Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Are You A Jealous Woman In Your Relationship?

Good afternoon, my feminine charmer!

The feminine woman should not be an excessively jealous woman in her relationship. Such jealousy is not only an uncivilized and unworthy feeling, it is an emotion that is expressed in selfish, childish and harmful ways, and has long been maligned as a "terrible green~eyed monster." 

Being an excessively jealous woman is not a very feminine way of being, that is for sure.

However, every person ~ male or female ~ is a little jealous of his/her mate. 

But there is a point where the jealousy becomes excessive ~ even dangerous. 

The feminine woman holds herself above such jealousy. 

Whether real or imaginary, excessive jealousy puts you in such a dark mood that anything you do may harm ~ rather than improve ~ your relationship.

There is probably no trait, habit or mental attitude that causes more unhappiness than this sort of jealousy.

Mere suspicion in a relationship is unfair to your partner and unworthy of you. 

To let suspicion be a cause of jealousy is simple foolishness.

Such jealousy is a compound of fear, false pride, selfishness, hate, suspicion and resentment.

As a feminine woman, cupcake, you need to banish those negative qualities forever from your character. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Wife School: The Marital Home Environment

Good morning, angel!

Many women have heard the following statements from from other women:

"I hardly see my husband except when he is asleep."

"He never spends a quiet evening at home."

"He is nothing but a stranger in his own house."

If someone asks a man why it is he stays away from his home and family ~  he is often surprised to realize he has been absent so many hours. 

Then he can think of many a reason why he never hurries home from his workplace or office.

A few may be:

"There is not a single spot in the house which hasn't been seized by my wife."

"I haven't even got my own drawer for my private things."

"There is not an area in the whole apartment that I can think of as my own."

"She does not leave anything untouched ~ whether it's my books, my mail, my cell phone or my tool~kit." 

"She uses everything that belongs to me, and if she can wear it, she even does that."

"I come home at night, worn out from my work, and she wants me to help her immediately with her housework."

"On coming home I need a little relaxation, but I can not have a few peaceful minutes of quiet in the uproar."

Indeed, lovely...

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Course Release: Asian Femininity Secrets (Pre~Release SALE ~ Save $20!)

What this course will do for you

This course will open you to the allure that is Asian femininity. 

It will share with you their beauty and femininity secrets.

It will reveal how you can project that same quality into your life so that you can use it to enthrall masculine and high value men and have them falling over themselves to meet the real you. 

It will introduce you to the influence of Japanese geisha ~ who successfully pulled back the curtain on how to captivate men.

It will reveal how women in Asia today approach their relationships with their alpha males and western men ~ to guarantee that harmony is ensured and that commitment is long term and lasting.

When you have finished reading this course, you will understand why Asian women are considered by many to be the most naturally seductive in the world.


You will know what you can do to emulate their position ~ becoming highly valued by men for your "Oriental Mystique" and innate personal and sensual appeal.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Attraction Lesson: How To Get Attention From Men

Good morning, lovely!

How many friends and family members have mentioned to you how they met their significant others ~ and what first attracted their significant others to them?

Many have shared their stories in the following manner:

"I saw her at --------'s party and I liked what I saw. I liked the way she interacted with my friends and how she seemed approachable. I could tell she was the one, but don't ask me how I knew it."

"We saw each other at a work function and he immediately liked me. He thought I was really cute and he liked the fact that I laughed at his jokes." 

"I introduced myself to her and was taken back by how poised and elegant she was. She was gorgeous to boot. I was immediately hooked."

"I met him on a train. We got talking, I loved how intelligent he appeared and he had a smile that melted me. Ever since we have been inseparable."

"I saw her standing in the corner of the building with some other girls. She really stood out as being the most feminine, so that got my attention and I immediately went over to introduce myself to the group... to her really. The rest is history."

"He was tall, dark and handsome and he gave me a smile that could launch a thousand shipsEnough said."

"Her eyes caught mine. I immediately thought, "Wow. That's the one I'm going to marry."

Thursday, September 4, 2014

How To Be The Woman Who Stands Out In His Mind

Good afternoon, dear heart!

When you are introduced to a man. Will it be your last meeting with him, or merely your first?

That depends on the impression you make; and this in turn depends on whether you impress him as an individual, or only as a type.

The world is filled with women who are simply types ~ not individuals. High value men often date a type, but no man ever fell in love with one. 

