Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Controlling Feminine Emotions

Good afternoon, angel!

All of us have emotions; life would not be worth much without them. 

They are responsible for much of our behavior as women ~ and for many of our problems. 

They are our "feelings" of pleasure and pain ~ and of all the states in between. 

Some of the basic emotions we feel are fear, sorrow, hate and anger ~ and hope, joy, elation and love. 

**There are many other emotions which are mixtures of these.

Women are known to be more emotional than men are, but some women are too emotional for their own good.

It can be said with certainty that women feel emotions differently from their male counterparts, and there is quite a difference between how women and men deal with their emotions. 

In some cases ~ especially when it comes to matters of love ~ women are at times controlled by their emotions.

The overly~emotional woman

All or your emotions as a woman are valid.


When a woman cries easily at a small injury to her body or to her feelings, she is overly~emotional.

Monday, December 15, 2014

New Course: The High Value Woman (Pre~Release Sale)

What this course is about

For those of you who are struggling to come to terms with awakening your own feminine high value energy, this is the course that will help you to unlock your own source of personal power. 

This course will walk you through the qualities that you need to develop and to encourage your own empowerment and prestige. 

It will teach you what it is exactly that makes a high value woman, and precisely why you should want to become a woman of worth ~ entirely within your own right.

When you complete this course, you will know how to gain the confidence and self~esteem that are the necessary catalysts for driving you forward to the success that is yours to enjoy. 

You will have a greater understanding of how to attract high value men ~ and you will receive an appreciation for the guidelines that all women of worth incorporate into their daily routine which helps to make them exceptional women within society.

In short, you will know by the conclusion of this course how you, too, can become a special and unique high value woman.

A snippet from the course...

A high value woman is easily identifiable from other women ~ from her self~evident merit and substance ~ and the presence that she creates when she enters a particular space. 

It is often remarked that in a room where people have congregated for a social setting or for any other particular event, that the appearance of a high value woman is immediately evident due to the noticeable shift in energy that occurs upon her arrival.

The high value woman commands attention without the need for fanfare or following. 

This in itself adds to the fascination of her character ~ as those in her company for the first time strive to fathom what it is about her to which they are being magnetically drawn.

For females, this woman is someone from whom they feel they can learn, and someone from whom they feel encouraged to look within themselves to discover their own special significance as a woman of worth. 

This is a lady they desire to befriend ~ and who they could impress their acquaintances with by having her within their own circle of societal references.

For males, the high value woman borders on irresistibility. 

She silently beckons their awareness to her from which they cannot help but respond. 

She is someone who offers them a unique perspective on the dynamic interaction that should exist between them as man and woman based on respect and consideration. 

She is a woman who explicitly reminds them of the virtues that they should expect to be present within the ladies that they have chosen as their own partners for life...

Table of Contents

Experiencing the high value woman 
Qualities of high value women 
Characteristics of high value femininity 
Important personality traits for the high value woman
The essential "three foci"
The marks of personal success and failure
A self~measurement chart for the aspiring high value woman
A personal balance sheet
The art of queenliness
Mindset matters for the high value woman 
Empowered by esteem
Social responsibility
Benefits of being a high value woman 
Being a "stand~out" woman 
Self~worth awareness with your alpha male 
Knowing your relationship value 
How high value women are high value partners
Guidelines for the aspiring high value woman 
Hard to get is hard to take? 
Scintillating with sight and sound 
The quest for prestige
Different kinds of prestige
The five main categories of prestige
A contrast of concern ~ the low value woman 
Exploited and exposed 
The color of value 
How to release your innate high value woman 
The freedom of femininity 


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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Attractive And Feminine Facial Expression ~ Or The "Mona Lisa Face"

Good afternoon, cupcake!

In trying to analyze femininity and charm there is one common attribute that all feminine and charming women possess ~ a pleasant and expressive countenance and attractive and feminine facial expressions. 

The countenance of a feminine, charming and benevolent woman smiles all over, often with dimples, an upward curving of the corners of mouth, and bright eyes ~ possibly with lines running up from the corners. 

These are the best signs of these ideal feminine qualities. 

I call this the "Mona Lisa face." *Smile*

**A woman's face may have pretty and regular features, perfect coloring and smooth skin ~ and yet lack that Mona Lisa charm and fall short of beauty. Facial beauty is more than just perfection of features and coloring. It depends largely on a woman's facial expression, and facial expression is the result of the mental state. 

The so~called beautiful woman is rarely beautiful ~ as far as features are concerned when compared with classic models. 

However, a woman may have a pleasant personality, a sweet facial expression, pretty skin and eyes and/or hair, and a lovely character ~ which produces the effect of a beautiful impression on the minds of her friends and on men. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Feminine Traits And Characteristics: Delicacy


Good morning, angel!

You will need deeper feminine traits ~ traits which come from the heart and soul, and which infiltrate the real you ~ if you wish to become truly feminine and exert a magnetic charisma in dealing with others. 

A woman's femininity and allure is a very delicate thing.

