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The Geisha Secret; Attracting Men Emotionally

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Hello my feminine charmer! 

Jacquelyn (a loyal dove,) asked; "What are some concrete concepts for attracting men emotionally?" 

Well. Attracting a man physically is one thing. Attracting a man mentally is another. But if you want to attract a man emotionally, you have to keep your HEART open to him.

Of course, before you open you heart to a man you'll need to exercise a little discernment in regards to his CHARACTER, and whether or not he's truly worthy of you. But if it's obvious he is, keep your heart open to him!

How do you do that, I imagine you asking?

You do it by offering a man UNCONDITIONAL acceptance and understanding. 

When attracting men emotionally, you should;

1. Show a proper respect for his opinions.

2. Never judge him or invalidate his experiences. 

3. Smile often, and be pleasant and enthusiastic.

I tell you, dove, in man-woman relations, a man's delighted by the woman who not only takes into account his own personal opinions, cheerfully, but his own evaluation of himself. 

Make him feel that this is being done! 

The Japanese geisha have always done this. Among the geisha there's a definite theory and ideal of love/male-female interactions (this includes attracting men emotionally.) 

To submit willingly to the life-long discipline of preserving and enhancing love is a major part of the 'modern geisha' philosophy.

Besides sexual attractiveness, the geisha know that genuine amiableness/personal lovableness draws men - as bees are drawn to honey. It also implies that a woman has  VITALITY - enough to overflow and inundate another life (and perhaps start a new life!)

Attracting men emotionally is what makes the traditional Japanese geisha so attractive to men - rather than their femininity, their accomplishments, their fine kimonos, their pretty faces.... 

Furthermore, in the Flower and Willow World (a most sensitive, exquisitely considerate society,) men expect from women a delicacy in 'saving face.'

Isn't this, the discipline of preserving and enhancing love (and respect,) a life-long course in personality, that any woman can undertake, with PRIZES all along the way? 

Not only that, but a woman beloved, and in love, is irradiated by a special type of radiance. 

Love generally comes to a woman, once, twice.... and makes her (at least for the moment,) lovely and lovable. But for it's CONTINUANCE, and for the charm that makes a woman irresistible, one needs to stand out, and to set her wits against the competition!

You want a man, when thinking of you, to think along the lines of;

"She's the one."

"This woman is different."

"There's this one girl...."

**The geisha - traditional and modern - are in a league of their own, and have advantages which other women don't generally possess. They're trained to look and be charming as a foxhound's trained to hunt! 

To the geisha, praise, affection, appreciation and admiration are the MANNA of the soul and the spirit. 

Be lavish with it, dove!

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Attracting men emotionally goes even further....

Once the one you want has finished telling you something, and you've closely listened to him, without interruption, you must make your reply. This reply should be a concise summary of what he's just told you. In a NUTSHELL.

If you really DO pay attention to what a man tells you, and you can accurately clarify it back to him, in a nutshell, he'll secretly be amazed (and delighted!)

This skill is known as the 'reflective listening technique.' Many specialists in the mental health/counseling field use it to gain a strong RAPPORT with their patients/clients.

Here's a short description of how to do it; The reflective Listening Technique

It's simple but powerful for attracting men emotionally.

With the reflective listening technique a very interesting thing can happen in a clinical setting. More often than not, the rapport is felt so STRONGLY by the patient/client, that they find themselves falling unexpectedly, 'head over heels' for their specialist!

In psychology, this strange and unusual occurrence is called; 'transference.' And the reflective listening technique can create an amazing sense of connectedness with men. 

In The Flower and Willow World, it's known as 'the geisha secret.' 

Be warned; in practicing the geisha secret, he may become addicted to you!

In addition, you can attract men emotionally by 'irradiating' them with feminine charmA man always feels himself opening up to this kind of influence (much like the sorcery of Madame Recamier *giggles.*) 

Emerson once said about the art of charm; 

"Once or twice in a life-time we are permitted to enjoy the charm of noble manners in the presence of a man or woman who have no bar in their nature, but whose character emanates freely in their word and gesture. A beautiful form is better than a beautiful face; a beautiful behavior is better than a beautiful form; it gives a higher pleasure than statues or pictures. It is the finest of the fine arts."

Furthermore, sharing some personal things about yourself with a man (while maintaining your feminine mystique (remember, people are more mysterious and fascinating when they serve only samples of conversation and knowledge!,) is always helpful for attracting men emotionally. 

In doing this, you're encouraging a man to open up to you.

When asked about what attracts them to women, the majority of men  talk about character traits, more than than they talk about physical traits.

Charming women are always magnetic A well-known psychotherapist once said; "Men do not really understand what the fascination of charm is."

Some say that it is a smiling and sociable woman. While others say it is her mystery. In reality, it involves a whole lot more than that. ;-)

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'The Geisha Secret; Attracting Men Emotionally!' 

You can discover even more powerful secrets for attracting men in my exclusive online courses; 

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Much love,
Melina xxx

PS; If you take any of these courses, be prepared to become a 'supreme woman' in the dazzled eyes of your man! 

PPS; A modern geisha/master seductress must in all things aim to change and improve on nature. Naturally, her manners and arts of pleasing and convening, are part and parcel of this. 

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  1. Thank you very much are doing great job .your articles help many people out there.

  2. Wow, the reflective listening technique is really amazing, and a God-send comment for me. I've already been aware that I sometimes struggle with my conversational timing, and I will accidentally talk over my husband. :( I already knew it was a bad habit, but I now realize the extent of how inappropriate it is for a woman who truly wants to seduce her man. Plus, I now know what I **should** say, not just want I **shouldn't** do. I will improve on this tonight! :D Thank you!

  3. Thank you for your feedback!

    A seductess is ever mindful of her man's needs, and understands that successful 'man management' involves having a high regard for his feelings.


  4. Dearest Melina, is it possible to attract a man if you have assymetrical eyes? Where one eye is higher than the other and can't be fixed by surgury or disquised by makeup and is very noticable? Please reply,
    your loyal reader

  5. "Seduction is not making someone do what they do not want to do. Seduction is enticing someone into doing what they secretly want to do already...", a recent post I thought I'd share with you :-) Thank you Melina, you are such a gift :-)

  6. Hello, lovely.

    Great quote! Thanks for sharing that, and for the seal of approval!


  7. @ anon who asked about assymetrical features....

    YES. While it's true that men are attracted to symmetrical features, generally, some of the world's most devastating seductresses had decidedly ASYMMETRICAL features!

    I highly suggest that you read the book “Seductress” by Betsy Prioleau. It gives many examples of ravishing women with with less than ideal features.


    1. Dearest Melina, Thank you for trying to ease my 14 year old mind. I myself don't have that problem but I hurt for people who do. I know it sounds ridiculous but I feel guilty about being pretty and feminine when women out there weren't blessed like I was.

  8. You're welcome, sweetie! It seems to me that you're not only pretty on the outside, but the inside.


  9. Dear Melina, it was an useful article. I always wonder how to develop an emotional relationship with ur man. yeah you were right. when u accept them with out any condition, they are open to you. thank you.

  10. Hi Rosaline!

    You hit the nail right on the head.... and what a man also needs from a woman is ADMIRATION.

    He craves that even more than affection. :-)

  11. hi
    Another amassing article!!! i was wondering if you can explain more about the reflective listening technique or do an article on it? Also, if you can do an article on how to be more graceful and clam.
    thank you so mush!!!!!!
    this article opened my eye on a lot of thing that i wasn't aware.
    thank you again

  12. A man that is self-assured and confident is definitely a plus. Those that have a less than confident air about them generally are not going to be all that successful with women. That is a fact.

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