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How to Be a Seductress - The Art of Seduction for Seductresses

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Some girls were BORN seductresses, ‘seducing’ their fathers and grandfathers into giving in to their whims and fancies - at a very young age.

Yet for many of us, it doesn’t feel natural to have power over men or to be a seductress for that matter.

In fact it seems far more natural when men have power over US. And f
or the majority of women, their essence isn't to have power over men, but to fall hopelessly in love with them - particularly with the jerks, the rakes and the PUAs (and end up being used and discarded by them, mercilessly.)

What a waste of womanly potential dove! And if you don't want this to happen to YOU, I suggest you read on....

How to Be a Seductress - Study the Seductresses and Follow The Rules….

To escape disappointment in love, liaisons with the wrong types of men, and the HEARTACHE that inexorably follows, study the seductresses. As a modern siren or seductress knows, there are certain rules and strategies that a girl must follow.

If you don’t play the game PROPERLY (and by the rules for that matter,) a decade down the line you’ll be single - with huge regrets.

Who said that the most important thing for single girls to have is fun? We’re here at the school of life to be ADORED and worshiped by our men - as opposed to being jacked around and dumped.

Moreover, true intimacy with men, or marriage, isn't accomplished by giving into our desire for INSTANT gratification - or by following the semi-insane dictates of our appetites!

How to Be a Seductress - Do the Opposite of What You’d Normally Do and Live Life to the Fullest….

Passion, romantic impulsiveness and a desire for instant gratification is what always UNHINGES a woman (if she lets it, that is.) In order to escape the situation, and evolve into a successful seductress, a woman must learn to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what her ‘whim and desire mind’ wants.

Yes doll, she must do the opposite!

A seductress is always studying, growing, expanding, and even when she has her sights set on a man, she’s OUT living and
experiencing life to the fullest. While many women will prefer to stay home, right next to the phone, in case he calls (while eating bon bons and gaining weight perhaps.)

How to Be a Seductress - Reign In Those Appetites and Cultivate Self-discipline, Willpower….

Success in love isn’t accomplished by throwing yourself into a man’s arms like a hot, semi-raw hamburger patty, throwing itself off the grill onto the waiting bun and insinuating; “Take me, and here’s the mustard!!”

No dove. It’s accomplished by cultivating self-discipline, will-power, patience and COQUETRY
The Seduction Secrets of a Coquette

By studying the ‘Ars Amatoria’ (the art of seduction,)
Feminissima - School of Feminine Arts you’ll also gain WISDOM - wisdom about men, the psychology of the male, social dynamics and relationships. 

The Ars Amatoria is an art that can be mastered by just about any woman (as long as she’s not a slave to her impulses,) and honed to perfection over a certain period of time. 

Moreover, it’s the secret of getting POWER over the one you want - a power of persuasion, influence and enticement (one thing you may not want, but the one thing you absolutely need!) 

How to Be a Seductress - Be a Seductress For the Right Reason and Have a Man’s Best Interests at Heart….

You know lovely, a seductress can be so seductive and desirable. So much so that a man can’t help but give into her capriciousness and desires - or fall deeply in love with her. However, a real seductress is sincere and has a man’s best interest at heart.

It’s never desirable for a woman to be greedy, covetous or a gold-digger - or a FEMME FATALE for that matter (the most dangerous seductress there is.)

That being said, I’m sure you’d agree with me that it’s only natural for a girl to look with longing at some glittering trinket, or to exclaim with glee when presented with a sparkly memento by her beloved.

It’s also natural for a young lady to want to possess at least one piece of beautiful jewelry, and a bottle of sweet-smelling perfume sitting on her dressing room table.

After all, feminine and seductive women are supposed to be sweet aren’t they cupcake? And a seductress needs to keep herself pretty, seductive and desirable at all times.

How to Be a Seductress - Become a Woman Of Excellence and Be Extraordinary….

The most famous seductress women,
in particular, Cleopatra, were never just content with being pretty, seductive and desirable. They had to be women of EXCELLENCE; the mind and personality developed; every
grace finished; every feminine charm perfected....

