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How To Look More Feminine At Home

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Good morning, angel! If you're the more traditional type of woman; a married woman who's life is dominated by HOME interests, aim to look feminine and your best, at all times. 

But how often have you heard that well worn statement; "Oh, I'll just save it to wear around the house," applied to some old wreck of clothing that's no more suited to wearing 'around the house' than an old ugly house dress may be? 

In this article, we are not only going to learn about how to look more feminine at home with the CLEVER use of surroundings, but with;

Feminine colors

Feminine materials and fabrics

Feminine cuts, lines and styles of clothing

Feminine shoes and footwear

Feminine jewelry and accessories

Since husbands are VISUAL creatures, since possibly our happiest hours as traditional women are spent in our homes, it would be wise to have outfits that are feminine and specially designed. 

Furthermore, the expression of a feminine woman's personality through the medium of clothes, accessories and jewelry, means that there's no point and purpose, unless the scheme's carried out for her house outfits and those outfits that are destined to appear in more public surroundings.

Wearing feminine and specially designed outfits at home not only expresses our personalities and femininity, but the idea's consistent with the rest of our lives, and aimed at suitability and harmony in all of its details. 

Nevertheless, with our busy lifestyles, it's far too easy for the mind to be taken up with so many details of life that we may forget about our physical appearances, or we fail to dress femininely and attractively, especially when we're at home. 

As busy wives and mothers, we may gloss over the various beauty and fashion magazines each month, but we may have an actual fear or timidity when it comes to clothes and appearance. 

Moreover, quite a few women - whether they're 25, 35 or older - have a fear of looking ridiculous. These are the type of women who are kept from buying as much feminine clothes and accessories as they should, because of their lack of confidence. 

This is also type of of woman who's daughter says to her; "I wish you'd wear more trendy (or fashionable) clothes, mom," or other such statements that are expressive of the same thought. 

If this applies to YOU, dear heart, then you should get that fear removed from your mind once and for all! Realize, that the whole crux of the situation is keeping up with the procession of remaining feminine and youthful - in your physical appearance, personality and spirit - without making a fool of yourself. 

**The only way that you will make a fool of yourself is if you wear things that aren't meant for a woman your age, or that are too suggestive/trashy, or that are designed for another woman's personality.

The woman who's tied down by young children often leaves the house wearing baggy jeans or sweatpants with equally baggy and/or unbecoming tops, and sees it as being 'practical.' But the woman in a pretty pongee weave dress and sandals would look far more feminine and attractive at home, or on her way to the market. 

Pretty skirts and dresses always help make a woman look more girly, feminine and womanly. If the body of dress is of uniform color, made on long, trim lines, and of a material that's compact but soft, then the eye will rest more on the face.

How To Look More Feminine At Home - Surroundings

To think of one's self dressed PERFECTLY in comfortable and picturesque clothes for a perfect background of a home picture - that's something which constitutes a portion of every feminine woman's ideal. 

You can also actually arrange things in your home so that there's never a jarring note, and the ultimate effect on your own spirits will be one of peace and quiet for which you're bound to be most grateful in this uncertain world. 

Even if the look of your home's indicative of no particular time period, form or decorative art, you can still take into consideration the elements of its design and make-up, and then proceed to see that your outfits are designed so that they're somewhat in harmony with the scheme. 

The idea need not be carried out in too lavish a manner, cupcake. 

Thankfully, designing your outfits to harmonize with your home can be done simply enough, and with the minimum expenditure of money. The main goal would be to comprehend the situation from one's own standpoint, and then to proceed fittingly and according to one's means.

It's even possible to reconstruct older garments so that they'll be useful for this very purpose. But a little time, thought and care will go a long way towards fine tuning your outfits so that they're a consistent and charming part of your surroundings. 

That will be far better than some ostentatious feature with no relation to anything in the vicinity, and with no right to call itself part of any well-thought-out whole.

**A woman who's an artist may get away with wearing gracefully designed pajamas that match her surroundings while working at home. Of course she'll also need to be pretty enough to carry off this rather exaggerated way of doing things. But then she has realized her own style, and has had the courage to carry it out excellently. *Smile* 

How To Look More Feminine At Home - Color

Perhaps you've recognized that you have a timidity about wearing color, dove. You may have a tendency of hiding yourself in neutral 'achromatic' shades such as black, navy blue, khaki, beige and brown. 

Perhaps you even feel sensible or prosaic in those particular shades. But here's the truth, it takes the more willowy, regal or Junoesque type of woman to look alluring in navy or black. 

The stay at home, traditional feminine woman will always looks more womanly and attractive in more gentle or brighter colors such as powder blue, teal, hyacinth pink, hot pink, violet.... 

Although black, brown, navy and grey can look good if worn with brighter, richer colors, and with feminine fabrics.

If you're going to wear black, dove, at last pair it with bright block colors like Nigella Lawson does.

There's nothing more girly or womanly for a young mother at home than to wear feminine dresses and skirts of charming colors. At any time of the year, she and her children can be constantly a picture of attractiveness, whether it's in crooning the baby to sleep, bathing little Connor, dressing little Isabella... 

Nevertheless, as children grow, each becomes more individual, and they don't form the little group pictures so much. So the traditional stay at home mom then finds that she must look to other color schemes. 

**Look more feminine tip; When your children get older, your color relationship can now be with the house itself, rather than in the intimate picture with the children. 

A woman holding a baby that's dressed in white nainsook cotton and wrapped in a beautiful shawl, will make a picture entrancing enough to meet any caller with confidence if she wears a dress that's a pretty shade of color. 

But she may look HARD and cold if she holds the baby while dressed in apparel made from navy blue or slate grey. 

**Look more feminine tip; Consider getting yourself analyzed by an image consultant for your color palette/season. A good book that can help you do your own color analysis is called 'Color Me Confident.' 

**Look more feminine tip; Start choosing tomorrow's outfit the night before.  

How To Look More Feminine At Home - Feminine Materials/Fabrics

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