Friday, February 22, 2013

The 'Mysterious Seductress' Seductive Archetype/Archetypal Woman

Good afternoon, my darling dove! The 'Mysterious Seductress' is a seductive archetype/archetypal woman who not only has an appearance that AWES and fascinates a man (such as Dita Von Teese,) but she has a rather specialized and exotic temperament. 

The mysterious seductress is an extremely feminine and seductive woman, but with reservations - and a mysterious woman in her relationship. 

These reservations have to do with her emotions, which she contains cleverly within her technique. *Smile*

She uses also (whether she knows it or not,) the techniques and 'female mystery/feminine mystique' of the renowned seductresses of history (such as Mata Hari,) and of the trained geisha and courtesans of antiquity. 

This is a seduction technique that's all about the concealment of emotions, a slow uncovering of your persona, dragging out the details of who you are/what you think/what you do, and the presentation of an art of the senses. 

It's also about being a self-contained woman, and it's in this self-containment that the reservations of a woman's femininity lies. 

When it comes to the most appealing quality we call femininity, I've never known a man yet who didn't adore femininity, cupcake! It makes a woman seem so womanly, precious and mysterious to men - yet it's not mysterious, really. 

Furthermore, the most fascinating thing is a feminine, mysterious, and enigmatic woman! There's something about such a woman that captures the hearts and imaginations of many men. 

She's like an unexplored mine. So much is hidden, physically, intellectually and spiritually. *Smile*

**Leonardo Da Vinci painted a mysterious and enigmatic woman once - and for all of eternity - in the Mona Lisa. With her aura of female mystery/feminine mystique, with her still sensuousness,  and her secretive withdrawal into her own personality, she's eternally fascinating. *Smile*

Nevertheless, doll, female mystery/feminine mystique is an attribute and attitude that's not natural to the majority of women. Even though women are said to be more difficult to understand than men are, and more diversified in personality, everything a woman has is often open to the inspection of the man she loves. 

Her hands are held out to him. But the mysterious seductress controls her hands. She keeps her hands quietly folded within her sleeves. 

Furthermore, the mysterious seductress archetypal woman;

Will camouflage her flaws

Will speak in generalities 

Will be private about certain personal matters

Will never permit her lover to know everything there is to know about her

Doesn't talk about all of her past relationship experiences (she'll keep doing that to a minimum)

Won't feel the need to explain herself

Won't feel the need to defend her decisions

Knows when to be tentatively conversational and when to be tantalizingly silent

Broadcasts her uniqueness 

Becomes extraordinary in the eyes of a man

In addition, my feminine lovely, the feminine seductress will always preserve inviolate some center of her being. 

**Because of this inviolability, and because of her female mystery/feminine mystique, the mysterious seductress is free to play with love as no other woman is free to play with it. *Smile* 

As for female mystery/feminine mystique, it's something that can't be fully explained. But it's partly about;  

Intellectual sophistication

A woman's sense of propriety and self-respect

An aura of self-possession


A concealment of emotions

Modesty (modesty in behavior and dress compounds a woman's mystery, and keeps a man's imagination alive)

Virtue (sleeping with a man too soon/before marriage short-circuits female mystery/feminine mystique)

Being a challenge to a man (men are challenged to pursue what they can't gain easily)

Delicate femininity

Being adept at amour....

By its very nature, dove, female mystery/feminine mystique is an attribute which makes a woman unique and fascinating and extraordinary to a man!

However, without this attribute, a long-term relationship has a tendency of;

Resulting in boredom and indifference

Compelling a man and woman into a type of emotional/physical intimacy that lacks excitement

Of course emotional/physical intimacy in a relationship is a positive thing, and a wonderful thing. That being said, the emotional/physical intimacy in a relationship may be in danger of 'meeting at too many points.' 

What I mean by that is that when a couple are in very close contact with each other - much of the time - and especially when there's full disclosure - there’s little, if any, mystery present in the relationship. 

Moreover, when the mutual curiosity/intrigue has left a relationship, the former thrill and excitement disappears. 