Charm Warfare – The Art of Charm for Seductresses
The Art of Mystique - for Seductresses

As for Cleopatra, she was an EXTRAORDINARY and peerless seductress. Besides being womanly and exotic, she was unique for her time (today, a varnish of uniformity has spread itself over everything. Women wear the same clothes, listen to the same music, and even have the same ideas.…)

In addition, Cleopatra was confident, persuasive, and possessed such charisma and vivacity, that a man’s melancholy would inevitably be transformed into mirthfulness. Moreover, she was skilled in every art of femininity, coquetry and sensuality.

**By the way dove, stay tuned. I’m working on a brand new course; ‘Cleopatra’s Seduction Secrets.’ You’re going to love it * smiles*

How to Be a Seductress - Cultivate a Seductive Voice and Facial Expressions….

After improving your physical appearance
The Art of Beautification for Seductresses, the next thing you can improve is your VOICE. A seductive voice is soft, sultry, throaty and deliberate (think Marilyn Monroe.) You can also practice speaking from your diaphragm - speaking your words softly, slowly but audibly.

When you’ve mastered how to speak like a modern day siren, the man you’re talking to will not only be charmed, but expectant - wanting you to speak even more just so he can keep hearing your voice ;-)

Furthermore, when you’re talking to him, you can punctuate your sentences with slight touches on his arm.

Your facial expressions and body language can constantly be conveying femininity and seductiveness, as well as be aiding you in what you’re trying to say. Therefore, if you think it’s necessary dove, you should practice moving, gesturing and doing different facial expressions in front of the mirror.

How to Be a Seductress - Wear Pumpkin Pie and Lavender Perfume and Enhance Your Natural Cassolette….

The enchantresses of history, with their philters and perfumes, were irresistible. Therefore a seductress-in-training must be experimental with her PERFUMES! However, even when you’re not wearing any perfume, your body gives off pheromones, which a man sitting or standing next to you subconsciously inhales.

Pheromones are basically a woman’s natural body scent or ‘cassolette’ - devised by nature for the propagation of the species. Nature has also selected the males who’ll be most enamored by your specific pheromones (you only have to find them amongst the throng!)

Besides your natural cassolette being the most irresistible ‘scent of a woman,’ American men love pumpkin pie and lavender scent. Studies have proven that a combination of pumpkin pie and lavender scent arouses American men like NO other scent.

A man also likes the vanilla, sandalwood and musky types of fragrances. Therefore flash those pulse points (or the nape of your neck) with those scents, allowing nature to lead him to where you are!

How to Be a Seductress - Make Colors Work For You and Modern Technology….

A seductress makes colors work for her - whether she’s going out on a date, going to a party or just wants to get noticed. To the sixteenth-century seductresses, every color spoke of the SOUL.

White signified purity and a soul unappropriated.

Green resonated youthfulness, ‘springtime in the soul’ and sweet acknowledged hopes.

Gold not only represented golden jewels that were very much in vogue, but the rich glow of sunlight, and the joie de vivre of living. Whenever a 16th century seductress wished a paramour to approach her and find warmth and gladness, she wore GOLD.

Celestial blue meant to Italian seductresses a soft ethereal happiness, and to the French chameuses, a tender and fortunate love.

Strangely, black was regarded as melancholy to the 16th century woman, today however, this shade has many friends, and isn’t just a sophisticated shade for many, but symbolizes constancy (and is incapable of fading.)

For modern seductresses, the color green supports balance, acceptance and communication.

Yellow increases thought and feelings of fun, humor, personal power and creativity.

Blue increases feelings of peace, calmness, honesty, depth and devotion.

To increase physical energy, stamina, spontaneity and passion, wear RED. In a survey conducted among 149 men in New York (who rated pictures of women wearing different colored dresses,) the women in red were favored as being the most attractive and

Use modern technology to titillate a man’s senses. Subscribe to a social media website, such as facebook, and post funny, thought-provoking and flirty messages and pictures.

