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Feminine Dress; How to be More Girly, Womanly and Feminine In the Way You Dress

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For feminine and seductive women, there’s nothing quite as fascinating and as time consuming as shopping for clothes. It’s a girl thing isn’t it dove, and men will never understand!

Moreover, finding the right clothes for your figure can be so time-consuming, and the more money you’re spending, the more complicated clothes buying can become, due to the wide range of choices out there.

There’s a world of feminine fashion to be discovered out there, and women can be insatiable when it comes to new clothes and finery - and care a lot about the way they dress. What woman wouldn’t want to put her best foot forward, encased in the most feminine and womanly clothing, and the most fashionable footwear?

Wouldn’t it be nice, dove, to have an entire roomful of closet space - just like a female celebrity - filled with feminine, womanly and fashionable clothing and accessories?

However, before we go splurge some of our hard-earned money on some new clothes and accessories, and indulge our fancies, first we must determine what kind of life we’re living, or want to live, and what kind of friends we have.

Furthermore, we need to determine what kind of clothes we need to buy to fit our lifestyle - and the occasions where we’ll be wearing them.

If you join protest rallies or choose the more unfeminine activities in life, forget about dressing more femininely or prettifying yourself! For us feminine women, it’s a very sad state of affairs to see our modern sisters running around all the time in boxy shirts and trousers.

Or hitting the malls in ungainly army paints, ugggh. 

During the 'old Hollywood' era, being pretty and feminine and GLAMOROUS was what it was all about. Women were also the epitome of womanliness, and wouldn’t even leave the comfort of their boudoirs until they were properly dressed. In dresses that accentuated their figures - and in corsets and suspenders no less!

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They carefully chose their accessories, and all the toilettes necessary, to present themselves in the most feminine and womanly manner possible - even to their family members. It was unthinkable for a woman in this era to look masculine or to be in a state of dishabille.

In addition, during the 'old Hollywood' era, the differences between the sexes was really apparent. Women were supposed to be feminine and womanly - and the men, masculine and manly.

Sadly, a significant amount of modern women lack femininity - in dress and behavior - and have missed out on the protection and gentlemanly behavior of the masculine men - because of feminism. This is a truth that we must live with in today’s society.

As women, we've LOST something very significant dove, when we gained the vote and earned financial and sexual independence. Not only did we lose our femininity and graciousness, but the romance and glamor of the old Hollywood era!

Now, we certainly can’t deny some of the disadvantages that women experienced in earlier times, where they were sometimes downtrodden, and had little rights to property or money.

However, we can’t argue either, that women’s liberation has gone too far, and regaining some of the traditional gender roles in society, as well as women behaving and dressing more femininely, would be a BENEFICIAL thing.

A woman doesn’t have wear the most expensive or fashionable clothes to regain the feminine and womanly aspects of her nature. She only has to choose dresses, skirts and accessories (in shapes such as butterflies, hearts and flowers,) that best accentuate her femininity - and show off her curves.

Dresses and skirts are designed for different types of figures, and the first thing that a woman should do is study her body type in the mirror. There are different body types that require different types, as well as styles of clothes.

When you have a pear shape figure (such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Shakira,) your lower body will be wider than your upper body. Most of the weight goes to your hips, your thighs and your booty.

A ‘bean pole’ figure, is a body that goes strait up and down - with a more
rectangular appearance and less noticeable curves (think Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman (before she had her boob job,) and Paris Hilton.)

However, a woman who has a bean pole figure can look quite elegant if she knows how to dress and carry herself.

An apple shaped figure is one where the lower body is smaller than the upper body, and the waistline will be thicker. Female celebrities who have an apple shaped figure are Elizabeth Hurley, Jennifer Hudson and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

A very curvy figure with a small waist (such as Megan Gayle, Dita Von Teese and Nigella Lawson,) is called the ‘hourglass figure,’ and the body weight is distributed evenly.

When you’ve determined your body type, you can then start reading up on tips and tricks to minimize your figure flaws, and go for feminine and womanly clothes that best enhance your assets.

Furthermore, vibrant colors and prints can detract from, or contribute to, the way a dress hangs on a woman’s figure. And petite figures, will be overpowered by large prints and flowers.

By the way lovely, you don’t have to bare too much flesh to be considered womanly and seductive to opposite sex. Often they’re even more intrigued if you’re adequately and modestly covered, because having to work their imaginations a bit can be a lot more stimulating.

And the thrill of your man uncovering what he can’t see, and what he anticipates (smooth and beautifully complexioned skin,) can provide great excitement for him.

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In becoming more girly, feminine and womanly in the way you dress, it’s important that a dress hangs well on you and doesn't look like it came directly out of a Salvation Army box. Missing buttons should also be replaced and repaired.

In the art of feminine dressing, the length of hemline will always depend on whether you want to show off your legs or not. In addition, you'll need to take the time to launder your clothes properly, and to press or steam them to get rid of the creases and wrinkles.

