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101 Compatibility Questions That Every Couple Should Ask

If you're currently single, there's somewhere at this very minute, a GOOD man who's heart could 'belong' to you. 

A man who needs the attention, appreciation, kindness, understanding, tenderness, etc, that YOU could give him.

He's out there somewhere! But whether or not you’ll ever find each other, fall in love and marry depends not so much on fate, where you live, how feminine and seductive you are.... 

It depends MORE on the whole collection of personal;

Inner feelings.





Your own individual ways of behaving and relating (that make you the truly special and UNIQUE woman you are. :-))

**I'm sure that many of you have suspected/considered the vital importance of COMPATIBILITY in a relationship. Nevertheless, there are still many women (and men,) who are getting together with partners who are not only unsuitable in many aspects, but who are barely compatible with them! 

What if you've been in a relationship with a man for some time, now? Did you take into consideration how compatible you really are with this man, BEFORE you became committed to him? 

Do you truly feel that this man's 'the one' for you? Do you have a CLEAR idea of how compatible you really are with each other? 

The fact is, cupcake, there are many couples who would be crazy to seriously consider commitment or marriage - no matter how strong the physical attraction is between them!

They're essentially a mismatch.

How many relationships and marriages end up in ruins these days, mainly because of being mismatched, and having 'irreconcilable differences?' 

We only have too think about some recent celebrity breakups (2011;)

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

Furthermore, how many of celebrities are citing 'irreconcilable differences' as the impetus for the breakup of their marriages?

The answer; too many.

A couple’s relationship success quotient can be remarkably increased by;

Being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually WELL-SUITED (compatible) with each other.

**Suitability/compatibility (or lack thereof,) is a vital factor in determining the success, or the failure, of a relationship or marriage.

Being able to meet each other's NEEDS

**Not every couple is compatible enough to reach the understanding, empathy or flexibility to meet each other’s needs. Moreover, not everybody has the willingness to examine and change themselves to the extent that they can put aside their own needs (from time to time,) and find satisfaction in meeting somebody else's needs.

Being able to LOVE another person - through 'thick and thin.'

And going through my free '101 Compatibility Questions That Every Couple Should Ask' questionnaire!

Many people never stop to think just how COMPLEX deep emotional relationships are. Furthermore, there’s a lot more complexities in a relationship than many of us imagine. 

In a relationship or marriage, being well-suited to your man, and being able to meet each other's needs, is an emotional necessity.

In thinking about it afterward, countless couples (including celebrity couples,) have come to the realization just how incompatible they really were with the ex. 

I don’t want this to ever happen to YOU, dove.  You can waste years (the best years of your youth/life,) with the wrong man!

You'll also have the best chances of experiencing success, satisfaction and fulfillment in a relationship, when you’re prepared to;

Learn all that you can about yourself.

Learn all that you can about the man you've set your sights on.

That being said, it's not so much about the particular man you've set your sights set on. It's more about YOURSELF, and your own emotional needs. 

**The following questions will help you to gain a clearer understanding of what those needs are (feel free to recommend this page to your gal pals. ;-))