A man falls in love only with an individual.

He marries a girl who makes him feel that she is unique.

He remains in love with her because she continues to make him feel that she is unique.

How, then, is a woman to prevent a guy from typing her?

There are four steps ahead of her... 

She must:

1. Attract his imagination

2. Fix his imagination

3. Build up his imagination

4. Be prepared to meet the ensuing responsibilities

Let us consider these steps briefly, one step at a time... 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wife School: Why You Should Never Try To Make Your Husband (Or Fiancee) Jealous

Good morning, angel!

How many times have we seen a woman offer the same dangerous advice? 

"Give him a dose of his own medicine," she urges. 

"If he's going to run around with other women, you run around with other men."

"Make him jealous. That'll bring him into line."

"If you want to hold a husband's love, you have to keep him on the anxious seat."

Why is this dangerous advice?

Men are not all built from the same pattern!

They will react in different ways to the wife's attempt to arouse jealousy!

Many a woman has found ~ to her surprise and consternation ~ that the bomb which she manufactured to explode under her husband has gone off in her own hands, leaving him untouched, but herself much the worse for the experience.

In many a case it is particularly ill~advised, because the woman's husband is definitely the more dominant partner in the marriage. 

Today's lesson is going to show you why making your husband jealous ~ or why "fighting fire with fire" ~ rarely works in marriage, and the step~by~step solution to the problem. Allow me to show you a better way. *Smile* 

Wife school: How To Prepare Yourself For Marriage

Good afternoon, doll!

Most women dream about their grand wedding day ~ when all eyes will be on them ~ as the radiant and beaming bride. 

There will be flowers, decorations, dazzling dresses, heartfelt wishes, and of course, one's Prince Charming. *Smile*

Almost as a rule, most women know how they want their Prince Charming or their "Mr. Right" to be. 

They have a number of likes or specifications about how they want him to talk, dress, eat, walk, live his life and so on. 

However, often women are so focused on how they want their partner to be, how their wedding day should be, and how their marriage should be, they forget to spare some thought to another important aspect of that important stage of life ~ how they themselves should be as wives. 

We must be focusing on that.


When you do marry, it will be because to do so is the best way of satisfying your need to love and be loved and to satisfy your husband's need. No other means is as effective in doing this as marriage. 

Without marriage homes would not be established and all the affections and spiritual values that abide in them would be lost. 

Preparation for parenthood, for the establishment of new future homes and for effective citizenship is a function of the home.

Friday, August 29, 2014

PRE-RELEASE SALE: Cleopatra’s Secrets: The Secret 'Technology' of Cleopatra’s Feminine Power

The Secret 'Technology'
of Cleopatra’s Feminine Power!
The Secrets that Have Been Sealed and Stored Away on The Top Shelf of The Second Subterranean Vault of The Alexandrian Library!

Do you ever wonder what gave such extraordinary power to the legendary Queen and Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, the irresistible Cleopatra?

Wonder no longer!

Now there is an exciting new course that reveals all the secrets behind Cleopatra’s unique power and legendary life.

These secrets have been obtained from ancient illuminated manuscripts and recent archaeological findings - where the historical records of Cleopatra’s era are now being discovered.

Historians and scientists are now revealing what they are finding. And it is giving us the never-before seen 'technology' behind Cleopatra’s unique ability to tie to empires together - the Egyptian and Roman - and to have two Roman Emperors wrapped around her little finger as her love-struck slaves!

This new course is titled "The Secret Technology of Cleopatra’s Feminine Power." And it takes you step-by-step into the world of Cleopatra as she ruled over the most successful kingdom in the world at the time.

Some of the areas covered in this course are:

  • Cleopatra's brand of femininity - how she balanced extravagant wealth and power with feminine grace and womanliness
  • Cleopatra's accomplishments how she ruled Egypt from age 18 with determination, finesse, expertise and supremacy 
  • Cleopatra’s mindset secrets - the key principles of her power, will, focus, authority and responsibility
  • Cleopatra's goddess secrets - what it took for her to be a fantasy woman, a woman in touch with the 'Divine Feminine,' a role model, a celebrity and a political figure 
  • Cleopatra's seduction secrets - how she combined passion and a capacity for feeling with charm, personality, novelty and a flair for distinction
  • Cleopatra’s ultimate seduction lesson - how strategizing, boldness, adaptability and understanding of male psychology can be used by the modern day seductress
  • Cleopatra's beauty secrets - glamour, indulgence, dazzling beauty and riches beyond measure can be yours when you learn how Cleopatra became beautiful
  • Cleopatra's lessons/take-aways - specific lessons that you can take from everything that she achieved to help guide you in your daily life toward victory