As for feminine footwear, invest in a good pair of sturdy pumps or sexy heels (but make sure that you can walk in them properly!) Furthermore, it really doesn’t pay to sprain your ankle because you're tottering around in a 5-inch spike heels. Be sexy but practical.

For feminine accessories, make sure that the colors of your accessories match the color of your outfit - and invest in items that are pretty and girly. Some good examples are cute hair bands, colorful barrettes, and diamante hair clips.

It will add color, sparkle, and femininity to your ensemble. You can also invest in a feminine purses and sunglasses. In feminine dress, bracelets, bangles and necklaces are a must, and a decorative necklace goes well with any outfit that has a plunging neckline - as it draws attention to a sexy bosom ;-)

One thing to remember though dove, in becoming more girly, feminine and womanly in the way you dress, never overdo it! There’s also nothing so seductive and desirable as a ‘freshly scrubbed,’ sweet, simple and sexy woman - with a flower in her hair.

Anyway cupcake, I do hope you enjoyed my article; 'Feminine Dress; How to be More Girly, Womanly and Feminine In the Way You Dress.' 

Much love, Melina xxx

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  1. Excellent article! I am learning more about how to be feminine. I was wondering if you could write about rather a man would be with a woman who happens to be a virgin and wants to wait for marriage. It appears that people my age (college age) already lost theirs, and I haven't. It's my personal choice actually. I just wondered if you have any insight about this.

    Also, when it comes femininity, are they allow to go dance clubs? Go dancing with their friends? With guys they meet? Rather it be an actual dance moves or whatever clubbers do.

    Thanks, Melinda! Looking forward to reading more about this.

  2. Hi Live_N_Learn! I'm glad you found my article useful. And sure I can write about women saving themselves for marriage and I was planning to!

    I personally don't believe in sex before marriage because of my faith, but that's me. Not everyone thinks the way that we do.

    As for dancing with friends, that's fun. I love dancing :-) However, many clubs, if not most, are downright sleazy!

    Be careful when you go clubbing. xxx

  3. I just went shopping for my first couple of dresses yesterday! It felt good. Although i don't think i made the best choices on them, but for a first buy in that category, at least i made a start. The description of the different figure types was SO helpful Melina thank you. This makes it much clearer.
    I really really enjoy charity shops for accessories! That takes it away from mainstream and you can find the most special and beautiful things! :)

  4. So protesting for something that you believe in isn't feminine? I can be pretty and have a voice simultaneously. You don't have to draw your gender lines so strictly.

  5. Of course you can have a voice. I was referring to the 'bra-burning' sort of protests! ;-)

  6. Feminine fashion has come back 'in style', notice all of the lace, ruffles, chiffon, and floral? I've been stocking up.
    Have done most every fashion trend out there and I'm finally into the 'pearls and lace' (I had priorly scorned/mocked it for not being 'powerful-take me seriously' enough).
    Newsflash, I don't want to be powerful anymore.
    I love the way I feel in these clothes (pretty, delicate), I love the way people treat/look at me when I'm dressed this way (ladylike, genteel).
    I've even started a mini-trend at work and church (!), wait til I start sporting my fascinators and whipping out my hand fan (have to get a technique down on that one...still very stiff and clumsy).
    Hint, you can dress VERY well on a small budget, but you have to be creative and think outside the box. (ie; bought a tier-ed chiffon dress for $20 @ H&M, probably would look great if I was still twenty, had a very small chest, and wore my hemlines above my knee...but not the case here, so I'm 're-creating' it as a beautiful 'ballet' style ankle length skirt, with just a pair of scissors, a little elastic, and some thread.)
    Really enjoy your website, thank you so much. for it

  7. how do i make a guy i like happy? he won't even call me he says im way to self confident and worried about my weight

  8. I'm trying to walk that thin line between femininity, modesty and simplicity.
    So it can be difficult to buy all these 'feminine' things - and try to still stay fashionable and feminine.
    Great post as usual!

  9. I think that there is a time and place for everything, and that sometimes, doing non-feminine things can be very sexy. For instance, my boyfriend's ex-wife would never go hiking with him. And let's face it: you are not looking your most feminine in brown ankle hiking boots! However, those hikes have lent themselves over to times of seduction. There is nothing more intoxicating than being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, and making love to your man.

    I will say though, that when I'm not hiking, I do tend to dress in dresses, weather permitting. My boyfriend loves that about me: I'm able to enjoy more "manly" pursuits with him, while still being feminine! I will say though that my weakness is in doing my hair and make-up. I don't seem to have a knack for either, so I wind up going without make-up and have wash-and-wear hair. Thank God I was smart enough to get a cut that looks good that way! So any help that you can give on quick and easy hair and make-up tips for the seductress would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Some very good points, girls! Thank you for your feedback.


  11. Melinda, what happened with your wondeful Facebook page? I miss you there?