Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - And Get Fuller and More Seductive Lips

"Have I not the caresses of my Beloved? I drink upon his lips the coolness of the stars...."

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How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Understand the True meaning Of a Kiss!
A kiss is a common way to show affection or to greet someone. However, a passionate and seductive kiss is not only a sensual encounter, but a prelude to something deeper and more penetrating.
Furthermore, for a seductress, a kiss is a UNION not only of the lips, but of the body and emotions.
Admittedly, kissing can be viewed as a path to enticement and temptation, and even as an attempt to lead someone astray by arousing their senses. 

But in its positive aspects, kissing (and seduction,) is an APPEAL to the other charming someone to return that which is freely given.

There's nothing as sweet and passionate and intoxicating as a KISS received and returned by ones beloved - engulfing one’s rational thoughts. Moreover, how exhilarating dove, to be able to give way to the pull of the senses with our lips.
To be entwined with a beloved, to possess and be possessed by him.... this is NOTHING without kissing. Moreover, a kiss can convey the urgency of the demands of the body to a husband who feels the same way that we
do :-)

The most passionate and seductive kiss communicates LOVE, and the desire and need to be together.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Be Approachable, Inviting and Work Your Way Up To the First Kiss

Whether it's your very FIRST kiss, or the first time to kiss this lovely man, you'll usually be experiencing a case of 'first kiss jitters.' However, the good news is that most men feel a little nervous about a first kiss as well, and the attack of uncertainty won't be exclusively yours.

In many cases, a woman has to 'work her way up' to the first kiss by ENCOURAGING the man and boosting his confidence a little. Therefore, if you're really feeling enamored by a man, make certain you're looking approachable and inviting. 

The first things you'll need to do if you want a man to KISS you, is;

Move closer to him.
Keep your arms uncrossed.
Keep your hands away from your face.
When the moment seems right, look at his face, and then into his eyes, a little expectantly.
Inconspicuously take a breath.
Occasionally move your gaze briefly and subtly to the man's lips.
Smile demurely, take another breath, (and hope that he takes the HINT, and approaches for the kiss!)
After doing these things, most men will find the courage to kiss a woman they're attracted to :-))
Besides your eyes, your LIPS are an indication of your character and expression, and the formation of your lips (more than than the actual size of your mouth,) forms quite an accurate indication of your personality.
A small mouth can be cute dove, and denote taste and refinement, but the unexpectedness of a SMILE will only add to its intrinsic beauty ;-))
However, THIN lips pressed firmly together, denote meanness and bitterness, and if a woman has any of those traits of character, they're often impressed on her LIPS.
A thin hard mouth can easily provoke an enemy! Yet thankfully, all mean expressions on a woman's face will become insignificant when her character is IDEAL.
On the other hand, warmth and sensuality is easily attributed to the FULLER more luscious types of mouths. And when the character and expressions are fine, puffy, pink and kissable lips only seem to give them a more generous glow.
In addition, RELAX your lip muscles lovely, and subtly parting your lips will make them look bigger ;-)
A seductress does all that she can to make her lips look more inviting and kissable, as well as fuller!
Besides lip-plumping cosmetics (which are often expensive and over-rated,) there are things you can do at home, and the ingredients may already be in your kitchen, to make your lips appear bigger, redder and more seductive (more about that later.)
Furthermore, to work your way up to the FIRST kiss with a man, and the best thing to do is start with lots of hugging! Hug a man until the feelings of affection and passion naturally flow. And until both of you are unable to resist each other’s lips.
By the way dove, when a man's REALLY enamored by you, but a little bit shy with women, he may start with little kisses to your forehead, your cheeks and your eyelids.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Learn to Be a Good Kisser
Before your first kiss with a man, begin by moistening your lips (with gloss or your your tongue first,) and do the previous steps (to look approachable and to hint that you want to be kissed :-))
When he's responding favorably to you, lean in a bit, and approach his lips slowly, with your face at an ANGLE. Maintain eye contact while doing so, but when your faces are almost completely together, close your eyes (while puckering your lips slightly, and then opening your lips a bit.)
**Most people prefer to kiss with their eyes CLOSED. However, some prefer to keep their eyes open while kissing a partner (but I think that could make them look rather cross-eyed. Don't you agree?)
When your lips have finally touched, either gently start kissing the man's upper and lower lip with both of your lips, or follow the man's LEAD.
During this step, you'll need to parting your lips a little, so that your partner's top or bottom lip will be going between the both of your lips. Then, apply a little bit of pressure with your lips on his, while gently PULLING on his top or bottom lip with yours.
Keep alternating this process (and the man will usually be kissing your opposite lip in return,) but make sure not to be applying too much FORCE or pressure cupcake!
**As long as a kiss isn't forceful or sloppy, it should be enjoyable. And the best kisses can go on for hours.

