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Wife School; How To Be A Fascinating Wife

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Good afternoon, angel! To retain a husband's love it's not a question of how to remain beautiful, but how to remain fascinating.  A man wants a variety of feminine personalities to fill a variety of  needs of his many-sided masculine nature. 

The difficulty here is that the majority of women tend to think that one type of feminine personality is sufficient in their marriages when the fact is that a man demands a combination of all the types to minister to his varying moods. 

As for boredom in marriage, it occurs at different periods in a marriage. Even if a man's the most faithful of husbands, the woman's beautiful, and they're both intelligent, boredom will still occur in a marriage. 

That being said, it's clever 'lover-husbands' and 'courtesan-wives' who possess that supreme art in marriage, which is to rarely bore each other.

The occasional period of boredom will occur even in the best of marriages, dove. It's a law of nature. Moreover, the more intelligent a man is, the more easily bored he'll become. Only dull people are never bored. 

Therefore, the man most likely to be content in his marriage is the one who has no artistic temperament, who leads a quiet and simple life, who has no fastidious tastes, who's not passionate, and who never causes his wife to expect great things.

On the flip side, when the the feelings of passion keep on increasing in a wife - but decreasing in a husband - the boredom/dissatisfaction present in the marriage may pass unnoticed, or will be followed by terrible consequences, according to the way a wife realizes the situation, and how she deals with it. 

In this situation, lovely, some wives begin to remind their husbands of all they have done for them, and how faithful and devoted they've been. But gratitude may intensify friendship, but it doesn't intensify love. 

In addition, obligation doesn't revive passion, it  often kills what remains of it. 

When boredom and dissatisfaction start to appear in a marriage some women will start crying to their husbands, but unfortunately for women, they're generally unattractive when they cry. 

Other wives will sulk, and thus make the matrimonial dish so unsavory that an appetite for it becomes out of the question. 

Others become violent and create big scenes with their husbands. Such wives demand their husbands' love as their due, and they become jealous without real motive, and life is made intolerable, impossible, and then they become jealous with motives. 

The butterfly loves the flower it comes in contact with, but if you try to pin it on that flower, you kill it. In a marriage, the same concept applies.

Admittedly in a marriage, the man is often more disappointing in behavior than his wife. That being said, it's often not his fault, lovely. That's because for a man, steak can't be eaten forever, and the man who enjoys steak will eat it for five, ten, and even twenty years. 

But however cleverly accommodated with all sorts of different sauces it may be, the very physiological nature of man will one day refuse to eat any longer.

If a man possesses an intelligent, imaginative and tactful wife - who'll have expected the eventual arrival of boredom in their marriage - and who'll double her efforts to be more attractive, more interesting, more lenient, and more charming than ever, they'll both settle down happily, and spend the remainder of their lives very contented together. 

Speaking of imagination, dove, a woman without imagination makes a poor lover, for that's really a big part of romance. *Smile*

If a man has a conceited, susceptible, and jealous wife - who'll not understand that a man can't possibly physically eat if he has no appetite - their life will be made so intolerable that negative consequences are sure to follow. 

Furthermore, if the home's broken up, if there are children dear to a husband (who'll end up losing the influence of their father,) woe to the vain, stupid woman who'll have created this situation!

You may think I'm harsh saying that, dove, but the success of a marriage often rests in the wife's hands as women are the relationship experts, not men. If you respond to a man with tact and good humor, everything usually ends up working out fine in a the relationship.

Nevertheless, it doesn't work out fine if you lose your temper with your husband. For love to continue growing in marriage requires genius, a well developed sense of humor, and a philosophic state of mind. 

Above all, don't bore your husband. 

To speak plainly, if you accept that your husband is a man with certain needs, you'll not be unhappy, and you'll soon get used to it. But if you fret about it, you'll not be able to influence him, and you'll both be miserable. 

If you ever become resentful, revengeful, and/or violent toward your husband, life will become intolerable, and your husband will probably leave you. A man would sooner have a champagne glass flung at his head than be cried at for five minutes. 

Be clever in your reactions to your husband and marital situation, my feminine lovely, and allow your husband more freedom than ever. If he's a gentleman (I'm sure he is,) he won't ever go very far. 

To have a satisfying and fulfilling marriage you'll need to be a good woman, but better than that, you'll need to be a clever woman and a charming woman. Women should always cultivate charm because it will survive even when beauty has faded. 

And when getting your own way in a relationship, nothing's easier than when you allow a man think he's getting his way. *Wink*

No man likes to be managed by a woman, but all men can be if you don't let them suspect it. Moreover, if you want to keep your husband all shut up all alone with you, he'll bolt if he's like 90% of men. Under these circumstances the majority of men will bolt.

I am sure I would, too, if I were one of them.

Another thing. Don't fear the occasional disagreement with your husband. If it's not too frequent it will add variety, and if you're observant, you may learn many things. (Besides, a shower always sweetens the air.) 

A man also grows very very tired of a woman who's continuously and monotonously sweet, doll. A little bit of a vixen seems to be a relief for a husband. *Wink*

The fascinating wife must not;

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