be as "strong" as men will make society take them more seriously and give them some more freedom. As you can see, it worked. But now that we're finally treated as fully equal to men (in western countries) , feminists forget that being feminine is their true nature and that it is essential for attracting love. They are scared that if they do become feminine again, men will restrict them once again.

    But deep inside, they are all just feminine little girls, crying and dying to be set free. :)

    Also, keep in mind that in some countries ( like muslim countries, India, Russia, China , etc.) , women are STILL treated as if they weren't human. There is over 500 rapes per DAY in India and muslim women and constantly shamed in muslim countries...Only because they were born as girls and not boys. The violence and hurt these women are put through because they are viewed as "inferior" is cruel, and without feminism in those countries, it would be a lot worse.

    3. I don't think you should try to please your man. I understand what you mean, but the choice of words doesn't really sound good to me. I think by pleasing you mean doing things out of love. As in, making yourself beautiful most of the time because you love him and you know he likes to see you hot ;) so you do it for him :)

    Pleasing is trying to be accepted and loved. I believe you should do things out of love for your man, and not because "it's your duty as a wife".

  2. Very good post indeed. You are right to say that unless we adapt we become extinct. How many feminists are grandmothers or great-grandmothers or have sons of good standing in society? I was raised by a feminist mother and aunts (all divorced or spinsters off course) and I was divorced by 26 because of it. I am happy to have found your blog to help me get back to my true feminine core before all my marriageable years are gone. I've tried to convince my sisters and cousins to change their ways too but they are so stubborn about it and very proud to be "tough do-or-die ruff ryders". They say they will never allow a man to walk all over them or disrespect them yet they allow men to use their bodies and their money all the time but can't see it as disrespect. Without a change the next generation will surely be lost