How to Kiss Like a Seductress - Learn How to French Kiss 

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  1. What a fabulous article! That is something you have never written about before i think and really really helpful! I admire how you can write so openly about things, i appreciate it:)

  2. Ha ha ha! Thanks for the method, Melinda! :D Can't wait to use this during my vacation in France! ;] Just gotta practice on the language of love and work on my eye contact! So much to learn before I leave!

  3. About how much Vaseline should we use in the mixture?

  4. I just found your blog last night and I love it! I'm so grateful that your whole blog is devoted to being a seductive and sensual woman. And your a Christian! I have been fighting a lot with God and sex. I'm a married Christian woman and I believe that the Christian community has made sex (and anything sensual) seem like a sin...so all you have left is boring sex. And that is not true at all.

    Your blog is an encouragement to me big time.

    Right now as I'm writing I have that recipe you posted on my lips

    How much vaseline are you supposed to use with your half tsp each of salt and cinnamon?

    What's the salt for? I have to admit...the salt is somewhat ruining it for me since I can taste it lol. Can I use sugar instead or is their something in the salt that is needed for the "plumping?" LOL!!

    Thanks for such a great blog!!

  5. Thank you Meike! I was being open wasn't I? *wink* Thank you for dropping by again, always lovely to "see" you.

    Anon, pleased to meet you! Yes, I'm a Christian but not a pride. in fact many of us aren't but there's not a lot of sites like his one!

    As for the lip pumping recipe, salt is needed to make the ingredients work properly, Sugar won't do it! It's about effectiveness, not taste and you aren't going to leave it on all day.

    Use as much Vaseline to get a paste-like consistency. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Melina,
    I went out and bought the food dye the very day you posted this.I also wanted to let everyone know that the neon dye can make MANY colors of lipstain.
    I used sugar with the cinnamon.Didnt have vaseline so subbed shorting in its place.Shorting by the way is high in vit E like 15 percent so its also good for the lips.My lips looked fuller after doing this.
    I then took a lip brush and dipped in right in the bottle.I LOVED the results. My lips look stunning everyone keeps looking at my lips and saying how pretty they look.The key point is doing a little at a time.Really layer it on for the deep red or lightly for a nice pink shade.
    Thank you so much for this tip one of the best yet and so much cheaper then lipstains.BTW,for the ladies that dont have a lipbrush a q tip works just as well.I also found some excellent vids on how to make lipstain on youtube.

  7. Loved this lipstain trick.I didnt have vasaline so I used crisco.I also used sugar instead of salt.I could feel it working and my lips were def puffy afterwards.
    I took a lipstick brush and dipped it in the red dye and layered it on.Note if any of the ladies reading this dont have a lip brush a q-tip also works fine in a pinch.I kept adding layer upon layer till I had the look I wanted.Lightly layer for a more pinkish color. The results were beautiful lips esp with the clear gloss I applied over it.
    Melina you did it again saved us a small fortune on the "lipstains" that are so over priced.Also wanted to let you know I found some excellent tips on youtube about how to make this.If you buy the neon food dye you can make many different shades of lipstain. The dirrection are on the back of the box and tell you exactly how many drops to use to get all the unique combos.

  8. Thanks Melina,my friends and I love your site. We have used your advice in our relationship. Speaking for myself, you have really helped me become a graceful,elegant and seductive young woman.

    lots of love xxxx

  9. Lynna734; thank you for your feedback lovely. Good to see that you had good results with sugar. The salt is supposed to remove all the oils from the lips and make them more "porous," but it's good to hear that sugar is fine!

    You're right about the price of lip-stains! Ridiculous. Why pay when you can make your own? Thank you so much for telling me about the neon shades of food dye. I suppose ebay would be a good place to get our hands on those!

    anon; it always makes my day to hear that I'm helping someone! Muah!

    Have a great day lovelies! xxx

  10. Thank you so much for your lip plumping and stain ideas! I really look forward to trying it!
    - Jenny

  11. This was sooo helpful, I love your blog!! I have one question though, I haven't yet tried using food coloring as a lipstain, but how long will the color last? Will it wash off when I rinse my face in the morning? I would really love to have beautiful rosy lips 24/7, and will using food coloring make the color last a couple of days? Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful information with us -- You are amazing!


  12. Hello Emma! Thank you for your sweet comments. As for the lip stain, it should last a couple of days. However, it will depend on other factors - such as eating and what you put near your lips during that time. xx


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