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The benefits of this course:

. Learn Truth: Accept reality and rid your life of falsehood and denial
Experience: Improve your ability to connect with yourself and others
Wield Power: Build your motivation and discipline to create the life you desire
Experience Oneness: Stop fighting against resistance, and make the world your ally
Have Authority: Take command of your life, and learn to make clear decisions
Have Courage: Summon the inner strength to take action in spite of fear
Use Intelligence: Live authentically, and express your genuine creativity

The areas of your life this course will help you improve include:

Habits: Create a daily routine that gives you a sense of flow
Career: Build a career you're truly passionate about
Money: Achieve financial abundance without compromising your integrity
Health: Adopt health habits that empower your physical body
Relationships: Enjoy loving relationships that help you grow
Spirituality: Raise your awareness and live more consciously

Table of Contents


Your teacher Cleopatra

What this course will do for you

Cleopatra condensed

- Setting the scene

Cleopatra’s mindset secrets

- The woman behind the monarch 

- Some facts about Cleopatra’s mindset

- Some examples of Cleopatra’s mindset

- Her wonderful faculties of mind

Cleopatra’s accomplishments

- Intellectual gifts

- Tests, trials and torments

- No battle too great

- A woman for all seasons

- What we can imagine Cleopatra wrote in her diary

Cleopatra’s femininity secrets

- Cleopatra’s definition of femininity and feminine beauty

- Femininity for all times

Cleopatra’s goddess secrets

- Being the goddess

- The goddess secret

- A goddess's thinking

Cleopatra’s seduction secrets

- Seductress, siren, and sweet spot

- Cleopatra’s ultimate seduction lesson

- Cleopatra's goals as a seductress

- Cleopatra's most powerful seduction secrets

- The magic of Cleopatra, the seductress

- The arts of enchantment

- The arts of the bedchamber

Cleopatra’s beauty secrets

- The high priestess of beauty

- The main characteristics of Cleopatra's beauty

- Physical flaws are feminine

- Cleopatra’s beauty routine

- Cosmetic ingredients in Cleopatra's time

- Cleopatra's bathing secrets

- Cleopatra's facial secrets

- Cleopatra's lip and cheek secrets

- Cleopatra's breast secrets

- Cleopatra's skin secrets

- Cleopatra's hair secrets 

- Cleopatra's hands, feet and nail secrets

- Cleopatra's breath secrets

- Cleopatra's perfume secrets

- Cleopatra's jewelry secrets

- Cleopatra's wardrobe secrets

- Cleopatra's cosmetic recipes
Lessons from Cleopatra

- Modern lessons


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Perhaps millions of women the world over would love to discover Cleopatra's secrets of femininity, beauty and fascination ~ and the secret formula which enabled Cleopatra to bring men and empires to her feet!

In the city of ancient Rome, the ladies living there would probably have been willing to give their most treasured and valuable belongings to discover Cleopatra's secrets. You can now discover them! 

When you learn Cleopatra's secret arsenal of femininity, beauty and seduction skills, your man's love will only be for you! I love learning about great ladies and powerful and unforgettable women in history, and Cleopatra has never failed to fascinate me as the queen of seductresses!

Cleopatra enthralled both Julius Caesar and Marc Antony with her legendary powers of attraction, with her "uber-femininity" and with her superior knowledge of the Ars Amatoria. She made these two consummate alpha males her love-struck slaves! 

"I will not be triumphed over by a man!" 

These are words that Cleopatra once uttered. She was a woman of superior feminine charms and stratagems, and has gone down in history as the most devastating seductress in history.

What this course will do for you

This course will disclose the long lost femininity secrets of Cleopatra as a woman of many guises: - coquette, seductress, goddess, queen… and woman with many distractions who was still able to navigate regular threats of invasion, unyielding patriarchal dominance, and win the hearts of the influential leaders of her time.

