Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mistakes Women Make With Men

Probably the worst mistake that a woman can commit with men, dove, is to think that she can make NO mistake! 

Furthermore, the moment that idea enters a woman's head, she's already on the road to some grand blunder - where she'll end up offending, turning off, or even disgusting a man that she cares about.

Therefore, in order to prevent making mistakes with men, we must never allow ourselves to RELAX too much around them. 

Mindful manners, perpetual tact, and never-failing caution are necessary (and absolutely essential ingredients,) in the behavior a woman who wishes to catch and keep a man.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Keeping a Man Waiting

Perpetual tardiness isn't part of 'The Rules' (of dating,) or of playing hard to get with men. It's just a bad habit, and a RUDE one at that. It's also resented by any self-respecting, high value man.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Indulging In Catty Gossip

Whether it's about other women, work colleagues, your mother-in-law.... this sort of cattiness is so unattractive to men! It only shows a woman's insecurity and pettiness, and no woman ever achieved permanent success by stamping on the reputations of others.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Running Down Exes

Whether it's running down your ex, or your current man's ex
(or his new girlfriend,) DON'T do this. Not only does it make you look insecure and petty, but you're wasting so much time being (and appearing,) negative and bitter

Not an ideal image of a woman!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Putting Down a Man's Mother

No matter how annoying or trying a man's mother may be, putting down a man's MOTHER is a 'cardinal sin' in the minds of most men.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Looking Messy and Unkempt

When you do this, it not only shows that couldn't care less about the way you look, but you couldn't care less about a MAN. This may show by having stringy hair, spots on your clothes, visible hair on your legs, dirty nails/chipped nail polish, perspiration under your arms....

But unless you're depressed, there's NO excuse for any of these offenses. And men actually judge by appearances far more than women do.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Interrupting a Man While He's Speaking/Helping Him Finish a Sentence

This kind of assistance makes a man feel like he's in Kindergarten, and as if the woman's his TEACHER. It also hurts a man's masculine pride when you do such a thing, so don't do this, dove!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Habitually Finding Fault

Don't get into the habit of habitually finding fault - with the man who's trying his best, with the food, with the service in a restaurant, with the seating, with the ventilation in the theater. Or with anything else....

**There's seems to be something not quite right with the women who are always LOOKING for the fault (or faults,) as well!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Indiscriminately Applying Makeup

Don't apply foundation to your skin as if you did it with a trough. Don't apply lipstick so generously to your lips that it smears your teeth as well as your mouth. Don't be constantly re-applying your makeup in public....

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Marinating Yourself In Perfume

It may be a nice perfume but must you marinate in it? Some women wear so MUCH perfume that you almost have to cough because of it. Or you can practically taste it!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Making It Too Easy For a Man

Don't make it TOO easy for a man to win you; make him have to work for you. Be a challenge to a man
The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette , otherwise a man has nothing to aim for, and you cause him to lose interest in you. 

Moreover, throwing all your time and attention towards a brand new man and relationship can be a recipe for disaster.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Talking Too Much

Men HATE it when women talk too much. Believe me, they do. You might also not be aware of the correlation between prattering on endlessly, and scaring off prospective partners. But the fact of the matter is that there IS a correlation!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Treating Your Man Like a Golden Retriever

A man may like to get you a glass of water, and to pick up your belongings. Occasionally. He'll also do that to impress you. 

However, a man doesn't like to be 'fetching' and carrying a woman's things, all of the time, or being asked to do it - like he's a faithful Golden Retriever!

Furthermore, a man hates to be left carrying a woman's handbag. This is so emasculating for him.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Being Careless With Your Speech Or Liquor

There isn't a high value man alive who likes his lady to reek of slang, profanity or alcohol. Therefore, before you start telling that off-color anecdote, you'll want to be mighty sure that the story's MORAL is something worth telling.

Which it probably isn't.

