Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Women's Secrets Of Happiness & Success: How To Gain, Conserve And Increase Your Feminine Energy

Good afternoon, doll!

As women living in the twenty~first century, the demands on our feminine energy are increasing constantly! Women are often concerned with gaining more energy and using the energy they have more efficiently.

Therefore, my feminine lovely, It is necessary for us all to look for ways to make better use of the energy that we do have as women, as well as gain, conserve and increase it.

Are you ready for it? Yes? Well here are some tips for you...

Women's Secrets Of happiness & Success: Concentrate On One Thing At A Time

You can increase the effects of your feminine energy by concentrating on one thing at a time while doing your work. It also requires much less expenditure of energy to slice a leg of roast beef with a sharp knife than with a dull one.

A dull knife is one with a broad edge that requires the use of  much greater force to produce cutting pressure than does a sharp knife.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wife School: How To Attract And Hold Him Permanently

Good afternoon, my feminine charmer!

Good women often refuse to admit that finding a mate is a competitive game in which getting a husband of the worthy and high value kind is merely the first trick. 

And the woman who refuses to admit that finding a mate is a competitive game typifies the woman against whom Salome might dance ~ with or without her seven veils ~ in vain. 

A woman needs to know how to compete with other women in the dating field and marriage market and win.  

She needs to accept that relationships and marriage are a woman's game, and that fact she has to be certain of. It is also has to be an absolute conviction for her that more men are driven from the path of marriage than are led to it.

It is a woman's job to prevent that. *Smile*

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Art Of Being Feminine ~ Femininity Workshop Facilitator Licenses

The Art Of Being Feminine ~ Femininity Workshop Facilitator Licenses 

Hello, cupcake! 

You've probably discovered when you have come into close contact with certain girls and women, how interested they can be in all things feminine and related to femininity, womanhood, image, beauty, style, grace, elegance, poise, etc.

You may have noticed what a wealth of imagination and idealism that women and girls have, and how much attention and energy they are able to devote to any activity or subject which arouses their interest.

Find out more

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Seductress School: The Mindset And Mentality Of A Feminine Seductress

Good afternoon, angel!

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and wondered whether you are pretty or desirable enough to become a "feminine seductress," and to compete with the single female competition?  Do you believe that a woman has to be young and beautiful ~ with a perfect body ~ to be a feminine seductress?

Whether or not you have asked yourself these questions, the reality is that the most devastating seductresses throughout history were often plain~looking, and at a time when beauty was everything.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wife School: Exercising Feminine Influence And Inspiration In Marriage

Good afternoon, my feminine belle! If only we could all continue after marriage to show the same abundant level of affection and care that we generally do before marriage! 

If that were the case we might all (if we are married to good and deserving people,) expect the ideal happiness which I teach in my femininity blogs and courses, and that would create happy and harmonious homes everywhere.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Beauty, Divinity And Influence Of Women


Good afternoon, angel! We must recognize the beauty, divinity and influence of woman. Irresistible is her influence. A wise woman knows that her influence in a man's world can be limitless, but she knows she must exercise it as a woman, not as a competitor. *Smile*

We must recognize that the power of a woman is nearly illimitable, and that her responsibility in this life is great. A good woman is the helper and supporter of her man and of humanity, and has a power for unknown good. Therefore, almost boundless is the power of women ~ for good or for evil.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Asian Femininity Secrets: Oriental Haircare

Good afternoon, dove! Historically, Asian women have been renowned for having beautiful, luxuriant, and often, super long hair. In the time of the Quing dynasty, the Empress Dowager Cixi was reputed to have lush gorgeous hair, well into her 70's! *Smile*

In Asian culture, many women believe that their hair is an extremely precious thing. Perhaps this comes from their predilection for ancestor worship, and the fact that a person's hair was inherited from their ancestors.

Feminine Seductress School: Eyes And Sexual Selection: How To Have Seductive Eyes: Part One

“Les yeux sont le miroir de l'dme.” (The eyes are the mirror to the soul.)

Good afternoon, angel! Naturally, the eyes of women come in many different shapes, colors, sizes and configurations, but they can all be so expressive, can’t they? 

When a man meets a woman for the very first time, he’s inevitably drawn to the mirror or "window to her soul," her eyes. *Smile*

A perfect set of female eyes could be referred to as "glorious orbs," one of the most beautiful objects in nature. A perfect set of female eyes has done a lot more for sexual selection between men and women than any other feature of a woman's face. 

When a seductress’s eyes are able to communicate the right things to a man, they can speak volumes. Therefore, my feminine charmer, the first physical feature a seductress~in~training should think about enhancing is her eyes. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wife School: How To Hold Your Husband By Giving Him Freedom

Good evening, dove! In tonight's wife school lesson I am going to be sharing with you the importance of a wife giving her husband freedom in their marriage. I do hope you find this lesson helpful! *Smile*

A very important requisite of holding a husband is giving him freedom in your marriage.  However, by the term "freedom," I do not mean giving your husband a license to cheat, the right to be destructive, or the right to be malicious or do harm to others.

I simply mean that your husband should have the liberty to do what he should do, what he desires to do, and what he finds necessary or advisable to do ~ for the good of himself and all concerned.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

115 Attractive Traits And Characteristics Of French Women

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

 Good morning, dear heart! I am back from a three month hiatus, and looking forward to bringing you brand new content and new exciting courses. Lately I have been looking forward to reconnecting to you, also sharing with you 115 attractive traits and characteristics about French women. I do hope you enjoy this lesson! *Smile* 

The traits and characteristics of French women that I will be covering in this lesson will be including the following traits and characteristics:

Feminine grace




Friday, November 29, 2013

The Way Of The Golden Pedestal: Becoming The Thoroughbred Woman: Part two

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good morning, angel! How can a so~called "average woman" or "ordinary woman" become an "extraordinary woman," and an exceedingly high value and "thoroughbred woman?" 