101 Compatibility Questions That Every Couple should Ask 

**Get your man to answer these questions too, and compare your answers. 

1. What do you think are your chances for a successful and happy relationship or marriage?

2. Why do you think that so many relationships and marriages fail today?

3. Why do you think that making the decision to get married seems more difficult today?

4. How do you think couples can improve their chances for relationship/marital success?

5. Why do you want to commit to/marry your partner?

6. What are some good reasons for wanting to commit to a person and get married?

7. How important do you think love is in a successful relationship/marriage?

8. Do you know what infatuation is?

9. How can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

11. Do you think it's bad to idealize a lover?

12. Why do you want to marry your partner?

13. How selfish/unselfish do you think you are?

14. Do you think your partner has strong enough feelings for you, for your love to last?

15. Do you think that a person can be in love with more than one person at the same time?

16. Have your parents given you a good and healthy understanding of love and marriage?

17. What do you think about sex before marriage?

18. How well do you know the physical facts about sex?

19. What do you think about the current popular sex standards of today?

20. What do you think about pornography?

21. What do you think are ideal sex standards for today?

22. What would be a sound social policy regarding sex?

23. How far do you think a couple can go sexually before marriage?

24. What do you think about continuing social relationships with the opposite sex after commitment or marriage?

25. Do you think you're old enough, and ready to marry?

26. Do you think you could you meet the mental, emotional and physical demands of marriage?

27. Do you think you're mature enough for a successful relationship/marriage?

28. Could you, as a wife/husband support the household with reasonable efficiency?

29. Do you think you would be a good long-term companion?

30. Do you think you would make a good parent?

31. Do you think you can you earn a substantial enough living?

32. How much savings do you think a couple should you have in the bank, before they marry?

33. What do you think about a wife working? What do you think about a wife/husband going on work trips without you?

34. What adjustments do you think a wife needs to make to continue in outside employment?

35. What plans do you think a couple should make after the children have grown, and have moved out of home?

36. How much of your own work will you do after marriage?

37. After a couple marry, who should get how much, and by what plan?

38. Have you carefully considered you and your partner's spending preferences?

39. What do you know about budgeting?

40. Can you be frugal if necessary?

41. Do you think your attitude towards life is appreciative or demanding?

42. Can you accept your partner as they are, right now?

43. On what basis do you think a person should choose their relationship/marriage partner?

44. Do you think that opposites attract?

45. How well do you think you and your partner know each other?

46. What's most important to you in your relationship/marriage?

47. How flexible and adjustable do you think you are in a relationship/marriage?

48. How do you think that introvert-extrovert differences affect a couple's relationship/ marriage chances?

49. Will there be a leader in the relationship or marriage? If so, who will be the leader, and why?

50. What do you think can be done about a partner who's too domineering/submissive?

51. How much do you think you can you change a person after commitment or marriage?

52. What personal changes do you think are safe to make in a relationship/marriage, or desirable?

53. What do you think the chances are that your partner is 'the one' for you?

54. What kind of marriages do you think are unwise?

55. How close in age do you think a couple be?

56. What difference do you think that a person’s education makes to a relationship/marriage?

57. Do you think it's OK for a wife to be smarter than her husband?

58. How do you think your vocation will affect the relationship/marriage?

59. Do you think that differences in culture or race will get in the way of your relationship/marriage?

60. Do you think that social class makes a difference to a relationship/marriage?

61. What adjustments do you think an intercultural marriage would require?

62. How do you think spiritual/religious differences affect a relationship/marriage?

63. If some people think that mixed marriages are risky, then why do you think there are so many?

64. Do you think that the quality of a physical/sexual relationship is important?

65. Do you think that the quality of a family relationship is important?

66. Were your parents happily married?

67. Was your childhood happy?

68. What were your relationships with your parents like?

69. How well do you think your partner knows your family?

70. If you don't like what you've found in your partner's family, what then?

71. Do you think that both of your families would approve of you and your partner getting married?

72. If your families wouldn't approve of you getting married, why not? Is there anything you and your partner could do to change the situation?

73. What would you do if you found out later that your partner had serious moral flaws?

74. How would you handle infidelity in a relationship/marriage?

75. What if, after marriage, you found yourself in love with someone else?

76. What if, after marriage, you found that you no longer loved your husband/wife?

77. Do you believe in divorce?

78. Do you think you could adjust to an unexpected period of financial hardship in your relationship/marriage?

79. Do you think that you could adjust to an unexpected injury, or to a prolonged illness, in your relationship/marriage?

80. How do you think that you'd handle the crisis of death in your relationship/marriage?

81. Do you think you and your partner have enough mutual tastes and interests?

82. Do you think your individual interests and activities would bring you and your partner closer together - or pull you apart?

83. How important is companionship to you?

84. How do you feel about you and your partner having children?

85. Do you think that you and your partner want essentially the same things in life?

86. Do you think that you and your partner have a larger purpose to help tie your relationship/marriage together?

87. What do you think that marriage is for?

88. Who do you think should do the cooking, housework and child-rearing in a marriage?

89. Do you think that a married couple should still go out for dates occasionally?

90. Would you and your partner go on vacation each year, after marriage? How often would you go on vacation each year?

91. How often do you think a married couple should make love each week?

92. Would you and your partner be able to compromise, if necessary, on where you both shall live?  

93. How important would it be to to have friends and family over to visit, after marriage? Would you allow guests to stay in your home?

94. Would you do the grocery shopping together with your husband/wife?

95. Who would take care of the bills in the marriage? Who pays for what, and how much would each partner need to contribute?

96. What do you think about relationship counseling/marriage enrichment classes?

97. How much do you think a couple should be willing to spend on a wedding and a
honeymoon? How much should each partner be willing to contribute?

98. How much do you think a couple should spend on a car or house? How much should each partner be willing to contribute?

99. Would you and your husband/wife be sleeping in a shared bed, or single beds?

100. How would you deal with an argument? Do you have a tendency to hold a grudge?

101. Do you think it's necessarily for a couple to sign a pre-nuptial agreement before marriage?

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; '101 Compatibility Questions That Every Couple Should Ask!'

Much love,
Melina xxx

PS; The way of a happy marriage (and salvation!) is made so clear in the Bible (the Word of God,) that no one need be deceived or disappointed. :-)

Jesus Christ is the KEY to the door of Heaven, He said; "I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture." (John 10:9.)

Have you put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ? If so, you possess the right key. If not, I hope you will repent of your sins and trust Him today. 

He invites you to believe in Him, and He said, "Him that comes to me I will in no wise cast out." (John 6:37.)

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  1. Thank you Melina! Timely post. <3

  2. Melina,

    Thank you for the post. The questions you have listed are very important to discuss with a future partner. I also agree that Jesus Christ is the key. I'm sure Christ is proud of you for taking a stand on His behalf. Keep up the great work!


  3. @ Jenilynn; thank you doll! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    @ Lori; you're welcome, lovely.

    Yes, Jesus is the key, and He's coming soon!


  4. I know my lord enough to know he would roll his eyes if I asked him to take this test. I do not know if we are really compatible or just stubborn. Next New Year's will be our 20th anniversary.

  5. omg!!! this article has helped me with my relationships!!!