However, there are many women who are lacking the trait we refer to as "feminine delicacy."

The true feminine woman is a "delicate dynamo" ~ without the presence of hyper~weakness or hyper~strength ~ or an excessive dependence on men.

She is soft ~ as she is strong ~ and she is emotionally independent. 

She is tender in her ways and in her nature ~ but has the power of rich and delicate emotion.

Her sensitive sympathetic nature gives her tact and a fine intuition ~ a delightful play of inner fancy and outer grace. 

A true feminine woman is capable of both crying (delicately, of course,) and laughing. 

She has the power of deliberation and quick action.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Get Over 200 "The Art Of Being A Feminine Women" Lessons ~ Plus A Free Course For Only $67!

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Why not take advantage of this new offer? You will receive over 200 lengthy lessons on femininity, beauty, relationships, attracting men, feminine etiquette, charm, personal development, etc, for only $67!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Feminine Custodian

 Good morning, dove!

Woman is (or was designed to be) the custodian of the ideals of life. 

A strong and masculine man is happy to trust those ideals to his feminine woman of character ~ asking only that they be dealt to him freely from her own hand ~ and the more freely she improves and idealizes daily life for him, the more likely he is to idealize her. *Smile*

When it comes to idealizing life, to look for joy and harmony within one’s home and within one’s immediate circle, to radiate an atmosphere of love, peace and quiet dignity (so that others may be uplifted and made happy,) to put oneself in harmony with one's Creator and one's environment, and to work with the surety of feminine strength and power ~ those are what idealize life and are the privileges of feminine custodians' life.

An unswerving adherence to truth and to principle, a sense of loyalty to one's friends, a spirit of kindness and helpfulness, an innate refinement and delicacy (felt and expressed in each word a woman utters and in the lines and movements of her body,) is also her privilege ~ and is a man’s ideal for her. 

**The woman who sways from truth may please for a moment, but her lasting hold upon the hearts and lives of others eventually dissipates. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Men Most Desire Traditional Women

Good morning, my feminine lovely!

As Russian women know, a devoted, cheerful and traditional woman is the joy of a home, and happily tends to her home.

Happy is the home that resounds all day long with her voice ~ and the peals of her silvery laughter! 

To a husband she is the sun that shines all day. 

She is the chain that binds the family together ~ and their safeguard against any danger to their love and faithfulness to each other. 

Is there anything which could entice a man out of his house so long as that girl is in it? 

No, nothing but the work that he has to do ~ and which he cheerfully does ~ all the time longing for that welcome kiss when he returns home. *Smile*

The feminist dream of the 1960s was a world in which men and women share the load equally. 

However, it seems that many members of fairer sex have all but abandoned the struggle. 

According to recent research, most men want a traditional wife ~ and like Russian women, feminine women in the West are only too happy to oblige.

**It never works for a woman when she tries to wear the panties and the pants together!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Feminine Dignity And Decorum ~ Two Forgotten Virtues

Good afternoon, dear heart!

There are few creatures so delightfully sociable as a polished Chinese lady of caliber. 

The Chinese lady is easy, fluent, tolerant, adroit in sliding through embarrassment, ingenious in saving your face and her own ~ and mistress of a kind of bland, childlike air of enjoyment. 

The parties that Chinese ladies throw are a delight ~ even to one who knows little of the language and the customs ~ for their air of good~humored relaxation and easy conviviality. 

This is only a manner, but it is the manner suitable to a party and to a lady, and it has been polished through the centuries to the high luster of jade.

**The perfection of one's manners is thus one approach to femininity. Moreover, all codes of manners and decorum ~ everywhere and in every country ~ begin with the assumption of the worth and dignity of one's self.

Feminine dignity is an attribute that comes from a high moral character.

It is a major shrine of regal women and of "pedestal women" ~ and one of the beauties of feminine behavior.

Being a dignified woman is the state, character or quality of being a worthy or honorable woman.

Feminine dignity comes only as a by~product of appropriate conduct. 

It grows only out of moral worth and true self~respect. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

How Women Lose Their Appeal And Credibility In The Eyes Of Men

Hi angel!

The appeal of women is directly related to how feminine, charming and graceful they are.

Most women are taking care of their physical appearances, and many are even grooming themselves to the nth degree ~ but they are not ensuring that they are feminine, charming, graceful and a grand companion to men.

High value men and alpha males have "microscopic" eyes and ears to scrutinize women's behavior ~ and egos that demand near~perfection in a woman.

The woman that the man of high caliber marries must be close to perfect.

Your feminine charm, grace and personality is a part of your arsenal of feminine "wiles" ~ which has a very important influence on your personal success and happiness. 

There is already a wealth of verified and tremendously useful information available to the woman who seeks a better understanding of herself and of men. 

However, many women have been prevented from realizing the full fruits of their capabilities by slight personality handicaps (or major handicaps) ~ of which they themselves are ignorant.

What personality traits deprive a woman of her feminine charm? 

What characteristics prevent a woman from having a pleasing personality?

