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Dating Advice - First Date Etiquette for Women

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Dove, as a feminine and seductive woman, you’ve finally got that first date with the man of your dreams and naturally you want the occasion to be a SUCCESS. At the very least, you want a second date.

A first date should be something to look forward to - but most of us are nervous and overly concerned with trivial matters that overshadow the enjoyment of what might lie ahead. And the frisson of a potential new relationship.

Even if there's no foolproof advice or absolute guarantee you'll have a successful first date with a man, first dates can be successful if you avoid the major pitfalls and follow a good date protocol.

First Date Etiquette for Women - The Look

As a feminine and seductive woman, how you dress for a first date is very important. If you know what your date has planned it's so much easier for you to decide your outfit - and if you don’t, you need to think carefully and decide well.

A first date is a time to impress (seductive women should always impress.) However, don't dress to create a false impression of who you are. And be sure to MATCH your outfit to the location and activity, as well as work hard to be both attractive and comfortable.

You want your attention to be on your companion, not on an ill fitting top that slips off your shoulders or a pair of brand new shoes that pinch like crazy! This is really just wardrobe common sense cupcake; if your date is going bowling for example, wearing your most seductive dress is completely wrong.

However, if your first date is dinner at a nice restaurant, do look lovely, feminine and seductive - in a classy way.

First Date Etiquette for Women - Preparation

Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready. If you're already feeling flustered, rushing around beforehand, being undecided about what to wear or not knowing how to do your hair is not the best preparation.

When you arrive at your date you should be serene and collected, the picture of all togetherness. And please don’t overdo the makeup or wear a heavy or strong perfume!

First Date Etiquette for Women - Timing

It's definitely not OK to be fashionably late on a first date. If he finds tardiness annoying this could turn his mood sour before you've even sat down! Also, arriving too early is a faux pas. You never want to put a man off by over-eagerness. A seductive woman is never over-eager to be with a man.

First Date Etiquette for Women - First Impressions

You only ever get the chance to make one first impression on a first date so make it a GOOD one. Have some safe but friendly conversational openers, make eye contact and be prepared to be guided through the opening scenes but not led.

First Date Etiquette for Women - Date Conversation

Unless your first date is at a music concert or a football game, conversation is paramount and is the start of getting to know each other. You need to find a correct balance of being interesting as well as being interested.

This means it’s not all about you. Good feminine conversation means that it should be a back and forth exchange of information with you both talking about yourselves - and your lives - alternating with asking each other questions.

As a seductive woman, be complimentary to your date without being effusive, and show genuine interest in what he has to say. Remember cupcake, only by finding out more about the man you're talking to will you find out if he has the potential to be Mr. Right.

One definite no no for first date conversation is ex-boyfriends. A traipse through past disasters or a trip down bad date memory lane really isn't suitable! And if your date happens to bring the subject up keep your responses as light and non-committal as possible.

Side step any comparison of previous dates or boyfriends even if you're trying to back-handedly pay the current date partner a compliment.

Another thing that's important a seductive woman is to to maintain your honesty and feminine integrity during conversations. Don't answer your date's questions or remarks with the responses you think your date would want to hear or make anything up for that matter.

If you have a second date you'll not have to worry about anything you said on the first date and carry on any deceit, half truths or white lies - because you won’t have told any.

First Date Etiquette for Women - Eating and drinking

No matter how nervous you are, relaxing yourself with alcohol is not the way to prepare for a first date! Neither is drinking during the actual date. Excessive drinking by a woman is not only a major turn off for men but also doesn't show you in your best light.

Drinking excessively on a date is never classy, a seductive woman refuses to lower her guard like that, and in extreme cases, you could end up simply embarrassing yourself.

Dining out can be a bit of a first date etiquette minefield. No matter your personal views on whether a man should pay for dinner, you should not go out with this expectation.

Your date may have a completely different point of view. When the time comes to pay, offer to make a contribution. If you've found the right man for you he'll hopefully act according to how you want him to.

You may be an old fashioned girl with old fashioned values but women’s lib has set the tone for men to believe that female equality means you split the bills.

First Date Etiquette for Women - The golden Rule

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