Think of it, dove. A married couple shares everything; a bed, meals, bath towels, check book, illnesses.... Things can become quickly habitual and mundane, and not every husband, or wife for that matter, can overcome the boredom, habit and familiarity that starts to come into it! 

How can any novelty, passion, polarity and excitement remain in the dynamics of a relationship if the couple has now taken on the character of room-mates?

**Unfortunately, this is a quite common situation after years of monogamous marriage. The couple become like room-mates - or like brother and sister! 

Thankfully there's a remedy for this, and the remedy is to interrupt this all too familiar pattern by introducing mystery/curiosity/intrigue to a relationship. 


Did you know that the happiest couples are often those who occasionally separate themselves from each other - for a brief period of time? 

It's true, dove! When a couple consciously decide to take a short break from each other - for a couple of days or so - not only can the couple's hearts grow fonder of each other, but they can become more tolerant of each other overall. 

I call this 'judicial absence.' *Smile* 

With just the right application of judicious absence and female mystery/feminine mystique, a woman;

Becomes fascinating and unique

Makes herself distinctive

Introduces the element of novelty, curiosity and intrigue to her relationship 

Spikes her man's imagination

Makes him appreciate her more

Keeps him coming back for more

**Novelty, curiosity and intrigue are what causes a man's interest in a woman to stay alive. His imagination is also spiked by undisclosed thoughts and feelings.

Now, ask yourself the following question, my feminine lovely...  

When a couple take a short break from each other, do you think that either individual comes back to the exact same partner when they reunite? 

No, they don't. To a certain extent, each individual finds the other to be 'as a stranger.' Furthermore, when a couple reunites after 'judicial absence,' there can be something of a surprise waiting. 

That's because each partner appears slightly more interesting and attractive to each other. 

**Taking the occasional break from your man gives an opportunity for your individual personalities to expand a bit. In turn, your curiosity and interest in each other is revived. *Smile*

**Another way to introduce curiosity/interest/intrigue to your relationship is to have separate hobbies and interests to your man. 

Taking regular short breaks from your boyfriend/fiancee/husband - even when it's a single day apart from each other - has its merits. It introduces novelty. It introduces an element of challenge to the relationship. It keeps the atmosphere intriguing. It keeps the relationship fresh and alive.

There’s definitely wisdom in introducing the element of mystery/mystique to your relationship, cupcake! For the sake of your relationship, learn how to become a more mysterious and enigmatic woman.

Getting back to the 'mysterious seductress' seduction archetype/archetypal woman, as much as she likes, and to an extent needs, admiration, she's never entirely intent on getting it. She realizes her own emotional independence, you see, and how she always has herself to fall back on. 

To her, a man's admiration of her is a pleasant tribute, and is always graciously accepted, but she'll never go out of her way to get it. 

And because she doesn't go out of her way for it, she usually gets it. *Wink*

The 'mysterious seductress' archetypal woman;

Has an enigmatic quality 

Arouses curiosity and suspense because of her enigmatic air

Has the supple carriage of a panther

Moves with sinuous grace 

Uses her eyes in a mysterious way (such as Greta Garbo)

May have in her eyes a faint suggestion of sadness

Creates such an all-pervading atmosphere around her, that she seems alone even in the thick of a crowd

In a romantic scenario, a man wants what's;

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  1. I would love to be mysterious like this, but my husband likes to poke into all my affairs. For example, I recently wrote a note of things I wanted to discuss with my midwife when she came to visit last week and I put it on the side of the fridge so I wouldn't lose it. I wrote small and scribbly, and he took it down and was reading it up close and out loud. When I protested, he said he wanted to know everything that I do. When I sarcastically offered that he read the mother-daughter journal I've started for our little girl, he said no, though. I wish there was some way to teach him to respect my privacy. He commonly makes statements like "everything we have/do/say is shared," and "I want to know all about you." We have a marked lack of intimacy in our relationship and his actions may be an attempt to restore that but I believe it's largely due to his many ways and habits that we are having the problem in the first place. I've been studying femininity and character-type blogs for women for three years now, but I feel like he needs education on the topic from a man's perspective as much as I need it from a woman's perspective.