What can a woman do to make certain that she is not being handicapped in her progress through life by unwittingly making herself disliked and lacking in credibility? 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wife School: Faults That Ex~Husbands Pick On Their Wives For

Good morning, cupcake!

Last spring a friend of mine drove with me to a natural health conference. 

He is a teacher of thermodynamics and an eligible bachelor. 

While driving he told me he had started to go out with a women I knew and was on the verge of breaking up with his former companion.

Both of these women are single mothers on their own and both of them are attractive.

I asked him what seemed to be wrong with his previous flame. 

He answered that she was as kind and as sweet a woman as ever, but in the year he had been taking her out she had never voiced an interest in anything, but her child, her job, and him.

She gave him the feeling of being mentally tied down when he was with her. 

He added that he hated to hurt her, but if he was going to accomplish what he wanted in his work, she would have to be interested in other things as well.

He added that she was too dependent mentally on him ~ however, he stated that most women are not versed in, or anxious to learn about, thermodynamics and he did not expect them to be.

He went on to say that the new woman was interested in her child, her job and him ~ in addition, she had numerous hobbies and was collecting the stories and cartoons of young people from all over the country.

Perfect Feminine Beauty


Good afternoon, my feminine lovely!

Before we begin with today's lesson, I would like to announce that my course "Black Femininity" is now on sale. You can learn more here. *Smile*

Helen of Troy, majestic in her feminine beauty, walked in front of men, trailing her golden tunic; and they all lapsed into silent contemplation, rapt in wonder ~ as though divine Aphrodite had descended upon the earth.

They murmured: 

"It is indeed fitting that we should suffer thus for her. So lovely she is!"

Such is the allure of feminine beauty. *Smile*

Macaulay stated:

"The most beautiful object in the world, it will be allowed, is a beautiful woman." 

Perhaps, the purest delight we can experience is that of seeing a beautiful woman.

The art critic John Berger was known for saying that in our culture:

“Men act and women appear.” 

Was he meaning that women do not actually do anything to be considered acceptable? 

No. His point was that it had become like an unsaid rule that women ~ God's most beautiful creation ~ were supposed to be attractive while men were supposed to be effective. 

He was more than likely right, but that was in 1972. 

Four decades of feminism later, the world has changed, and it is still constantly proving how it differentiates between "beautiful" and "pretty" women ~ and "ordinary," "average" and "ugly" women.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Course Release: Black Femininity (Pre~Release Sale ~ Save $20!)

Please allow me to introduce you to a very special kind of lady.

This lady receives repetitive write~ups in columns ~ yet seeks little attention. 

She is a woman criticized for her own expressiveness ~ yet she is a stalwart for others in speaking out against injustice. 

She is accused of being trapped as a statistic of single family living ~ yet she surpasses all other groups in tertiary school enrollment. 

She is dismissed as being difficult ~ yet she has the love and support of family and community. 

She is a woman who faces intense scrutiny on her appearance ~ yet she is known for her glow of everlasting youth. 

She is judged on her physical shape ~ yet she is universally embraced by men of all color and creed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Natural Beauty Secrets: Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

Good morning, dear heart!

As you are probably already aware, a beautiful and gleaming smile has long been an essential of feminine beauty.

A great smile is also the hallmark of a successful person. 

However, coffee/tea lovers, red wine/cola drinkers and many smokers run the risk of getting

stained teeth ~ as these habits are notorious for staining one's teeth an unsightly yellowish~brown color or grey shade.

Not only will those things stain our teeth, but even eating such things as spices (particularly turmeric,) or fruits such as blueberries can stain the tooth enamel ~ which is quite porous. 

In addition, many people do not know how to brush their teeth properly, and clean their teeth hastily and half~heartedly. 

Because of this hasty, half~hearted cleaning process, a person's teeth gradually accumulate dental deposits ~ which affect the shade of the tooth enamel.

On the other hand, a too vigorous brushing of one's teeth can damage the surface of the teeth, eroding away the enamel. 

Unfortunately, damaged tooth enamel can not be recovered, and damage to the enamel will mean that the teeth become vulnerable to dental problems. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Why It Is A Woman's Duty To Be Beautiful

Good afternoon, cupcake!

A woman should be beautiful ~ inside and outside ~ and not just for herself, but for her man, her loved ones and other people. (And a woman should try to be beautiful for her man ~ every day.)

A woman must always be beautiful ~ in some sort of way. 

Beauty reflects nature, the universe and the creator.

Beauty excites desire.

Beauty is a pleasure itself. *Smile*

Beauty is the finish and consummation of every object ~ both inanimate and living ~ comprised in the entire visible universe.

It is beauty which we labor to attain in the arts.

It is beauty that constitutes art in the poem, the song, the picture, a sculpture, architecture...

Furthermore, men (being especially visual) love beauty, and seek it instinctively ~ everywhere.

Men seek beauty in women. 

In addition, beauty seems to open the heart, and to infuse our beings with a new sense of meaning.