Moreover, you should know how to tell it in a lady-like manner.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Leaving a Trail Of Cosmetics, Underwear and Other Impediments In the Bathroom

If you want to maintain your feminine MYSTIQUE, doll (and you will if you want keep a man around
The Art of Mystique - for Seductresses ,) keep your cosmetic secrets to yourself.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Whining About Things

WHINING is so anti-seductive. No matter who's doing it. So either take care of the matter or forget about it!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Using Ridicule to Be Funny Or As a Weapon

If this is done with affection (such as good-naturedly teasing a man,) this is one thing. However, if it's ever prompted by meanness, or by bitchiness, it simply can't ever be funny enough to offset its painful effects.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Using 'Baby Talk' With a Man In Front Of An Audience

This is embarrassing to the average male. He may like being cooed over in private (and often does,) but he hates to feel like a fool in front of his friends.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Not Being Appreciative

To be appreciated is one of a man's PRIMARY emotional needs. Therefore, lovely, be appreciative of your man, and sincerely responsive to him. 

But never gushy.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Playing Dumb

High value men are exacting in their demands. Therfore, dumb, insipid women are rarely interesting to them. Moreover, too much or too little substance in a woman is equally offensive to men.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Boasting

BOASTING about the things you own, your fabulous career, your irresistible charm, your popularity with other men.... It's not only poor taste to begin with, but it's highly possible that your partner of the moment doesn't care for the competition (or the narcissism.) 

And may return you swiftly to the Hungry Mob from which (according to you!) have just escaped.

**Equal quantities of pride and humility, are necessary ingredients in being an irresitible woman to men.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Complaining

Complaining is a very unattractive trait - in anyone. It's also so very tiring and off-putting for a man when he constantly has to listen to a woman talking about her problems, her annoyances, the constant obstacles in her life....

Furthermore, complaining about being TIRED, after having accepted a man's invitation is another 'no, no.' 

What man wants to feel like you're doing him a massive favor by putting up with his company?

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Being Conspicuous

Making yourself CONSPICUOUS - either with loud speaking or with loud behavior - is another thing that's anti-seductive for a woman. A brass horn may have its place in the orchestra, but it's pretty off-putting coming from a woman (or as a constant companion, for that matter!)

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Not Listening

Not listening to a man, or not looking at him when he's talking to you, is rude. Learn to listen, dove, really listen. Moreover, don't fidget - with your fingers, your feet, your cell phone or your mind!

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Being Argumentative

Anybody can be stubborn, but it takes a BIG person to be able to see the other side. However, it takes an even bigger person, with a sense of humor, to be able to give in gracefully.

**A twinkle in the eye will also win more battles than a sharp tongue ;-)

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Being Bossy

Besides being highly annoying to a man, a woman's bossiness can be quite emasculating to him. In fact, it's an evil which scares off many potential suitors.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Being Demanding

Your true American man (as with any good man,) likes to do homage to the woman he loves. Provided she INSPIRES it, rather than insists on it.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Forcing Your Intellect On a Man

Yes, men like smart and intelligent women, but it's a mistake to force your intellect and learning on men. It not only makes them feel that you want to compete with them, but can make them feel threatened. 

Furthermore, a man likes to discover a woman's brightness over time, and for himself.

Mistakes Women Make With Men - Lending Money to a Man

Never lend money to a man - never! If you do, you're actually working against him by causing him to 'lose face' (as a MAN.) 

He'll also start to experience negative emotions (such as guilt over borrowing money from a woman.) And he starts to lose respect for himself.

**It's MAN'S role to provide, and every masculine, high value man realizes this fact.  

By the way, I'm not implying that a woman shouldn't work. I'm implying that a woman shouldn't have to provide for a man.

Anyhow, cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my post; 'Mistakes Women Make With Men!'

Much love,
Melina xxx

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  1. It is a real shame that I did not have your wise words of wisdom back in February of this year about Lending Money to a Man. This is a serious mistake that I have made with my boyfriend.

    Just last week he said to me that he does not owe me any money. That we are in a relationship. I told him that I found it very strange that he wants to use our relationship as a crotch not to pay me back when he is planning on dumping me for another woman.

    I made it clear that the money had it purpose and we agreed that he would pay me back every single cent. What a pity I did not have a crystal ball back then to tell me what would happen 6 months later.

    But at least I know now. I sure won't make this same mistake again with him or any other man for that matter.

    Thank you so much Melina. And to the other people reading this, please follow her advice. It is really that important.

  2. Thanks for dropping by snowflowersjw! That boyfriend doesn't sound like a 'King-material,' at all! But at least you won't be making that mistake again! All the best, lovely. *Hugs.*

    @ anon; thanks, doll! xx

  3. Isn't most of this stuff just plain old good manners?

  4. Love your post. thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  5. Thank you a lot Melina:)

  6. Thank you so much for your sound wisdom.