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Emotional Needs Of Men; Men's Emotional Needs - Part I

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Good afternoon, angel! Being the sweetest, kindest, gentlest and most feminine woman is no assurance that a man is going to fall in love with you. Being the most beautiful, glamorous, elegant, and mysterious woman is likewise no assurance. 

Furthermore, being the most intelligent, charming, wittiest, and the most brilliant conversationalist won't do it. A man will fall in love with you because you've demonstrated a greater ability to meet his psychological/emotional needs than any other women he knows, and will get to know.  

It's certainly true that beauty, femininity, kindness, intelligence, and so on, may help you to meet a man's needs. But not one of these in itself will cause a man to adore you, to fall head over heels in love with you, and to want to bond with you for life.

WHAT are these needs that men have, and if met, can make even the most notorious players fall in love with a woman and commit to her, dove? 

Well, first of all, there's a category of physical needs - or drives - which are common to all humans. 

These basic and elemental physical needs are;







These are the basic and elemental needs, and it almost goes without saying that to be loved by a man, you're going to have to recognize the existence of his physical needs, as well as his emotional needs. 

But let's be clear on one thing; 

No man gives his affection to a woman because she satisfies one, or a few, of his basic and elemental drives. 

No man falls in love with the female chef at his local restaurant because she serves up the best steak and pumpkin pie. 

No man falls in love with the landlady because she provides his place to sleep. 

No man (and this is important,) falls in love with a woman because she meets his basic physical need for sex.

Clearly, my feminine lovely, there are some emotional/psychological needs of men (and women,) which are far more powerful than the physical ones in the inducement of love, and of the quality of life. 

But sometimes, after love has been induced, the delightful encouragement and satisfaction of the basic physical needs by a wife who has *finesse and understanding* can definitely contribute to the growth and continuance of that love. 


The husband whose wife shows a *continuous and focused* interest in the satisfaction of his (and her own) sexual needs is quite likely to experience a growth in his love. 

The husband who receives clear evidence that his wife has given some thought and attention to the satisfaction of his nutritional needs is very likely to come to the conclusion that he certainly did well when he picked this jewel. *Smile* 

However, while these things contribute to the romantic feelings and satisfaction in a relationship, they don't necessarily create them. 

What's undoubtedly more important to the growth of a relationship with a masculine man - in the early stages and beyond - is a feminine woman anticipating his  inner emotional/psychological needs, being alert to those needs, and meeting those needs that have been learned from the moment of birth. 

The emotional/psychological needs that a man has;

Are what he subconsciously responds to

Can't be changed without making a significant effort

Are not about what he likes, wants or prefers  

Go far beyond just stroking his ego

There are VARIOUS emotional/psychological needs that your man has, cupcake, and that should be met adequately by you. When you manage to meet all his most vital emotional needs (more about these later in this post, and part two of this post,) you'll make him feel trusted, understood, respected, admired, and deeply cared for. *Smile*

**One of the reasons that players go from woman to woman, and seek numerous woman, is because they need numerous women to fulfill the various need categories in their lives. 

Among the more basic emotional needs of a man are his needs for;








New experience/novelty



Feminine energy (masculine energy needs to be charged by feminine energy, or to achieve 'polarity.') 

Ego-satisfaction from his reputation as a desirable man

An illustration of meeting a man's most vital emotional needs is when a young woman went to the prom with a disabled young man. She met his emotional needs because she wanted more than anything else to ensure that he would have a good time. And he did. *Smile*

However, when she went out with a man her own age, she only expected to have her own emotional needs met, and so she was a failure at establishing a loving, mutually satisfying relationship.

**The moral is clear in this little illustration, dove. A little unselfishness and self-sacrificing - to the point of contributing towards a man's quality of life, and 'earning' his love - will pay off dividends in the end. 

For ordinarily, when a man begins to really love you, he'll start spending his time trying his best to meet your emotional needs. *Smile*

However, there's a major question that to be answered first.... 

How do you tell what your man's important emotional needs are? 

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