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Wife School; How To Make Your Husband More Interested In You

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Good morning, my feminine lovely! In today's 'Wife School' lesson I'm going to be sharing with you secrets on how to make your husband more interested in you, how to keep your husband interested in you, and how to get him to pursue you. 

However, in order to do that, you must learn how to be a stimulating and interesting wife. For a stimulating and interesting wife will have a husband who's fascinated by her, who's invested in her, and who keeps on pursuing her. *Smile*

Again and again women have complained to me, and are complaining, that their husbands don't take enough interest in them. Again and again, they've come to me, asking for advice and assistance in overcoming this lack of cooperation.

Here are the common complaints;

"My husband shows no interest in me."

"My husband is completely indifferent to what I do during the day."

"My husband doesn't care how I dress."

"My husband doesn't seem to notice when I get a new hairstyle."

"My husband never asks me where I've been or what I've done."

"My husband doesn't show me enough affection."

"My husband takes no part in my life."

"What's the point of living with a man who has no interest in me? Wouldn't it be best if we separated?"

The answer to the last question is an emphatic "No," dove! 

The correct thing to do is;

Arouse your husband's interest 

Renew it

Maintain it

Intensify it

But here's the question; WHY do husbands lose interest in their wives? 

The answer to that is that a woman whose husband has stopped showing interest in her, and who complains of her husband's lack of interest, must have become more or less uninteresting to her husband in the course of her marriage. 


The husband has never LEARNED to be interested in his wife, and she has neglected to train him to be interested in her. 

That being said, the same woman - at the beginning of her marriage - must have been interesting to her husband. The husband's indifference can't be a sudden phenomenon, dear heart. It's something that develops gradually, and usually, over a long period of time. 

When a husband starts losing interest in his wife, at first, the wife usually doesn't notice it, or refuses to notice it, or is unwilling to admit it. Unfortunately, in this situation, the wife has neglected to discover/create shared interests with her husband. 

Moreover, when a husband loses interest in his wife, she's often neglected to remain continuously stimulating and interesting as a woman. 

On the flip side, perhaps the wife is unaware that a husband can be taught to be interested in his wife. Nevertheless, it may happen that all her efforts have remained unsuccessful because she and her husband don't share enough common interests in their marriage. 

Shared interests are not only vital for the permanence of a marriage, but are part of the foundation of marriage, cupcake.

Since the EXTENT and intensity of a couple's shared interests determine the character of their marriage, the husband and wife should constantly be striving to create, revive, expand and preserve their shared interests. 

Furthermore, the interest of a man in a woman, in her activities and being, doesn't arise and develop all by itself. It's something that needs to be aroused, fanned, enriched, and renewed, again and again, if it's to be kept alive. 

Achieving that is a procedure in itself - a game that both must play - with equal zest, pleasure, and sincerity. *Smile* Moreover, in a mutually satisfying and fulfilling marriage, the opening balance of the marriage will show a certain 'basic capital' of shared interests.

For example;

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