How can the average woman grow into her fullest potential as a woman, and make herself the mistress, ruler and queen of her own physical, mental and moral forces (pedestal) and empire (world and environment?)

Furthermore, through these forces and feminine powers of being, how can the average woman make herself the mistress of her own career and life, and thus render ~ to herself and to others ~ a maximum of service and value? 

Are these things really possible for the average woman? 

Can the present moment really improve on the past ~ if the past has been unfortunate, or even, traumatic?

Must women always be slaves to their pasts, to their embarrassing mistakes and slip~ups, and to their less than fortunate circumstances and upbringing

Must all women become brainwashed and corrupted by third~wave feminism?

Are only a few select women endowed with sufficient capacity for achieving great success and fulfillment in their lives ~ while millions of other women are fit only for struggle, want and/or mediocrity?

The Way Of The Golden Pedestal: Becoming The Thoroughbred Woman: Part One

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good evening, my darling dove! So many women are "sleeping beautiesand "modern Cinderellas" ~ entirely unaware of the possibilities and vast potential which are theirs ~ theirs to awaken through cultivating one's inherent femininity, personal power, beauty, personality and character. 

Only when a woman discovers that special self ~ and those intrinsic and superior inherent credentials within her ~ can she take advantage of the unique position (pedestal) she should hold in her world and her environment (empire.)

A true empire builds its throne and hierarchy in minds of individual men and women, initially, and rests its power on a pedestal of truth, wisdom, virtue, and on the force of other timeless and effective characteristics. 

This is that rightful power of character that every woman should have, and which brings with it all else that she desires, and that's subjected to her ruling mind and intention. 

Then, as a fully fledged feminine artist and queen of herself, she can touch the springs of thought and action that control her life and experience.

No other power endures, dear heart, than that of the power of thought!

That's the power and position of the thoroughbred woman ~ a high value and covetable woman of substance and excellence, and who's of a powerful and special breed of woman. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wife School: Being Qualified To Marry A Masculine And High Value Man And True Alpha Male

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good evening , dove! As many of you probably know, I believe that a man and woman should be *qualified* to marry. It's my goal to cover and teach women these qualifications ~ on this blog and on my other blogs ~ that make a woman qualified to marry. 

Some of these qualifications involve:


Personal Adequacy

Ideal Personality Traits



Sound Health And Fitness (physical and mental)

The Sex And Attraction Factor 

So many women talk about when they'll marry, angel, but are far from being qualified to marry! For a start, many women are adverse to the idea of waiting on a husband, or being submissive to a husband. True alpha males expect this!

Furthermore, the prediction of the degree of success that may be expected in a given marriage is possible only for mature, reasonable, predictable and physically/mentally fit men and women with an adequate knowledge of themselves and each other. 

To me, the only real solution to the escalating divorce rate seems to be in educating children and young people ~ in schools and colleges ~ and through dramatizing family situations. 

How To Be A Domestic Goddess And Food Epicure: Using Herbs And Spices To Create Herbal And Spicy Delights In The Kitchen

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good morning, dear heart! A phrase from the Bible pertaining to herbs has always stuck in in my mind, perhaps not quite accurately, "Better a meal of herbs where love is than a stalled ox and hatred." 

Due to that particular Bible passage, I always associate herbs with love, and believe that every feminine and traditional woman like me should season every dish she makes with love.

Although I regret to say that it occurs to me that a stalled ox might well furnish the basis for a fine oxtail casserole. 

(My grandmother would certainly agree with me there, and used to make a wonderful oxtail stew. *Smile*)

As for the rest of my family and food, much of my family on my father's side consider themselves as genuine 'foodies,' and some, as 'epicures' or 'bon vivants.'  

This includes my late grandfather who could cook up a veritable storm, like my grandmother often did, and he actually created the best fried rice recipe that I've ever tasted. 

In addition, granddad was an appreciator of good wines like others in my family. And he even ventured into making his own liqueurs, which one day, I hope to start experiment with. 

As for me, dove, I still consider myself a bit of a novice in regards to good food, fine wines and liqueurs, and in regards to the use of herbs and spices in the kitchen, and outside the kitchen. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Feminine Seductress School: Secrets Of The Feminine Seductresses And Great Courtesans Of History

©2008-2013 The Seductive Woman

Good afternoon, angel! Any good, satisfying and truly fulfilling relationship and marriage requires foresight, planning and effort to keep it alive and permanent. *Smile*

Your unique way of behaving with your man (as an uber~feminine and truly womanly woman,) your unique way of relating to your man as a charming, magnetic and radiant woman, and your unique way of being supportive, generous, romantic and passionate with your man, is your personal anchor to securing your beloved's heart and fidelity permanently. 

In this femininity and 'feminine seductress school' lesson, you'll be learning some of some of the secrets of the world's greatest feminine seductresses, and be able to model them and apply their secrets to your own relationship and marriage.  

I do hope you'll enjoy this lesson!

In this femininity and 'feminine seductress school' lesson we'll be covering:

Why women are naturally the relationship experts and how they can develop their true and most ideal feminine natures

Things to ponder in regards to relationships and marriages 

Madame de Maintenon (A woman who made a study of the factors that went into creating feminine charm and allure, and who knew the arcane things a woman needs to possess in order to not have any fear of a more beautiful rival)