As you progress through your reading of Cleopatra’s Secrets, you will understand the meaning behind the great lady, and that even a grand matriarch is not different from you in the things that challenge you on a personal level; beauty, relationships, self~esteem, accomplishments and overcoming obstacles. 

Regardless of personal trials, you will learn from Cleopatra that your femininity is indeed your core asset!

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Testimonies and Reviews

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Advanced Femme Lesson: Personal Magnetism And The Power Of Feminine Attraction

Good afternoon, dove!

In today's Advanced Femme lesson we are going to be talking about personal magnetism and the power of feminine attraction. 

Personal magnetism is a force that attracts to self and it is indispensable for attracting men. *Wink*

Personal magnetism is a positive quality ~ a quality that attracts all people under all conditions.

Personal magnetism is a continuation of the development of the principles of personality.

Magnetism is an attribute of the generally positive personality, and it comes from the union of the physical, mental and moral aspects of one's personality.

There is a form of magnetism that is devoid of mental and moral attributes. It is purely physical, and likewise, there may be degrees of both the mental and moral forms of magnetism that are devoid of the attributes of others.

There is a certain attraction exerted by a prevalence of either the physical, mental or moral aspects of personality. However, each of these attract only a limited number of people to one's side ~ as they do not touch the large number of people that are not in sympathy with these particular aspects.

As advanced Femmes in training we should learn how to distinguish between personal magnetism and mere attention, cupcake. But it is a fact that many women do not know how to do this ~ or how to be female magnets ~ and we find many women who feel that if they can get attention that is all they need. 

This is far from true.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Awakened Woman

Good evening, my feminine lovely!

The Awakened Woman knows she holds in her grasp a mighty franchise of feminine wisdom, power and influence. *Smile*

She knows that in the creative universe she wields that franchise, and has in her keeping a mystical chalice for inception, conception and fructification.

The Awakened Woman is a magnet around which gathers the centralizing unity of organic force. 

Without this organic force and receptive quality there could be no manifestation; knowing that neither God nor Man could conceive and give birth without this self~centering, feminine principle.

The Awakened Woman:

Lives by the ideals of  truth, love and beauty ~ as well as, honesty, co~operation and freedom.

Knows that to reach the "Divine Feminine" a woman needs to embrace her femininity, feminine energy and power.

A woman's femininity and feminine energy should harmonize itself with her man's masculinity and masculine energy, dear one ~ and with her family and the world.

Knows that the giving of her spiritual energy and life force lends to the success of her man's pursuits ~ and through this yielding ~ he gains in purpose and takes from her the control of the helm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Advanced Femme Lesson: Setting And Maintaining Standards For Your Relationships, Work And Life

Good morning, my Advanced Femme in training!

Being a woman of the highest value, the Advanced Femme has high standards of living, and she lives in the reflected prestige. There is a strong sense of self~ownership, self~command and pride. And she is a wonderful "self~manageress." *Smile*

The Advanced Femme sets high standards for herself and for significant others, and has high standards of personal conduct. She wants the very best for herself and for others, and expects a man to set high standards for himself, as well. 

The Advanced Femme does not accept average performance ~ from herself or from others. She wants to be the best person she can possibly be, and expects the same in a man and knows that this requires setting and maintaining high standards. 

A woman of excellence realizes:

Without high morale, high expectations and pride, a woman cannot achieve and maintain an excellent performance

Setting, maintaining and achieving high standards requires discipline and self~command

The Advanced Femme ~ like any woman of excellence ~ knows how to develop a superior self~command and the ability to convey the image of success and high value to outsiders.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Advanced Femme Lesson: How To Live A Life That Satisfies Using Your Feminine Creativity Wisely

Good afternoon, precious! 

If you were to be given one wish ~ with the promise that it would be granted ~ what would you wish for? Health, wealth, cars, a new home, travel? Or would you ask for that which you hoped these gifts would bring you ~ a life that satisfies?

What is it that makes life worth living for a woman ~ in her home, in her job, in her church, at her club, in her community, and in her country? 

It is the achievement of maximum usefulness, as she seeks to find out and to fulfill her own life purpose. *Smile*

In worthwhile living there is a cyclic sequence of events that occurs over and over again wherever successful living is to be found.

These are for the feminine woman of excellence:

Becoming sensitive to her life purpose

Establishing basic objectives in her life

Working out the problems in her life that need to be solved

Finding solutions to the problems in her life