**Keep your feminine mystery throughout, however ;-)

Moreover, send the one you want an invitation to your profile (or to some of his friends ;-)) Eventually, he’ll notice you and may become intrigued by your various activities.

**Tip; give hints of where you’ll be by posting in the events and calendar section.If you’re married, text your husband sweet, cryptic messages so that he dreams of you and calls you back, demanding an explanation!

How to Be a Seductress - Tantalize His Senses and Touch Him....

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  1. I have read your news letters and I am already liking them. I always looked down on this kind of behaviors you are suggesting, and never saw everything in this light. I began to understand now and the effect on me is really positive. The way I understand them to be is that getting in tough with your feminine side is not sinful, it's taking good care of yourself for meaningful relationships, nut just to get male attention but for general self esteem. Thanks!

  2. I just have to say how wonderful it is that you are doing this and sharing this information of this lost art. I have always been an avid reader of the lives of seemingly ancient seductresses who truly approached romance with a completely different and authoritative point of view than women do today; but reading about the histories of the women who practiced and studied the arts of seduction, love, and enchanted is one thing...-

    But to find a source from which we can study these powerful, forgotten arts ourselves and regain our feminine supremacy, sovereignty and divine position on top in the realm of love, (a source that you have provided), is something so much greater. And so, on behalf of every woman who recognizes this gift that you have made available and who has and will continue to benefit from it- THANK YOU! You are truly a heroine in a time where women seem to have lost all sense of self.

  3. Wow! This is lovely, I just kept on taking notes. We girls need to get our groove back, I mean becoming the women we were designed instead of becoming drones and striving with men for what we cannot be. Thumbs up Melina!

  4. Social networks like facebook can either help a woman along or hurt her.

    Be cautious to keep some of your mystery when using them!

    Lovely article Melina :-)

  5. @anon; Glad to hear that you enjoy my posts and see that it's beneficial for a woman to cultivate her feminine side. Thanks for commenting :-)

    @alphakt; Thank you so much for you sweet comment! I've met a new sister!

    @Rebecca; yes, we need to get our FEMININE groove back! Thanks for fropping by!

    @OneGirlsDream; You're right about a woman having to keep the mystery on these sites and ALL of the time. Too many women are complete open books. And not in a good way. xxx

  6. This is probably the best article you have ever written! I am looking forward to reading the Cleopetra's Seduction Secrets! =] I'm almost done reading the Modern Siren one. I have one more blog to read which is the Mystique one.

    ;] To answer your question "Who Says the important thing single girls is to have fun" is Cyndi Lauper. LOL Girls just wannnaa have fun!

    I agree with you that we need to live the life to the fullest and experience in it, but many women would just do that as a task or a chore instead of appreciating and reflecting the moment.

    I wish I read your blog earlier and knew what being a woman is all about when I was in my first relationship. I would have done and act things differently. Apparently me and my first love are in a no contact game. In July, it would be 1 year each of us have contacted one another. It's okay it's alright, :] there are soo many things I need to do anyway. LOL Who knows, he'll come back ;] and I'll be super prepare because of you, Melinda!

    Oh another thing on facebook or social network, I think it's better not to have him on there, but on your cell phone. The reason I say this is because social network can be tough because it's like showing a record of history of exes to the next future guy. It's like the Exes Hall of Fame UNLESS you delete the day you came into a relationship. I used to have it but after my first love and I broke up I decided to delete it for good. LOL Not because of him, because I have found business employers check on them, especially mine. SCARY!

    Hope that makes sense for everyone!

  7. @Live_N_Learn; Hi doll! I'm pleased to see that you approved of my post and that you're looking forward to the new course.

    You're right Cyndi Lauper singing that girls just wanna have fun. Isn't she adorable in that clip? She's unique too.

    There's a good possibility that when you ex comes back he won't know what's HIT him ;-)

    As for facebook, we really need to be careful. It's not the place to throw caution to the wind that's for sure.

    Thankies for your comment and the tips! xxx

  8. Use human pheromones if you want to be a very seductive women. Try it and see the effect.